Staff Picks / May 2015


May was a very busy month in the doll world: Caroline’s retirement was confirmed, the Truly Me revamp was seen for the first time, and we got a peek at the newest Beforever addition, Maryellen Larkin! Along with a hectic school schedule, we hadn’t gotten a chance to take a look at all of your lovely blogs and posts until earlier today. Luckily, we were able to squeeze in our Staff Picks before May was over, and we’re sure that these six fun reads will end your month on a happy note.

Staff Picks May 20151. The photographs at Glowy Zoe are never anything less than superb; the Learning to Skate photo story is just one recent example! The sun is a highlight to cutie Brooke’s attempts at roller-skating, lending itself to a number of stunning pictures.

2. Finding new blogs to read is always fun, so Lulu was very excited when she stumbled upon the site, The Realm of AG! All of Shannon’s posts are terrific, but Lulu’s favorite would have to be the Peculiars series (pictured above). She isn’t done reading them yet though, so no spoilers!

3. The Thing 1 and Thing 2 interview over at AG in the Shire had both of us giggling! Be sure to go check out Willow and Charlie’s attempts at interviewing their doormates – but just remember, whiskers are a must.

4. The two of us can’t wait to participate in this year’s Camp Doll Diaries. Char, Karen, Anna, and the rest of the Doll Diaries team work so hard to make each summer a success, and this year’s fun should be no different if the pre-camp activities are any indication. This simple, yet cute, pillow craft has us wishing for our own cabin mates.

5. We likely won’t make a trip to American Girl until we are on summer break, so, in the meantime, we can make do with the advice and photos from other doll bloggers. Kiki’s recent trip to see the Truly Me debut ended in the best way possible: relaxing on the new AG hammock. Shopping done right :)

6. Lulu loves these cute AG-themed coloring pages from Small Dolls in a Big World! The Beforever ones are her favorite, and she’s sure that she’ll be busy coloring away this summer. Isn’t Josefina’s goat adorable?!

Have a happy Saturday!

Lulu and Bella


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