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Happy Friday! The American Girl holiday rollout has always been a sign that our summer is coming to a close, and yesterday’s release was no exception – we head back to school on Wednesday! The two of us hate to see our vacation go, but we DO like cute new items, and fortunately, the Maryellen collection and Truly Me line is full of them; I haven’t been this impressed with a historical character in a long time. As is tradition, I’m sharing what I liked and didn’t like from the new products, and Lulu will pop in later next week to share her own thoughts. What do you like from the Maryellen rollout?

AG Release August 2015[a] Maryellen’s Diner Set Pancake lovers and frequent diner goers we are, Lulu and I adore every aspect of Maryellen’s Seaside Diner, from the decorative sticker set to the handwritten order sheets. The Beforever big ticket items are expensive {this set, for example, sells for $275}, but I believe the attention given to historical detail, product quality, and play opportunities is enough to justify the high price tag; I mean, just look at those tiny padded stools! :)

[b] Sparkly Spotlight Outfit The Beforever dolls weren’t the only line to receive products yesterday, as the Truly Me cuties has a few new items as well! One of my favorites of the new holiday outfits is the Sparkly Spotlight set, with its chic black top and glitzy glitter shorts. It’s trendy without being overdone, and I think each piece has the potential to work on its own. Can’t you see Ruthie or Nicki rocking this one come December?

[c] Maryellen’s Play Outfit I struggled to pick favorites from Maryellen’s outfits, because to be quite honest, I love them all! However, her play ensemble had my heart at first sight, not in the least because of the adorable cherry embellishments. The outfit is not a seasonal choice for the Northeastern autumn weather, but I may bring it home just for my own redhead, Hannah, to wear it. At $28, it’s totally doable.

[d] Doll Celebrations I have always enjoyed the “Doll…” activity kits; I think they come with plenty for the price, and they encourage doll play at a different and more creative level. Now as I’ve grown older, I continue to flip through them for crafting and photography inspiration. The newest title to join the line is Doll Celebrations, with each page celebrating a different month or holiday. The page previews look excellent, and they have me so excited for when I grab my own copy.

[e] Maryellen’s Poodle Skirt Set It may be stereotypical and, hey, perhaps a tad unrealistic, but it wouldn’t be a 1950’s doll without a poodle skirt set. Maryellen’s dotted blouse and striking black skirt is adorable against her auburn hair, and the saddle shoes are an added plus. With Halloween only a few months away, I would happily purchase this for a DM model’s costume.

AG Release August 2015 Dislikes[a] Joyful Jewels Outfit The only thing wrong with this year’s signature holiday dress? It’s not memorable. Time and time again, American Girl has used a similar silhouette and the same color palette in their holiday outfit, leaving me and others underwhelmed. This is more of a personal complaint as a longtime fan, however, as the target audience will likely have this sold out in mere weeks!

[b] Cool Coral Outfit I don’t mind these pieces on their own, but together, I think the patterns and colors clash. The “distressed blue glitter print,” as AG describes the pattern of the leggings, paired with the coral and studded zebra-printed top is too much for one outfit. Solid bottoms or a less busy top would take this ensemble from “eh” to “yay!”.

[c] Movie Popcorn Machine Finally, though I admire the creativity behind the product, I think the final execution of the mini popcorn machine looks cheap. Granted, I haven’t seen it in person yet, so I’ll hold off on making a final decision, but until then: I’m not a fan.

If you want to browse the new items yourself, click HERE.

Have a lovely afternoon!


7 thoughts on “AG Release August 2015 / Bella’s Thoughts

  1. What I love most about the Sparkly Spotlight Outfit is that not ONE part of it is pink! Thank you, AG! :)
    Totally agree, they need to have a holiday outfit that isn’t red.
    I think Maryellen is adorable! I won’t be buying her, but I may purchase some items in her collection. (I just love her poodle skirt!)

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