Happy National Ice Cream Day!


I absolutely adore ice cream – making it (which of course, involves taste testing), eating it, and covering it in yummy toppings. When Bella told me that today is National Ice Cream Day, we knew that we had to do something to celebrate this delectable treat! And so, in honor of this very fun holiday, we have rounded up our favorite ice cream related doll picks. Enjoy with a scoop of your favorite flavor! :)

Ice CreamPhotos from Respective Shop Owners

1 >> Disney Inspired Ice Cream from Stacey Morgan Studios on Etsy, $6.00

2 >> AG Ice Cream Scooper by Dolly Dorm Designs on Etsy, $5.25

3 >> Ice Cream Tank Top and Leggings from Bella’s Sweet Home on Etsy, $8.99

4 >> Miniature Mint Ice Cream and Oreos from Miniare Miniatures on Etsy, $12.00

5 >> Strawberry Banana Ice Cream Parfait from Dollicious Design on Etsy, $4.50

6 >> Ice Cream Cones from Dash Dot Dash Studio on Etsy, $12.00

And now for some ice cream related questions…

Favorite flavor? (Mine is cookies and cream, and Bella’s is tied between cookies and cream as well, chocolate, and cookie dough)

Cone or Dish? (Bella: Dish >> Me: Cone)

Favorite Topping? (Bella and I are both partial to chocolate sprinkles and strawberries!)


Happy National Ice Cream Day!



15 thoughts on “Happy National Ice Cream Day!

  1. Those items are adorable! I love the mickey ice cream. My favorite flavor is probably Moose Tracks. I prefer my ice cream in a dish and topping depends on the flavor of ice cream (although I do love whipped cream on any flavor of ice cream)! Happy National Ice Cream Day!


    • Aren’t the Mickey treats adorable?! Moose Tracks is delicious – I agree with you there – and I like my ice cream in a dish as well. Thank you for the lovely comment Hope! :)

    • Thank you so much! We love hearing from readers. With our real-life commitments, we can’t promise a comment or follow, but Lulu and I would be happy to look at your blog :) Thanks for sharing the link!

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