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While Lulu and I keep our eyes out for product leaks, sneak peeks, and AG gossip, the Doll Mag household still experiences a flurry of excitement whenever American Girl releases new items. Despite its small size, last Thursday’s roll-out made us happy; AG’s newly renamed line, Truly Me, seems to be off to a good start! I am not a fan of everything, but there are several cute pieces I’ll be adding to my birthday wish list come July :) Like usual, I’m sharing my thoughts today, and Lulu will pop in soon with her own opinions. What was your favorite item of this release?
AG Release May 2015[a] Beach Blanket Set Some doll fans can’t pass up on historical items, others cannot leave the store without doll-sized accessories, but me? I can’t say no to mini food sets. American Girl’s beach-themed meal is not only cute, but cheap too; selling at $24, it’s a perfect piece for imaginative play and photo shoots alike. I’m hoping to snag my own set merely for the adorable tiny details, like the flamingo straw and potato chips bag!

[b] Flamingo Beach Dress This stylish number looks right out of a Boden or Lilly Pulitzer catalogue; it was practically love at first sight! This summery dress is balanced nicely with chic accessories {I can’t lie: I would like my own pair of those strappy sandals} and trendy cuts, all for a reasonable price tag. I’m sure my own doll, Isabella, would be happy to have it in her closet for the summer season.

[c] Beach Hammock Set Lulu and I many not have the room to store this colorful hammock, but it doesn’t hurt to dream of adding it to our collection! I love the adorable accessories this set includes {I’m a sucker for mini magazines, and the pillow and visor are versatile pieces to own}, but more importantly, I’m so pleased with the price. These three coordinating pieces have won me over with this release.

AG Release May 2015[a] Lilac Dress and Accessories Unfortunately, I can’t love everything, such as the new Truly Me meet outfit. A pink-purple dress, blue flats, and a magenta tutu-style skirt seems to me like a color combination gone wrong, and the bizarre choice in accessories does nothing to help its case. I’m glad I finished my doll collection before this meet outfit came onto the scene!

[b] Seaside Fun Outfit We have certainly seen worse when it comes to JLY/MAG/Truly Me outfits, but I was saddened that AG didn’t leave the shorts in this other-wise stylish ensemble white. It was a missed opportunity in terms of mixing and matching, and it limits the potential of the sweatshirt and sandals as well.

[c] Shimmer Doodle Outfit Finally, these pieces may be in fashion with the target audience, but I don’t think they are as flattering on the doll as they are the owner. Between the slouchy boots and graphic tee, I’m left underwhelmed by this outfit, even if younger dolls fans snatch it up.

If you want to browse the new items yourself, click HERE.

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10 thoughts on “AG May Release 2015 / Bella’s Thoughts

  1. I always love reading what you think about new AG products! I agree-AG should have left the shorts from the Seaside Fun Outfit plain white. The print doesn’t look good at all. I notice that you didn’t say anything about the new dolls. What do you think of them?

    • I think they are super cute! I’m always hoping for more diversity throughout American Girl’s lines, so {hopefully} this is a step in the right direction.

  2. Hi! Great post! Love the likes. Would like a smaller price tag on the flamingo dress or maybe a few more pieces to it. But when you mentioned Lily P – that struck a chord to why the price is what it is.

    As to dislikes. I like the navy vest in the layering kit, but not the tutu. However, there is potential for a punk look like the crinoline skirts at Hot Topic. I love the shorts in the Seaside Fun Outfit and not the hoodie. The fun sea inspired print on the shorts is neat, plus it looks like she made the shorts herself – cutoffs with fabric paint and stamps. But the hoodie should be a solid color not striped – maybe in blue or coral or yellow.

    Love discussing these things with you. thank you for a great post.

    • That’s a good way to look at the Seaside Fun Outfit! I love a crafty doll :) I agree, however, that the hoodie should be solid. A blue would have looked so pretty. Thank you so much for commenting!

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