The Doll Mag Book Club Summer Discussion / 06


The Doll Mag Book ClubHello and welcome to the last Anne of Green Gables Doll Mag Book Club discussion! If you’re just joining us, we’re discussing L. M. Montgomery’s classic story, Anne of Green Gables, all throughout July, August, September, and October. The book club discussions are moderated by two of our models, Nicki and Louisa, both book worms themselves. Anyone can be part of the club – comment your answers to the questions below, tell us your thoughts, or even just mention your favorite quote or scene from this set of chapters! Today we will be talking about chapters 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, so let’s travel with Anne to Queen’s College and Avonlea…

Remember – spoilers ahead! Louisa’s flying solo this week, though Nicki hopes to add in her thoughts sometime soon :)

“‘You’ve all passed, every one of you, Moody Spurgeon and all, although he’s conditioned in history.‘” 

1. What were your thoughts when we found out that Anne got into Queen’s College? 

Louisa: I’m so proud of Anne – and all the other Avonlea students (even Josie!). We’ve seen them through their early years and having them head off to a new school makes me smile. They’ve all worked so hard and come so far, although I must admit I’m a little pleased that Anne and Gilbert’s competitive natures haven’t completely disappeared.

“‘But suddenly, as her dilated, frightened eyes gazed put over the audience, she saw Gilbert Blythe at the way back of the room, bending forward with a smile on his face – a smile that seemed to Anne at once triumphant and taunting…She would not fail in front of Gilbert Blythe – he should never be able to laugh at her, never, never.'”

2. In this set of chapters, Anne recited a poem for a concert. What did you think of her performance and the crowd’s reactions? 

Louisa: Oh goodness, this made me laugh. Leave it to Anne to find the courage to speak in front of others through her rivalry with Gilbert! Stage fright can be terribly hard to overcome though, so I’m immensely happy that she was able to so, as well as wow the crowds of the White Sands Hotel.

“‘Well now, I’d rather have you than a dozen boys, Anne.’ Matthew said, patting her hand. ‘Just mind you that – rather than a dozen boys.'”

3. Only a few pages before the end of the book, Marilla and Anne suffer a great loss. How were you effected by this event?

Louisa: Matthew! He’s always been one of my favorite characters, so the moment Marilla told Anne he was feeling sickly, I got worried. As much as his death saddened me, I’m glad he was able to see Anne do so many great things at school and grow up to be such a lovely young lady. I’m also glad Marilla and Anne were able to lean on each other, in their own ways.

“‘I didn’t think you and Gilbert Blythe were such good friends that you would stand for a half hour at the gate talking to him,’ said Marilla with a dry smile. ‘We haven’t been – we’ve been such good enemies.‘” 

4. Now that we’ve reached the end of this book, what are your opinions on the overall story and characters? 

Louisa: It’s no wonder Anne has been considered one of literature’s favorite heroes since her book’s publication! The moment she arrives on the scene, you instantly feel more imaginative and curious yourself. This book managed to make me laugh and cry and cringe and smile all at the same time, and I hope it inspires other readers for many years to come.

We can’t wait to hear what YOU have to say in today’s discussion. Feel free to share your favorite quote too, as we have done above!

We’ve had so much fun on this reading adventure with our book club members! Surveys and posts regarding the next reading selection will be up on the blog sometime in the next month, so be sure to check back soon for updates. We would love to hear your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “The Doll Mag Book Club Summer Discussion / 06

  1. I really enjoyed reading this even though I couldn’t join in because I haven’t read the book! Oh well it was nice enough reading about it but I need to check this book out now thanks to you! Great post and great blog!!

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