Monthly Recap / May 2015


Monthly RecapHappy June! The two of us are counting down the days until summer break {only nineteen to go, in case you were curious :)}, but in the meantime, we thought we would kick off a fun-packed weekend with a brief monthly recap! As usual, we’ve shared the highlights of our month, the most popular posts of May, and the events we’re looking forward to most in June. How is YOUR spring/summer coming along?

What We Loved ♥ Bella started her May in the midst of an intense week for her school’s production of Shrek! As stage manager, she spent much of her time coordinating set changes, managing props and platforms, and running around backstage. The four performances went off without a hitch – she’s blocking one incident with the curtain rigging from her memory – and she’s delighted that so many of her family and friends enjoyed the show! After recovering from the musical, Bella spent the rest of May catching up on schoolwork, practicing her yoga and conditioning skills, and taking out far too many books from the library.

Lulu’s month was just as busy! While Bella was at her tech rehearsals, Lulu was participating in an one-act play festival with her school as one of the costume crew members. The entire cast and crew had been rehearsing since the winter, so it was exciting to see their hard work pay off. Lulu’s school brought home a silver medal, but more importantly, plenty of memories; she can’t wait to do it again next year. Afterwards, she welcomed the warm weather with open arms: riding her bike, playing badminton in the backyard, and shooting goals on the soccer field!

Monthly Recap May 2015Reader’s Favorites ♥ Magazine Early Summer 2015 / Springtime: A Photo Shoot

Lulu’s Favorites ♥ Comments from Bri (18)AG Release May 2015: Bella’s Thoughts

Bella’s Favorites ♥ Work It Like a Boss: Fabric 101 / Seven Days of Style (May 2015)

Doll Mag Around the Web ♥ Doll Diaries / Candidly Charlie / The Toy Box Philosopher / A Peek Into The Pantry / AG in the Shire / Little House of American Girl / The Disney Dolls / American Girl Fan

Looking Ahead ♥ As if we haven’t mentioned it enough, what the two of us are most looking forward to is the end of school! Before the year ends, however, Bella can’t wait to see Mumford and Sons in concert, attend a few award ceremonies for academics and theater, and begin her art class on Adobe Illustrator. Lulu, too, has several things she is looking forward to in June; most notably are The School for Good and Evil website update and her audition for next year’s school musical {Once on This Island, a very song-heavy show}.

Have a lovely start to your weekend!


2 thoughts on “Monthly Recap / May 2015

  1. Ah I love the musical ‘once on this island’!! hope you get the part you want lulu! Also sounds like Bella had a blast being stage manager for Shrek, that is another awesome musical too! >.<

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