AG May Release 2015 / Lulu’s Thoughts


Last week Bella posted her thoughts on the new AG “Truly Me” release, and this evening I finally got a chance to write up mine! I’m a big fan of the new items – loads of purple and summery prints are just the things to pull me in. I hope you enjoy reading about my thoughts, and I look forward to reading your own in the comments below. Read away!

Truly Me1 >> Flamingo Beach Dress >> This is my absolute favorite part of the release! It’s the perfect style to wear to the beach or to a fun outdoor party. The color combination of turquoise and coral look great on many dolls, and I can see my entire doll family sharing this cute outfit in the near future. And flamingos are just really cool, don’t you agree?

2 >> Lilac Dress and Accessories >> I didn’t like, but I didn’t dislike the last Just Like You (as they will always be thought of by me) meet outfit, so I was excited to see what American Girl had come up with in this revamp. Yet again, however, I was disappointed with the new outfit. The dress looks like a mash-up of sequins and ribbons, and the layered accessories packet isn’t any more exciting.

3 >> Shimmer Doodle Outfit >> I may be a bit biased as a hardcore purple lover, but I adore this outfit! It isn’t “summery” (I will probably hold off until the fall before buying this), but I really like the sweatshirt-like tee, as well as the slouchy boots. I would prefer the skirt to be as long as the thin layer over it though.

4 >> Seaside Fun Outfit >> Although Bella isn’t the biggest fan of this summer ensemble, I happen to like its printed shorts and striped hoodie! I probably wouldn’t keep the whole outfit together (maybe replacing the striped hoodie with a solid one?), but there are several stylish and useful pieces that could be used throughout the summer season. Bonus?! The color palette of this and the flamingo dress are similar, so you can mix and match all sorts of different styles on your doll!

5 >> Beach Hammock Set >> Like Bella said before, I don’t know where we would store this adorable set, but it sure is cute! Beachy accessories always find a way to catch my interest, and the blue starfish pillow is no exception. The colors of the hammock are also very appealing, and I adore the color of the solid blue base.

6 >> Beach Blanket Set >> It seems that every time I write up my thoughts on a release, I end up talking about how much and Bella and I love American Girl’s food sets, and this time is no different! Watermelon and pink lemonade are some of my own summer essentials, so I will definitely be checking this set out next time I’m at the store.

If you want to browse the new items yourself, click HERE.

What was your favorite part of the release?



4 thoughts on “AG May Release 2015 / Lulu’s Thoughts

  1. I completely agree with you on 1, 4, 5, & 6. With regards to the starfish pillow, I’m pretty sure you’re crafty enough to make your own. :-)

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