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29 thoughts on “Models

  1. Gorgeous photos! They look sooooo professional!!!!! Fantabulous job. My favourite dolls of yours are: Ellie Rose, Allison Marie Blythe, Hannah Joy Connors, and Zoe Noel Treevor. You have so many, and they are all BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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    • We do have lots of MyAG dolls, but not all of them came with Innerstar U codes. While we have registered the few that did come with a code, we rarely go on now. Great question! :)

      • Haha no problem! :) I don’t know about Lulu, but for me, I am not looking for another doll right now. While I would never say NO to a new doll, I’m pretty happy with the doll family I have!

      • Oh my – just seeing this now as I go through and reply to all of the comments :) To answer your question, yes, the two of us have thought of adding a Girl for All Time doll. They are too cute, but we’re not going to make a purchase just yet – we are going to see how our doll collection shakes out for the rest of 2014 first!

  3. These pictures are beautiful. I just love all of your dolls and I hope that I can do something like this with mine in the future.

    • AJ, you are the sweetest – thank you! :) Lulu and I have packed schedules, but we will stop by whenever we can. Thanks for commenting + we hope you had a lovely Easter!

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