Happy National Doll Day!


Happy National Doll Day!Doll fans we are, Lulu and I are always in favor of an occasion that celebrates one of our favorite hobbies. Fittingly, the first Sunday of August {as in today!} was declared National Doll Day in 2011, and though it’s not the biggest of holidays, we believe it’s still a good call for celebration.

In honor of the day, the two of us wanted to revisit the very beginning of our doll family. Our collection of AG cuties started when Lulu and I were in elementary school; we currently have thirteen American Girl dolls – I don’t think we will be buying another any time soon – but our love of dolls hasn’t decreased in the slightest. If anything, it’s grown!

Happy National Doll Day+ To begin, our first AG dolls, regardless of size, were Annie and Lala, our two Bitty Babies. We were budding collectors even then, buying new outfits, accessories, and furniture for as frequent as little girls can with their own money :)

+ The first 18-inch American Girl doll to enter the DM household was Isabella in 2005. I received her as a Christmas present in the same year I discovered AG {I read the catalogues cover to cover hoping for a doll of my own}. She looks very similar to me, and I, being a creative little kid, named her after myself. Izzy has been much loved over the years, but she will always have a special place in my heart as my very first AG doll!

+ Later in the summer of 2007 at the time of my birthday, our mom snagged Hopscotch Hill dolls Gwen and Hallie when the line retired. Gwen was given to me as a birthday present from my brother {he loves to play soccer, so it seemed like a fitting gift}, while Lulu was surprised with Hallie days later by our mom.

+ Lulu received her first American Girl doll, Louisa, as a holiday present in 2006. Lulu and her new doll did everything together for the rest of winter break, but it wasn’t all fun and games during Louisa’s first week; one evening I was brushing her hair, and after a few strokes, poor Louisa’s head fell off! Luckily, Lulu was able to send her to the doll hospital, and she returned good as new and ready for many more years of adventures.

+ Nicki joined Isabella and Louisa soon after in 2007. She caught my eye because I thought she and Izzy could be twins with their bright blue eyes and freckled faces! I saved my money for months before purchasing her online in June. She, too, shows years of love, but I can’t imagine parting with her {Nicki even came with me to the hospital when I was first diagnosed with diabetes}.

Happy National Doll Day 02+ Our resident 70’s girl, Julie, became a member of the family in December 2007. My aunt and uncle graciously gifted her to me as a Christmas present, along with her groovy accessories and the limited edition American Girl calendar. I was so in love that I didn’t even want to take her mini braid out. I couldn’t risk ruining Julie’s long blond hair!

+ That same Christmas, Lulu received a set of Bitty Twins, later to be named Lucy and Bridget! Although both were presents for Lulu, my sister was kind enough to give me Lucy without a twinge of regret {how lucky am I to have such an amazing little sis?!}. Our twins are the best of buds, and our mom often jokes that Lucy and Bridget will become hers when we head off to college.

+ At the height of Kit’s popularity in the summer of 2008, I bought Ruthie with my allowance – just in time for the Kit movie release! I thought Ruthie looked good in every piece of clothing and that belief holds true today; I like to think she is the most stylish in the current DM family.

+ Lulu’s second doll and our sixth doll in all was Gabby, a Christmas gift received in 2008. With her long dark brown hair and her gorgeous deep brown eyes, Gabby was a dead ringer for Lulu and quickly fit right into our growing family of dolls – she became Ruthie’s best friend in an instant.

+ Out of all of our dolls, Josefina is the only cutie that we purchased off of Ebay. Following the arrival of Gabby, Lulu saved her money throughout the winter, and she finally had enough money to buy a secondhand Josie doll in March 2009. She was Lulu’s first historical doll and seemed like the perfect addition to our collection.

Happy National Doll Day!+ Hannah has a traumatic backstory, as I almost returned her a day after I bought her! In the fall of 2009, I had enough money to purchase a “big” item from American Girl, but my heart was not set on one single item. After a long afternoon at the store {think lots of crying and stress}, I came home with Hannah, only to rethink my decision that same night. Fortunately, I didn’t go through with that choice, and Hannah is a beloved member of the DM family today.

+ Lulu and I received our next two dolls on the same day: Christmas 2009! Ellie, our earth-loving, redheaded dancer, was Lulu’s fourth doll, while Zoey, our creative fashionista and aspiring world traveler, was my sixth and final doll. Many thanks to our aunt and uncle for those two lovely gifts – it made for a wonderful holiday season!

+ Another year had gone by, another Christmas came, and another doll had joined the collection! Lulu found Cece under the Christmas tree in 2010, and her personality came to us in minutes. She’s a regular favorite among our friends; it must be Cece’s layered brown hair and piercing blue eyes.

+ Lulu’s sixth doll, the always adorable Sally, was a joint birthday present by our grandparents and two sets of aunts and uncles in October 2011. Lulu had been crushing on Sally – how could you not?! – in the catalogue for a few months, so we were both delighted to find an AG box among her birthday gifts!

+ Finally, Payton was purchased by Lulu in July 2012, right around the Fourth of July, at the Boston American Girl store. The two of us long debated which doll she should buy, but Payton’s cute face and curly hair won us both over. It was a summer outing done right, if you ask me!

Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with us! It’s crazy to remember a time when we didn’t have our close collection of dolls, but I suppose that’s a case every doll fan experiences. Do you remember the backstory behind each of your AG girls?

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon!


4 thoughts on “Happy National Doll Day!

  1. Oh, wow! I didn’t even know about National Doll Day! Too bad I missed it :(
    I really enjoyed hearing about how you and Lulu got your AG dolls! And how sad that you almost returned Hannah! I’m glad you didn’t cause she’s adorable ;)
    And yeah, I remember the backstories of all of my AG dolls. Some are really fun and funny! :)

    • Oh, that’s okay! Lulu and I think you can celebrate it every day of the year.

      And, I know, Hannah’s story is crazy – I can’t imagine our doll family without her now! She is a cutie, so I think I made the right choice :)

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