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Bri Logo……………

Hello? Bri?


*Sigh* The one time I let you do the intro, and you’re not here….

Did you call?

Oh good, you’re here! Now who was the special gu-

Not yet! I’ll tell you after we get all of our lovely readers caught up. 

Oh fine.

Okay, then! ONWARD!

Comments from BriA few weeks ago Piper and I started planning an end of spring picnic using my party-planning skills and her food expertise. It was going to be amazing – with games and volleyball and yummy treats – but this morning, when we were about to go out on our picnic extravaganza, it started to rain! “Oh no!” Grace said, disappointed. “Not to worry!” I said, crawling down from the rainy window. “I have an idea.” 

Comments From Bri“An inside picnic!” I announced as we all shuffled into the living room, dragging the massive picnic blanket behind us. Piper nodded excitedly, “This is perfect! Just spread the blanket out here, and then we’ll bring out the food in a little bit.” Everyone  took a seat and began chatting the day away. 

Comments from Bri“Anyone up for a game of volleyball?” Dani asked a little while later. “Inside?” Sienna asked, a bit dubiously. “Sure! Why not?” She replied with a laugh. We all raised our hands eagerly, and we began setting up for an awesome indoor living room volleyball tournament. 

Comments from Bri“Let’s do this!” Dani jumped up and down, tossing the ball into the air. We finished setting up the hot pink net and the first two teams (my team would face the winner) headed out onto the carpeted “court.” Dani served the ball and we all watched in awe as it sailed through the air. 

Comments from BriHere’s my volleyball team: Team Pink Hair + Glasses! As you can probably tell, we are all expert volleyball players, but unfortunately, none of our friends were able to see Piper, Gigi, and I hit the court because the food was ready, you know, conveniently.

Comments from BriGigi, Cupid, and Piper headed into the kitchen to grab the food and put it in the indoor picnic basket, and the rest of us took a seat and decided to begin an entertaining game of charades. “Ooh! I’ll go!” I said, hopping up. Grace joined me, and we both started mimicking animals. Grace put her hands of her head and started making loud stomps with her feet. “Monster!” “Gorilla!” “Oh! Bear!” Everyone started calling out. “A bear, you’re right!” Grace nodded, sitting back down. “Hey Bri – what were you?” “A kangeroo!” I answered cheerfully. (Lulu’s note: Bri isn’t so good at charades I AM TOO!)

Food“Food time!” Cupid said, fluttering in with a large sandwich tray. “We have fruit, cake, and grilled cheese. And of course, popcorn for Cupid” Piper smiled, setting down the plate in front of Dani and I and grabbing a sandwich for herself. “Looks delicious! But why is it so big?” Kitty pondered, nibbling on the food. “That would be my newest scientific experiment: Gigi’s Food Growth Machine!”

Comments from BriSuddenly there was a knock on the door. “Who could that be?” Rubye and Kitty said in unison. “That would be our special guest…” I answered, waving in the direction of the doorway.

Keep on Bri-ing awesome!

Bri (and Lulu!)

P.S. WAIT! You never told me who the special guest was!

P.P.S. Next time my friend, next time.


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