If you can’t find the answer to your question, let us know! We will update the page as soon as possible.

What made you want to start Doll Mag?

Bella was starting to lose interest in dolls, so starting Doll Mag was a way for her to reconnect with them again! There was also a lack of creative and fun crafts for girls and their dolls on the Internet. {This, of course, was before we found all of our own readers’ blogs!}

How long does it take for you to usually make an issue?

It takes us about two months to take all the photos, format the magazine, and write the articles. We are a bimonthly publication.

How can you submit a photo and/or model for the cover of Doll Mag?

We started to use our own photos for the cover of our magazines in July/August 2013, and at the moment we aren’t looking for cover models, but we’re always looking for contributors! You can contact us for more information here.

Can you send actual copies of Doll Mag?

We would love to do this some day, but unfortunately, right now we don’t have the time or resources.

What do you create Doll Mag on? 

We use Powerpoint to make our magazines, and then convert them into PDF’s so that everyone can read them, (here on the blog or over at issuu.)

How do you get your magazines so awesome?

Well, this question is pretty nice! We think it’s just because of our general awesomeness, but we would also be nowhere without your support! :)

20 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hi! I have two questions:
    One, are My American Girl dolls your favorite? It seems that is most of the dolls you have. :)
    Also, do you ever go on Innerstar U? I would always like to see screen shots of the different games, since I don’t have an account. :( I love seeing what Innerstar U is like!! :)

    • 1. Yes, although we love all of our dolls equally! :) But Lulu and I enjoyed creating our own “dolls,” at least in terms of name and personality. We are the types of people that like to stick with the given personality if the doll is historical or a GOTY, so MyAG let us be a bit more creative!

      2. I used to have an Innerstar U account, but I have not been on for a couple of years. I know Lulu has one, but I will have to see if she has been on it recently! We will see what we can do :)

      Thanks for the questions! We’ll update the page soon.

  2. Hello, I was wondering which wordpress theme you used to make your blog. I was also wondering how you attach each issue so nicely and make it so readable? Everything you do looks so gorgeous!!

    • Hi Willow!

      We are currently using the Forever theme, although we added a lot to it. If you want to shoot us an email at dollmagblog@gmail.com, we would be happy to explain further in depth what we do to make our issues! Thank you so much for your sweet comment :)


  3. Hi! What editor or program do you use for all of your text related graphics, or images that have fun shapes and colors placed over an image in your post? (Hope that makes sense)

    • Hi!

      Lulu and I use Powerpoint for almost everything we do here on the website :) We’re hoping to share some tutorials in the coming months; hopefully that will help out too. Great question – we will have to update the FAQ soon!


  4. Do you have any dolls with any sort of Disabilities/diseases? I have a doll without hair, a doll with hearing aids, a doll in a wheelchair and two dolls with diabetes. If you do.not have one yet, will you consider getting one? My young sister, Paisley, has neuroblastoma (hence the bald doll) and went through chemo and radiation which left her hard of hearing (hearing aids). I’d love to see one of your dolls have a disability!

    • Hi Rylyn! Thanks for your great question! I’m actually a Type One Diabetic, so I have always thought of my first doll, Isabella, as one too :) We are not adding any more dolls to our collection at the moment, but the bald dolls sure are cute!

  5. Hi Bella and LuLu,
    I have been considering starting my own doll magazine featuring my devoted dolly writers, Molly and Isabelle. But I need some ideas! Could you help me?

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