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Work it Like A BossIt’s time for another Work it Like A Boss! Lately I’ve been doing a bit of sewing every Friday (expect some summer-y clothing photo shoots soon), and with all of that sewing comes trips to the local fabric store. On my latest trip, Bella tagged along and we snapped some photos with our EAH seamstress, Rubye for this month’s Work it Like A Boss…which I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, is about fabric and sewing tips!  I hope the some of these tips can help some beginner sewers like me in our garment – making adventures. Shall we begin? (Please ignore the quality of these photos – they were taken on Bella’s phone) 

I am nowhere near a sewing expert, so if any of you more experienced sewers have any tips or corrections, please tell me in the comments! :)

Rubye on FabricUsing the Right Fabric: Using the right kind of fabric for your project is very important – different fabrics drape in different ways! Cottons (probably the easiest fabric to work with) work for many items like shirts, dresses, and skirts, but you have to keep draping in mind. Cotton won’t work well for a small flowing skirt! Sheer fabrics are probably the better bet for something like that. Stretching knit fabrics work well for leggings and t-shirts as well. Fleece and felt should be used sparingly, (think coats and accessories) And of course, you have to think about pattern size – AG dolls are roughly one-third in the scale to us, so patterns should be one-third the size of what we use. (And so on and so on.) While this can be a bit of a pain at times, this can also be helpful: since dolls are small, you don’t need as much fabric. Fat quarters can make plenty of clothes for very little money.

For more info on different types of fabric, I definitely recommend Clarisse’s “Knowing Your Fabric” style series. It’s very helpful! :)

Rubye and SuppliesSupplies: When sewing, you’ll almost definitely come across a tutorial or pattern that requires elastic cord. For AG dolls, I use 1/4 inch size elastic, while for EAH dolls I use 1/8 inch. And of course, you’ll need velcro to help keep your dolls’ clothes together! I try to use the thinnest velcro possible, so that the clothes aren’t too bulky in the back. Trims, beads, embroidery, and buttons are great details to add to your doll clothes as well, but use them in a tasteful way. Don’t overdo it!

 When using fabrics, you should be sure to use the right kind of scissors. I use three kinds: big metal ones that are very sharp, a backup smaller pair that are still pretty sharp, and a dull pair for cutting paper patterns. Be sure not to use your fabric scissors on paper too often – it will dull the blades! After cutting your pieces, iron them out to avoid wrinkles and stretching, (it can be tricky to get wrinkles out after you’ve stitched everything up.) Keeping your supplies in a box or bag to keep things organized is a good idea too.

FabricOne last thing – although a sewing machine can seem intimidating, it really doesn’t have to be. Take a few lessons and you’ll be on your way! And the cool thing about sewing doll clothes? You can do it by hand in a pretty reasonable amount of time as well.

That’s all I have for tips right now. Do you guys have any?

Lulu :)

P.S. Today is Piper’s birthday! Bri and the rest of the EAH girls surprised her with an Audrey Hepburn movie marathon and cupcakes – it was loads of fun. :)


7 thoughts on “Work It Like a Boss / Fabric 101

  1. Happy birthday, Piper! Hope it is a great day for you!

    This is a fabulous post! Thank you. I’ve bookmarked it to save. One tip I’d like to add – if possible use small snaps instead of Velcro (when possible) to minimize snagging. Or look for the anti-snag Velcro.

  2. I really love your blog, and your printables! I really want to post printables I make onto my WordPress blog (I got making them down, just posting them is difficult). I was wondering if you could tell me, do a work it like a boss post about it, or email me at Thanks!!! Can’t wait for your blogiversary party, I hope it’s retro luau. I also love to sew!

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