Back Issues

We’re so glad you want to take a look into Doll Mag’s archives! You can read our past issues here.

If the issue you’re looking for isn’t available, feel free to contact us HERE.


6 thoughts on “Back Issues

  1. Hi! :) I love the Doll Mag! You guys do such a great job on each issue! Here are my answers for the questions asked in the latest issue…

    1. What is your dream vacation spot?
    I’d love to Australia someday, but I already love going to Lake Tahoe every summer with my family!

    2. What’s your favorite thing to do for fun with your best friend?
    My best friend and I love to just get together and talk, but we also have so much whenever we’re together at our grandparent’s house swimming in their pool!

    Thanks, Jess :)

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  3. Your website is so awesome! I love to read what you guys write and watch the animations you make. How do you make them? I would love to post doll videos but my hands keep getting in the way.

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