Working on Wednesdays / 33


Starry Night Image{via, although we would love to know the original artist!}

May has been a busy month for both us and the doll world – we need a moment to catch our breaths and recap! Since a new Working on Wednesdays is LONG overdue, Lulu and I felt there was no better time than now to update the DM readers on a few notes.

+ Doll Mag Birthday Party
Lulu and I were delighted at how many of our readers voted in the Doll Mag Birthday poll; we can’t wait to share the final product with you all! It was a close race throughout the voting period, but Starry Night was the ultimate winner. Our brainstorming sessions have already begun.

+ The Maryellen Leak
Avid American Girl fans have likely seen the book covers of the new historical character, Maryellen Larkin. She will be making her debut in August, so in the meantime, we can look at her adorable book covers and imagine the cute 50’s outfits of her collection! Lulu and I are hesitant to speak of Maryellen without seeing the finalized doll, but we do like her bangs and meet dress. What are your thoughts on the newest AG addition?

Caroline’s Archival
Finally, Caroline’s archival was also announced this month, much to the disappointment of some doll collectors. We felt that Caroline was such a cute doll, and Lulu and I are sad to see her go! However, we weren’t eyeing anything in her current collection, so our wallets are safe to buy the new Flamingo Dress instead.

Your turn! How has your May been? Just as crazy, or have things been winding down? {For those out of school, know that you are lucky ducks :)}. Have a wonderful Wednesday!



10 thoughts on “Working on Wednesdays / 33

  1. I’m not done with school yet, but all my college siblings are! Well, I’m not really doing that much school anyway. I just have a few subjects to finish.
    As for Maryellen, I think she is a very pretty doll(from the pictures I’ve seen). I can’t figure out if she has partial bangs or not, but if she does, maybe that’s a new thing AG is doing(which I don’t mind at all; I have partial bangs myself). :)

  2. May has been a little bit of both for us. Winding down as choir rehearsals break for summer and speeding up as we plan summer trips. I can’t believe June starts on Monday!

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