Monthly Recap / July 2015


Monthly RecapAs the saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun.” The statement couldn’t be truer as the two of us look back over our July. With weeks of seeing friends, attending work and camp, and soaking up the summer sun, the start of August took us by surprise! Nevertheless, the start of a new month brings another monthly recap; we take this chance to share the highlights of our month, while you can catch up on the best – and most recent – posts on the Doll Mag blog. How was your July?

What We Loved ♥ Bella kicked off her July with three weeks of working as a counselor at a local summer program; she helped incoming middle schoolers adjust to the new building, and, later, befriended first graders as they erupted homemade volcanoes in a science camp. The fun continued when she was asked to work crew at a community production of Stephen King’s Carrie. Although it wouldn’t be her first production of choice {too much fake blood and telekinesis for her liking}, she had a blast and made several new friends backstage. Bella finished up her eventful July by celebrating her birthday with family and starting a typography course at a nearby design college.

Lulu is also enjoying her summer vacation! Her mornings were well-spent watching all three seasons of Dance Academy for the third time {we can never get enough of Abigail and Sammy}, and the relaxation continued into the afternoon with new books to read – The Last Ever After, anyone? – and ice cream to make. Lulu also throughly enjoyed Newsies when the two of us saw it in early July, as well as the new films Minions and Mr. Holmes. Finally, Lulu has also started an art class at the same school; her course, however, is on miniature set design.

Monthly Recap July 2015Reader’s Favorites ♥ Bri’s Super Summer Live Blog / Happy National Ice Cream Day!

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Doll Mag Around the Web ♥ The Disney Dolls

Looking Ahead ♥ In our last monthly recap, we were counting down the days until summer break, but now, we are already prepping for the new school year! Both of us will be wrapping up our summer reading, going back-to-school shopping {Bella’s favorite}, and finding out our schedules in the coming weeks. Before we head back to the classroom, however, the two of us will be taking a family trip to Virginia – we can’t wait! In the meantime, we hope you’ll follow us on Instagram at @dollmagblog. We have posted nothing yet, but our first picture is on its way :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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