101 Dollmations / 06


101 DollmationsWhat better way to celebrate the end of the month than with an 101 Dollmations post? We can’t believe how fast March has flown by, but we managed to squeeze in this month’s installment, and it’s sure to be a great one! The AG animators were quite busy this month, and I have plenty of fun channels to share with you (and a bit of new formatting!), so let’s get to it!

14 * AGSmiless 

Why I Chose This Channel * When I first started this feature, I remember seeing something about the extremely popular AGSM series, Aspen Heights, but for some reason I never looked into it. While I was searching for channels to feature in this month’s installment, I decided to check out the channel that created the series, AGSmiless, and I’m super-duper glad I did! All of the videos are entertaining, and I’ll definitely be checking out more of them soon.

My Favorite Video (so far!) * 19 Dolls and Counting – the opening is so fun!


15 * MixiePixie7

Why I Chose This Channel * I actually found the link to this channel in the comments section of another video and clicked on it because I thought the name was fun (I have a very serious researching technique.) The smooth animation and fun opening of the stop motions are what really caught my eye though.

My Favorite Video (so far!) * Mouse in the House – it rhymes!


16 * SuperAG101

Why I Chose This Channel * The bright colors of the sets, fun plot lines, and great fonts are what really made me fall in love with these videos. They just make me want to watch them over and over again!

My Favorite Video (so far!) * The TV Disaster – Sounds fun, right?


17 * Sparkle Fire Productions

Why I Chose This Channel * This channel has loads of lovely outdoor videos, and the animation is flawless! Plus, the videos made me laugh, so that’s always good, right?

My Favorite Video (so far!) * Ruby’s Crazy Bike Ride – Hopefully my bike rides won’t be this crazy!


18 * Landy Cand Studios

Why I Chose This Channel * Not only is the name also fun to say, but the videos are very detailed and I can see the amount of work put into them. I love all the different changes in location too!

My Favorite Video (so far!) * The Camping Trip – Who knew camping could be so fun to watch?


19 * MonChatsDansLaLune

Why I Chose This Channel * MonChatsDansLaLune is actually one of my favorite Etsy shops, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they have a YouTube channel too! And not surprisingly, their videos are very enjoyable and well worth the watch.

My Favorite Video (so far!) * Ivy the Skateboarder – It just looks so spring-y!


20 * AmericanGir1Dolls

Why I Chose This Channel * For my final pick, we have AmericanGir1Dolls, which I picked for its great voiceovers and funny story lines. I love the mix of camera angles, and the attention to detail is great.

My Favorite Video (so far!) * The Show – Boutique montage? Yes please!


Do you have any suggestions for channels I should check out?

Lulu :)


101 Dollmations / 05


101 DollmationsHappy Monday! While I don’t always enjoy Mondays (our school vacation has come to an end and I must wait another week for a new episode of Downton Abbey!) there’s nothing like a bit of stop motion to bring some extra cheer into the start of your week. :) For this month’s 101 Dollmations, I have chosen three fabulous channels that I think you’ll really enjoy, so let’s get to it…

Slide211 >> Even the name of this channel makes you want to smile! All of the Laughternoons videos are loads of fun with their bright graphics, smooth movements, and cute story lines, but my favorites so far are definitely the “Gardening” and “Annie’s Adventure” movies. Both are oh-so fun! (My yearning for warmer weather might have influenced these picks…)

Darling Dollies12 >> The opening of the Darling Dollies movies definitely caught my eye when I was browsing some of my favorite AG Youtube channels the other day. The pretty colors and fonts instantly drew me in, and before I knew it I was busy watching the hilarious, “Yoga Fail,” stop motion. The voices, sets, and animation are amazing, and I’ll definitely be sure to keep up with this fabulous channel in the future.

Wacky Wafflez 13 >> And for our last channel of today’s post, we have Wacky Wafflez, (isn’t that just such a fun name?) The stop motions are well done and are sure to make you laugh – the perfect thing to brighten anyone’s day! While I haven’t gotten a chance to watch a ton of the videos, I really did enjoy “Welcome Home Blake!” Be sure to check it out when you get a chance. :)

And now for this month’s Lulu Original animation! This one stars Piper and Sienna as they go on a food themed adventure. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

And as always, you can find out more information on my stop motions or watch some more mini movies on my Youtube channel.

Have a great night!


We Review: Ever After High Spring Unsprung Special


We Review: Spring UnsprungWe haven’t done a “We Review,” where we review doll-related films in a conversational format, for a few months, so the premiere of the Ever After High Spring Unsprung Special couldn’t have been better timed. The two of us watched it a few days ago on Netflix, and as expected, we enjoyed it quite a bit {Lulu, the mega-fan, of course LOVED it :)}. Our thoughts are below, but we would love to hear your opinion on the latest EAH episode too!

L: Thanks so much for watching Spring Unsprung with me! This is my favorite of all the EAH specials that have been released with its colorful animation and fun plot line. Did you enjoy it?

B: Oh, absolutely! I agree with you; the Ever After High specials seems to improve with each new special. I don’t know if I would call the plot “fun” though. I thought the story was pretty intense as the EAH world was threatened by the lack of wonder {not sure how else to describe it :)}. I’m curious: does this storyline follow the plot of the novels by Shannon Hale?

L: I guess it is pretty serious when you think about it :) And nope, the plot doesn’t really follow the novels. There are a few similar elements though, since both are focused on Wonderland. Speaking of Wonderland, I love how it was portrayed in the animation!

B: Me too! The animators had to be creative in separating the various fairy tale worlds. My favorite setting was the Cheshire Cat’s lair – how cool were those slides?! I liked that we were introduced to new Wonderland characters in this special too, like Bunny Blanc and Alistair Wonderland. For me, it’s the different characters that truly flesh out the Ever After High story.

L: Bunny Blanc was such a cute addition! While I’m not a huge fan of Alistair Wonderland, he added new elements to the story as well, which helped keep the plot interesting. The voice actors all did a really great job bringing their characters to life! I know a few people were confused why some of the actors were different from the ones that voice the webisodes, but it didn’t bother me too much.

B: I am not a regular watcher of the webisodes, so I didn’t even notice! The original characters were further developed as well. It was shocking to see the regular royals and rebels with their opposite personalities {Apple/Piper as a villain was so odd!}. I do wish Kitty wasn’t so mischievous, but perhaps that is when my personal bias comes in; I know our Kitty is much kinder than the character in the special.

L: You haven’t seen our Kitty in action ;) The Kitty character in the special was pretty mischievous, but I was happy to see that she had a bigger role, since she’s only been a side character in the past. Seeing all of the Wonderlandians interact was actually one of my favorite parts of the special (Lizzie/Rubye has a sewing machine!), and I was excited to see more parents introduced into the line.

B: Oh me too! I liked learning more about the narrators’ relationship, and I hope to see them and their daughter pop up in the next special. I think my only complaint, for the lack of a better term, is that a few of the secondary story lines were pushed aside to focus on Wonderland. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I think the plot could have been balanced better.

L: I agree! Even Ginger’s adventure in Wonderland seemed to be cut a bit short (I totally called the identity of the White Knight though. It’s not like I accidentally spoiled it for myself by reading a bunch of EAH blogs while watching the special or anything. Teehee). Anything else to add?

B: Nope!

L: Alrighty then – thanks for watching with me!

Have an awesome Thursday!
Lulu and Bella

101 Dollmations / Holiday Headquarters Edition


101 Dollmation Logo Holiday Headquarters

(Clipart from My Cute Graphics)

For this month’s 101 Dollmations Post, I decided to do it a bit differently than our usual feature (It is Holiday Headquarters after all!). Instead of choosing different channels that I enjoy, this month, I’m choosing different holiday and winter-themed videos that I like instead! Sounds fun, right? And of course, I have my own wintery movie to share with you at the end. Let’s get to it!

Masquerade 1 >> I’ve mentioned how much I love Starlight Studios animation before, but I couldn’t help but feature another video in this post. All of the videos seem to have a wintery feel to me, but I especially like the video, Masquerade; the fancy ball scene at the end is breathtaking!

Ice Skating2 >> This hilarious animation is plenty of wintery fun! I love the bedroom set in the beginning, and the voiceovers are extremely well done. Be sure to check out AG Pals’ other winter and holiday animations too – they’re oh-so funny!

Opening Presents3>> Basilmentos’ animations are always enjoyable, and “Opening Presents” is no exception! The squabbling sisters are silly in the best possible way, and I love how it looks like Felicity is the one filming everything. It’s a must-watch!

A Dinner Date4>> This cute stop motion is lovely in every way! I love the historical feel, settings, and costumes, and the ending made me smile. If only my dolls would make me yummy meals too… :)

Sledding5>> Finally, we have “Sledding” by Five Doll Stars, which I was very happy to stumble upon this afternoon! The snow looks so pretty, and the movements are all very realistic. Those dolls can sled better than me!

And now for my own animation! This one is historical themed, starring my dolls Sally and Ellie:

This one isn’t winter themed, but I also wanted to share another quick animation I made a while ago, but only got around to posting tonight, starring the ever-fabulous Payton:

Have a great rest of your weekend,

Lulu :)

Holiday Headquarters LogoDoll Mag is hosting Holiday Headquarters all month long! Be sure to check back for more holiday-themed fun. Have you made anything from Holiday Headquarters 2014? Be sure to send us a photo at dollmagblog[at]gmail[dot]com!

101 Dollmations / 02


101 DollmationsLast month I posted our first ever 101 Dollmations post, and all of you lovely readers seemed to enjoy it, so here is the second installment! Today we have some very fun animation channels to share with you, so let’s get to it, shall we?

Girl of the Year Studios 5. Girl of the Year Studios / These animations are so well done! The costumes and attention to detail are superb, and I find myself watching video after video. My favorite series would have to be Sisters in Black – I’m a bit behind (a quick marathon will fix that), but it’s very creepy cool.

Starry Eyes Chick 6. Starry Eyes Chick / I’m a big fan of the Le Fabuleux Destin de Sophie Amélie blog; when I discovered the human behind the blog had a YouTube channel, I was oh-so excited to go check it out! There are plenty of videos (stop motions, reviews, etc.), but my favorite so far would have to be A Dinner Date.

Infinity AG Studios7. Infinity AG Studios / I absolutely love this channel’s doll music videos! The dolls are adorable, and the stories and dances are always entertaining. I enjoyed the Shake it Off doll adaption, but the Human series is also quite fun.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an animation for you this month, but watch my YouTube channel – there will be a few new ones posted sometime in the next couple of weeks!

Happy early Halloween! Bri and I will be back tomorrow with some spooky fun.


101 Dollmations / 01 (With Birthday Wishes!)


101 DollmationsWelcome to our all new, super cool, totally awesome, and expertly named (if I do say so myself :)) feature! Since I’ve been in an animation mood lately, Bella and I came up with a new series of posts where I will gradually feature 101 doll (AG or other kinds) animators whose videos I adore. See how fun this is? I will post my round-up of four or five animators once a month, along with one of my one videos, and I would love any recommendations you may have. Let’s get started right away, shall we?

Starlight Studios1. Starlight Studios /  I absolutely love these beautiful videos! They’re done with such detail and have meaningful stories that make you want to watch them again and again. The creative uses of light and costumes are an added bonus too. :) I recommend you start out with the Victoria Leonard Chronicles – they’re my personal favorite.

Urban Chicken Studios2) Urban Chicken Studios / First of all, how fun of a channel name is that? Second of all, how funny are these short movies? The stories are so fun and always end with a little humorous twist that I enjoy, especially in my favorite, “Laundry Day…with a Twist.” (See! it’s right there in the name!)

Basilmentos3 ) Basilmentos / This is a very popular AG stop motion channel that was recommended to me by a friend, and I’m so glad I got to see it. The voiceovers are done oh-so well and the actions and stories are so well done that I can’t imagine how much effort must have been put in to them. Be sure to check out “Midsummer Magic”–it’s pretty awesome.

AG Pals4) AG Pals / My last channel to feature tonight is AG Pals–a hilarious and fun mix of short series with plenty of smooth animation and nice voiceovers. I also love the opening titles and logos with their mixes of fonts and images. Definitely watch the “Friend or Foe” miniseries–it got me hooked. :)

And now, as I will in all future 101 Dollmation posts, will bring you an all new Lulu original production…entitled “Dog Days.” Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

One quick thing before I sign off for the night–the 7th and 9th were our dolls Hannah and Grace’s birthdays! We just had to have a photo shoot yesterday to celebrate; check it out and don’t forget to wish these cuties a happy (late!) b-day!

Hannah Hannah and Grace GraceHave a great night!


Birthday Movie Night!


Grace and BriOur birthday celebration is sadly coming to a close, but we’re going to finish it off with a bang! As promised in the July/August issue, we’re posting my summer Ever After High animation here to end the festivities! It stars all of my 10-inch dolls, each wearing brand new outfits and rocking out to the song, “The Wire”, by the band HAIM. I had loads of fun making it, and my EAH dolls did too (especially Bri!), so enjoy!

Wasn’t that fun? We hoped you enjoyed the B-day party!


(and the EAH dolls!)

Cinema Monday / 01


I took an animation class over the summer, so I’ve been hoping that we could start a weekly animation feature here on Doll Mag. Before, I really didn’t have enough time or resources to do it, but I finally got iMovie to cooperate with me (you should have seen my first attempt :)). And, so, I’m very excited to announce the start of Cinema Monday! Every couple of weeks, depending on how much time I have, we’ll post a new animation starring some of our dolls.

For the first animation, I set it to “Let It Go” from the super amazing movie Frozen, and it stars my Ever After High doll, Piper. Due to space issues, we’ll provide a link to my own blog, theawesomeadventuresoflulu, where you can view it. Watch the movie here!

Piper AnimationEnjoy! (and happy St. Patrick’s Day!)

Lulu :)