AG June Release 2015 / Lulu’s Thoughts


I’m sure most of our readers have seen the latest American Girl Release (If not, go check it out here!). Almost everyone got something; the Beforever cuties have new sleepwear and beds, Grace has a new sight-seeing look, the Just Like You MyAG Truly Me line have some stylish new school outfits added to their collection, and the Bitties now have polka dot PJ’s as well. There are loads of cute things, some not-so cute things (coughStylin’Bangscough) and some sort-of cute things. I will not be sharing my opinions on everything that was released (there’s a LOT of stuff), but you can read my thoughts on most of the things below!

Truly Me1 >> Sparkle Sweater Outfit >> Like Bella said in her own post, the individual pieces of this outfit are quite stylish, but they don’t seem to go altogether. Maybe if the shoelaces were the same color as the sweater? They’re very cute nonetheless, and I look forward to seeing and creating mix and match combinations in the future.

2 >> Recess Ready Outfit >> Yay! Purple… lots and lots of purple. (Cue evil laugh:)) I really like the tunic of this outfit; lavender and coral look great together. The shimmery sneakers are very trendy and cute, and the leggings help bring out the color of the polka dots nicely. The cons? The sliver trimmed scarf and coral stripes on the leggings.

3 >> Mod Monster Outfit >> This costume is okay; some pieces work for me, but some pieces don’t. The felt wig is very quirky and fun, and I enjoy the accents of green throughout the outfit. I’m not a big fan of the dress however – the spider web in the corner seems kind of unnecessary. 

4 >> Flip Top Desk >> Bella and I both have fond memories of playing school with our dolls when we were younger, and this cute desk would have fit right into our elaborate set up! The folders and notebooks both have nice patterns and colors, and the desk itself is a cool shape – plenty of room for books and mini pencil cases. I have a feeling we’ll be checking this set out next time we’re in the store.

5 >> Science Fair Set >> A purple miniature doll school project? With a miniature telescope? And a ribbon? And did I mention that it’s purple? And turquoise? Together? It couldn’t get quite much better than this.

Beforever1 >> Kaya’s Pow Wow Dress of Today >> I absolutely love the color palette of Kaya’s new outfit! While blue and pink aren’t exactly a new idea, they look great on Kaya, and I think this outfit is a welcome addition to her collection. Need more convincing? Look at the cool neckline and boots!

2 >> Addy’s Nightgown >> Addy’s new nightgown is my favorite Beforever outfit from this release! The blue accents look lovely with the white dress, and the embroidered flowers are just the things to make it stand out. And those knit booties? Perfection.

3 >> Josefina’s Nightgown >> YES! I knew if I waited long enough American Girl would finally give something to Josefina (It’s been way too long AG). Seriously though, this nightgown is adorable and awesome. At first glance, I thought that it was embellished with only a ribbon, but on closer look, I realized with a happy smile that it has not only a ribbon, but lace, layering, a nice neckline, and cute slippers. This will be coming home with me for sure.

4 >> Julie’s Zigzag Pajamas >> While these PJs are “far out” (like the AG site says), I have to say that I prefer Julie’s old sleepwear – it’s the purple lover in me. :) The shade of pink does look good with her hair however, and I really like the pom-pom trimmed pants.

5 >> Rebecca’s Satin Pajamas >> I don’t like this odd pinkish-purple color very much at all, and this is coming from a hard-core purple lover. *Sigh* Like Bella said in her own post, Rebecca’s collection needs a bit more color variety.

6 >> Kit’s One Piece Pajamas >> I love Kit’s old striped nightgown (who am I kidding, I love almost all the historical PJs), but this one piece set is adorable as well! The puppy print is too cute, and orange and green look awesome on Miss Kittredge.

Grace1 >> Grace’s Sight Seeing Outfit and Accessories >> Grace’s new outfit is pretty cute; it could use a few tweaks (no polka dots on the skirt, perhaps?), but I really love the top and the accessories are adorable. Sunglasses and boots? Yes, please!

If you want to browse the new items yourself, click HERE.

Have an awesome start to your week! :)



4 thoughts on “AG June Release 2015 / Lulu’s Thoughts

  1. Hi! I’m Gabby, and I am a doll blogger, too! I love the font you used for the titles of each picture in this post and other posts, too. Do you know what it is called? Thanks you so much! Bye :)

  2. I really like seeing everyone’s thoughts on the new releases. I prefer to comment than post my own. :-)

    Truly Me: I wonder if they look at Seventeen magazine when putting together new outfits. The outfits featured there sometimes have a lot of mismatching pieces. I do like the two new outfits. The mod monster did catch my eye as something different (not another witch costume), but am not fond of the dress. I love the school and food sets, but they probably won’t come home.

    Beforever: I love Kaya’s new regalia. Very pretty and a different pattern than we are used to seeing. Julie’s pajamas…I know for a fact that was not available in pajamas in the 70s and the pom poms were relegated to the back of our ankle socks and on pillows or other upholstery (at least in SEPA).

    Grace: It’s a cute outfit, but the little shawl thing has me confused. It looks like one of the prayer shawls a woman in church makes. That’s not bad, I just can’t picture a 10 to 12-year old wearing one.

    Thank you for an awesome post.

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