Shop Owner Spotlight / 09


Lizzy from Kitty Kat WorkshopWe say it all the time, but Lulu and I adore interacting with the Doll Mag readers. Whether we strike up a conversation in the comments, receive a sweet note in our inbox, or interview others in the doll world, as with Shop Owner Spotlight, we love talking with other doll fans! :) Shop Owner Spotlight is a sporadic feature, but a fun one; in our latest issue {read it HERE}, we were happy to Etsy store owner Lizzy. You may recognize Lizzy from her blog, Journal of Two Dolls, or from her online shop, Kittykat Workshop, both of which showcase her strong sense of style. Although we haven’t purchased anything from Lizzy, we might have to change that once her store returns from vacation tomorrow. Here is her full interview, continued from the small bit in the July/August issue.

What inspired you to start your shop?

I love making American Girl doll clothes and seeing various shops on Etsy devoted to doll clothes inspired me to start my own!

How do you come up with the ideas for your outfits?

I am always trying out new combinations on my dolls. If I like one a lot, then I make one to sell.

What are your favorite pieces to make?

I love making button-up collared shirts.

What are your favorite color combinations?

Peach, sage green, & cream!

Finally, we would love to know a little bit about your dolls.

I have three dolls. Kirsten is old-fashioned, quiet, and mother-ish. Sylvia is sporty, active, outgoing, and can be quite silly at times. Saige loves to paint and hang out with Sylvia. She also adores riding horses :)

Thank you so much to Lizzy! Kirsten, Sylvia, and Saige all sound like an entertaining bunch, and peach, sage green, and cream is such a classic combination of colors.

We love to interview Etsy designers for Shop Owner Spotlight. If you’re interested, please take a look at the form HERE. We received quite a few responses since the newest issue’s release last week, so if you haven’t heard from us yet, keep an eye on your email.

Thanks friends, and happy Monday!


10 thoughts on “Shop Owner Spotlight / 09

  1. Thanks again for featuring my dolls and Etsy shop!! I can’t tell you how awesome it is to see my site on your blog… it is an amazing feeling. Thank you so much!

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