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The Doll Mag Book ClubLong time, no see! The two of us have finally wrapped up our school years, and we are looking forward to the next few months of summer vacation. Anyhoo, it is no secret that we are big big readers here at Doll Mag; Lulu and I frequently visit our local library, and it is rare that we are not in the midst of a new book. Although we have been busy planning our birthday issues and posts, we wanted to host another project over the summer: a Doll Mag book club!

Our models Nicki and Louisa – avid readers themselves – will act as moderators this summer in a series of discussions on one novel {we’ll be sharing the schedule when the winning book is chosen}. Lulu and I hope you are just as excited as we are, but before we can have an online chat, we need to decide on a book!

Book Club ChoicesThe two of us browsed our bookshelves for some of our favorite middle grade reads. They include Anne of Green Gables, a classic beloved by both of us; My Life in Pink and Green, an adorable contemporary novel; The Penderwicks, a heart-warming book of four sisters; and finally, The Mother-Daughter Book Club, a realistic fiction novel that pleases the bookworm in all of us :) We highly recommend each of these, but we’ll leave the choice for our summer book club pick up to you. Vote below – we’ll reveal the winner on Monday!

Have a terrific Tuesday!



6 thoughts on “The Doll Mag Book Club

    • I like the way you think :) Anne of Green Gables won – we hope you’ll still join in the discussion – but we will definitely consider Mother Daughter Book Club for future sessions!

  1. This is really funny: I saw one of the Mother-Daughter Book Club books at my library last week, and it really caught my attention. ;) I read some of the second “Penderwicks” book a few summers ago and really enjoyed it. And of course, Anne of Green Gables is a classic that I absolutely love! The movies are good too. I’ve never read the “Pink and Green” book, but it does sound intriguing…. :D

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