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We are positively delighted that you want to be featured in our upcoming issue! The winner of this bi-monthly survey will have a spot on the “Contents” page in an upcoming issue – pretty awesome, if we do say so ourselves. Please keep in mind that you are answering for your DOLL, and not you. Thanks!

Psst. The winner is chosen with an online random number generator.

48 thoughts on “Survey

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    • Hi Malia!
      Thanks for the compliment! I’m so sorry that the issue wasn’t downloading, but this sometimes happens if there isn’t much space left on your computer (or whatever else you’re trying to download it on). I suggest trying to load it one more time, and if that doesn’t work, you can email us; we will send the issue to you in three parts so that they don’t take up as much space. And no worries! We’ve had to do that before :)

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    • When it came time for your random number generator I would love for mine to be it! I enter every time! No other blog lets you take an awesome survey and maybe get featured like this one!

      -another girl with a wordpress account

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  13. Question: If we have multiple dolls, can we do the survey more than once or should we just choose one doll to answer the questions? Thanks!

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