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American Girl has certainly improved on their social media presence in the past couple of years. Between their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, fans have many different avenues to contact AG; Lulu and I, however, like their Pinterest account the best – we adore the sneak peeks! :) As the company hinted at earlier in the week, all of the lines received several new items today for the fall collection, and we are happy to say we are incredibly pleased with the roll-out. I’m highlighting my favorites and “non-favorites” today, but Lulu will be adding her own opinions sometime soon! What were your thoughts on the release?

AG Release June 2015[a] Sparkle Sweater Outfit The pieces of this outfit hardly go together – where is the cohesive element? – but I love each item individually for their mix-and-match potential. The pink honeycomb sweater is something I want in my own closet for back-to-school, the embroidered skirt would surely look good with an Etsy top, and the blue boots were practically made for my quirky fashionista, Zoey. I’ll be adding this set to my birthday wish-list!

[b] Baking with Grace For ease of posting, we’re combining last week’s Grace-themed released with today’s new items – it’s a good thing too, given how much I like the new activity book, Baking with Grace! American Girl’s craft kits have always been a hit here in the Doll Mag household, and Grace’s baking tutorials should be no different. Lulu and I will have to stock up on art supplies before we grab our own copy.

[c] Science Fair Set Regardless of what it is, tell me it is school-related and I’m sold. Playing school was one of my favorite pastimes as a kid, but my love of doll-related supplies and assignments clearly hasn’t disappeared. I think this  science fair set – complete with a first place ribbon – would be a perfect addition to the biology set that came out a few years ago. If anything, our science fanatic, Hannah, will be happy when we add this to our collection!

[d] Flip-Top Desk On that same note, can we discuss the cuteness that is the newest desk set?! I’m absolutely smitten with the smallest details, like the hot lunch schedule or the teeny green protractor. I doubt we have room for another school-related accessory, but I can dream {or use our back-to-school issue as an excuse :)}.

[e] Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit Finally, Grace’s new ensemble is a fashionable blend of trendy and classic styles. The pieces look terrific together, but I’m sure they would look just as stylish on their own. Furthermore, I can easily imagine all of our dolls rocking one or all of the items; for example, Ruthie would snag the glitzy striped top for her wardrobe, while Nicki would eye the embellished white skirt.

AG June Release 2015[a] Rebecca’s Satin Pajamas My dislikes in this rollout were few and far between, but there were still a few products that I wasn’t a fan of. I found many of the new historical pajamas adorable, but I was saddened to see that Rebecca’s nighttime wear was changed from a lovely blue to another purple. She deserves a bit more variety in her collection!

[b] Mod Monster Outfit I think this Halloween release will leave many AG fans divided, for already have I seen differing opinions across the blogging community. I personally fall on the “dislike” side, as the over-the-top wig and skimpy dress both lack the charm and creativity of previous costumes.

[c] Stylin’ Bangs Finally, I don’t know if I would ever call this new hair accessory “stylin.'” I understand that these items sell well, but I personally find them too strange and tacky for my own doll to wear.

If you want to browse the new items yourself, click HERE.

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10 thoughts on “AG June Release 2015 / Bella’s Thoughts

  1. Loved reading your thoughts! I too, really like the new desk. It’s so fun, and it doesn’t have to be used in a classroom. I agree that the Sparkle Sweater Outfit has lots of mix and match potential, but the pieces really don’t match. I really like the sweater though, and my dolls would love to have it. I also dislike the Mod Monster Outfit. And I don’t know why any one would want the Stylin Bangs. It makes dolls look like a whole different doll!

    • Good point on the desk – it would look so cute in a doll’s room too! The Sparkle Sweater Outfit has me on the fence; as you said, none of the pieces match, but I LOVE the sweater. Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. Great thoughts! I pretty much agree. When I first saw the mod monster costume I thought it was fun and quirky; however, I did not look at it closely. It is still a fun idea, but flawed in execution as it seem they are leaning toward the too sexy with the shear yoke and sleeves.

    I saw the bangs and did a double take? Not sure how this would work or be used. I suppose it is to keep younger girls from actually cutting their dolls’ hair.

    I haven’t seen all the new pajamas, yet. But will admit my wish list grew a bit with these releases.

    • I agree with you on the Mod Monster costume. Great idea {i.e. a different take on Halloween than past years}, but I too find it flawed in the execution. Thank you for stopping by – our wish lists grew as well! :)

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  4. I loved reading your thoughts on the new releases, and I totally agree with you about the Stylin’ Bangs. First of all, the stock pictures are just plain creepy! Plus they don’t seem like they’d work all that well on the doll.

  5. And I’m annoyed that they got rid of Rebecca’s old pajamas. Those were gorgeous! Her new pajamas are okay, but definitely not as good as the older ones.

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