Snug as a Bug / Style


Warm, cozy, and comfortable are staple qualities in an autumnal wardrobe, but that shouldn’t discount the importance of style too! With sweater weather upon us, Lulu and I wanted to focus a new style post {yes, also, hi, we’ve been awful at updating lately} on our favorite sweaters of the season. From cute pullover sweatshirts to trendy knitted cardigans, there’s surely a sweater below for every member of your doll family. What Etsy items have caught your eye this month?

Snug as a Bug 01{buy the sweater}

Snug as a Bug 02{buy the sweater}

Snug as a Bug 03{buy the sweater}

Snug as a Bug 04{buy the sweater}

Snug as a Bug 05{buy the sweater}

Have a lovely day!

A Fall Photoshoot


October is one of my favorite months! Not only is it when my birthday falls, but it is also when I finally feel like it’s autumn. The weather becomes perfect for jackets, vests, and boots, apple cider immediately becomes my favorite beverage, and the leaves begin to change colors and fall to the ground. This weekend, I dug out my sweaters and Bella and I kicked off the fall season with a fun movie night, watching the spooky classic, Halloweentown. Of course, our dolls wanted to join in on the fun too! Dressed in a new ensemble, Dani headed outside with me today for some cold(er) weather photos.

Dani Head ShotDani 2 Dani 3 Dani 4 Dani 5 Dani 6Have an amazing week! :)

Lulu and Dani

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Staff Picks / September 2015

Hello, hello!

Happy weekend, friends! We love to take the time on Saturday and Sunday to get ahead on schoolwork, have spontaneous movie nights {our latest was Newsies, after we saw the musical of the same name over the summer}, and best of all, catch up on our favorite blogs, doll-related and otherwise. We had skipped Staff Picks in August due to our short vacation, but the feature has returned with a batch of excellent posts, articles, and other mentions. Read to your heart’s content before sharing your favorite posts of the month – blog love is the best.

Staff Picks September 2015{1} Some of Lulu’s favorite movies when she was younger were the ones starring the Disney Fairies; this adorable post by Journey Girl’s Adventures, therefore, was only bound to make her smile! The gorgeous shots, the captivating photo effects, and the well-placed cliffhanger all guarantee that she’ll be back for next week’s installment. Thumbs up from us!

{2} There are some bloggers that make being cool look effortless. Case in point? Inky, New York resident and Instagram superstar, who recently gave us a peek into her perfectly-styled bedroom. From her extensive Uglydoll collection to her colorful rows of books, it’s clear Inky has an eye for interior design, so only one question remains: when can we visit?

{3} While the latest Ever After High special did come out in August, Lulu couldn’t help but include it in this month’s round of picks! The animation was breathtaking {especially in the outfit transformation sequence!} and she adored the “wonderlandiful” story. She would love to discuss with other EAH fans, so if you’ve seen it, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments :)

{4} It’s hard to keep up with trends in real life, let alone translate them to the doll world too! For this reason, Bella adores any fashion craft that is both easy and quick to make, like Liz’s recent leather bracelet inspired tutorial. It’s trendy, it’s creative, and it’s an oh-so cute accessory to go with our dolls’ fall wardrobes. Perhaps we’ll make a few of our own as we watch the Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiere tonight!

{5} Doll Mag advice of the day: There’s nothing a good piece of cake can’t solve! Lulu loved reading about Kaya and Xyra’s adventures in the kitchen in a recent photo story; that lemon cake looks oh-so yummy {and makes us both hungry and ready to bake!}. What recipes have you been whipping up as of late?

{6} Finally, the girls at Dolly Dorm Diaries have impressed us yet again with their gorgeous photography and fun adventures. Cindy, Christina, and Saige took advantage of the late summer weather to fit in another beach trip, but this time with other friends: their horses! We think there’s nothing better than doing something with the people you love most, and it seems they agree.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Magazine / Fall 2015


Doll Mag September October 2015The two of us want to thank you for your patience and understanding as we finished our autumn issue; it’s a few weeks late, but we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! The autumn season seems to bring out our creativity, and we had so much fun with the articles in this edition. Here’s a peek of what you’ll find inside…

  • an interview with the newest and cutest in AG’s Beforever line, Maryellen Larkin.
  • two sweet hairstyles for your short-haired friends.
  • a round-up of creative costumes that fit any price range.
  • a detailed article on the spooky Monster High dolls.
  • and much, much more!

As always, you can read the current edition on ISSUU or download it on Adobe Reader HERE.

And of course, it wouldn’t be issue release day without a few links. First up, we urge you to head on over to our Survey page HERE and enter for your chance to be featured in the next issue – it’s open to all of our readers!

We currently have Etsy shop owners lined up for interviews through the spring, but we would love for you to submit responses all the same! Click HERE for more information on the Shop Owner Spotlight feature.

Gabby, our adorable cover model, is also the official DM advice columnist! Send her your questions, comments, or concerns HERE; she will pick one or two to answer in the holiday issue.

If you want to write to us {much love and thanks if you do!}, you can submit a letter to the editors HERE.

Finally, start your week on a good note by reading through our archives of the back issues HERE.

Bella, Lulu, and the DM team

Working On Wednesdays / 35

Hello, hello!

With our issue release date nearing by the day, we wanted to share a few sneak peeks of our fall cover! If you follow us over on Instagram {we still stink at it, but we’re getting better! :)}, you would have seen that we had our cover shoot over the long weekend; it involved our favorite furry friend, buckets of tiny apples, and a number of colorful – and fake – leaves. Here’s a  behind-the-scenes shot of our set-up:

Working on Wednesdays_35Eek! We can’t wait to share it with you. Have you taken any creative photos of your doll recently?

Monthly Recap / October 2014


Monthly RecapWe always enjoy a good monthly recap! We love looking back over the past month, and our monthly recaps let us share a few of our favorite posts too. October was packed with fun, as you’ll see below. How have you been lately, friends?! :)

What We Loved ♥ October kicked off with Lulu’s birthday! She had an amazing day, and it started our month off on a good note. The fun continued over the Columbus Day weekend when we went to see Cinderella, a terrific musical. Halloween was just as good. Lulu – who went as a Greek goddess – brought home lots of candy {we love Kit-Kats and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups the best}!

October 2014 Monthly RecapReader’s Favorites ♥ 101 Dollmations (02) / Seven Days of Style (Halloween Edition) / October 2014 Staff Picks

Lulu’s Favorites ♥ Happy Birthday Lulu! / Make an EAH Skater Skirt / Fashion Show Photo Story

Bella’s Favorites ♥ The Book Nook (03) / Make Heart Patch Jeans / Black and White Color Palette Style

Doll Mag Around the Web ♥ Doll Mag wasn’t featured anywhere in October!

From Readers ♥ We didn’t receive any photos from readers this past month.

Looking Ahead ♥ The holiday season will be here before we know it, but the two of us have much fun to get to before then! Lulu is performing in her school’s production of High School Musical {she’s a brainiac} next week; her intense week of tech rehearsals starts tomorrow. She also can’t wait to start watching holiday movies – Miracle on 34th Street is the first on our list!

Meanwhile, Bella has two shows to tech this month. She’ll be doing video for Lulu’s show, and then assisting with a production of the play, Almost, Maine, the next week. Most importantly though, Bella is looking forward to Thanksgiving. She loves watching the Thanksgiving Day parade and baking all of the classic dishes.

Have a fabulous rest of your day!
Bella and Lulu

Comments From Bri / 11


Spooky Comments from BriOooooooh! Brains! *Evil Laugh*

What are you doing?

My Halloween monster montage, what else?

Okay then. Happy Halloween everybody! I spent the last month designing and sewing costumes for the EAH girls so they could go trick-or-treating in style –

And I spent the last month modeling said costumes. 

Yeah, I was getting to that.

So, all my buds and I are going trick-or treating tonight, and Lulu took some photos of us getting ready –

But Bri –

…and now we shall go look at them. Onward!

Bri's Lineup “Alright everyone!” I said to my best friends Cupid, Piper, Siena, Rubye, and Grace. “Tonight we shall parade the streets in these super awesome costumes (from Lulu: Aww, thanks Bri! :)) and gather delicious candy!” “Umm, Bri?” Piper asked, “Why did you call us here so early? We’re not trick-or-treating for a few hours.” “Elementary, my dear Watson, we must have a Halloween photo shoot!” 

We will start off with the costume fashion show…

CupidHere is the ever-fabulous Cupid wearing her Greek goddess costume – doesn’t she look lovely? I love the ruffle Lulu added along with the pink stitching. 

SienaDoesn’t Siena look oh-so pretty? This year she’s dressed up as a woodland fairy (with wings and flowers and everything!). Her flowing aqua skirt is gorgeous – I may have to borrow it soon. 

Slide1Ta-da! The Pipester is going as Audrey Hepburn in the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and her costume may just have to be my favorite (mine is awesome too of course. See below!). That necklace is darling!

Slide2Here’s Rub-a-Dub! She decided to go as Maid Marian from Robin Hood this year, and I think she looks amazing! Her costume is inspired by Lucy Griffith’s Maid Marian in BBC Robin Hood (Lulu’s thoughts: It’s a great TV show by the way; Rube and I have constant marathons).

Grace HalloweenAnd here’s G. Lockes! This year she went as a 1950s girl – she has the poodle skirt and everything! I mean, who doesn’t want a cute poodle sidekick on their skirts at all times? (Lulu’s thoughts: Sorry about the background change! We had to switch so we could zoom out and see the skirt.)

BriAnd here’s me! I’m going as a fortune teller this year, and I adore my costume! The skirt is so pretty, and there are so many sparkles. One can never have enough sparkles, right?! Now, who wants their fortune told. You do, don’t you? See, I can feel it. 

Bri and Piper“Hey! Hey Piper!” I called over the Pipester before we grabbed out trick-or-treating bags. “Want to get your fortune told?” “Um…sure. But one question; why is your crystal ball a snow globe?” She asked. “I broke the other one, and this one is obviously more magical anyways. Alright!” I closed my eyes and rubbed my hands on my snow globe crystal ball. “Tonight you will receive some delicious candy!” I said in my spookiest voice. Piper rolled her eyes. “You have true talent.”  

GroupHere’s one last group photo of us before we head out! Don’t we look fabulous?

Have an awesome Halloween! (And keep on Bri-ing awesome!) 

Bri (And Lulu!)

Monthly Recap / September 2014


Monthly RecapThese past few months have zipped by, and before we know it, the holidays will be here! In an effort to slow down time, the both of us wanted to recap our fun-filled September. Have you been loving fall just as much as us two? :)

What We Loved ♥ September started with the first week of school, and after transitioning back into our regular routine, we can happily say that the new school year is going quite well! After school, we loved doing a variety of activities; from art classes to the school musical, the past month was packed with fun extracurriculars. When it came time to relax, though, we enjoyed nothing more than watching new episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine or settling down with a good book.

September 2014 Monthly RecapReader’s Favorites ♥ Seminars from Bri (01) / Seven Days of Style / Class President Elections

Lulu’s Favorites ♥ Make a Doll Hopscotch / School Hairstyles for Bitty Twins / Lunchtime Printables

Bella’s Favorites ♥ We Review: Felicity, An American Girl Adventure / Magazine Fall 2014 / Doll Mag Academy Yearbook

Doll Mag Around the Web ♥ Doll Diaries Picks of the Week (9/27) / Oh My Dollies

Blast From the Past ♥ Printable Kit: Fall Fun for Dolls

From Readers ♥ We didn’t receive any photos from readers this month.

Looking Ahead ♥ The two of us have plenty planned for this October! Lulu is looking forward to her birthday this Thursday, but she also can’t wait to go trick-or-treating on Halloween. She will be going as a Greek goddess; hopefully she gets lots of candy too! :) Meanwhile, Bella is looking forward to working on student council homecoming activities and to do lots of baking – she has plenty of recipes she’s eager to try out. Of course, we are also excited for AG’s winter release, just another sign that the holidays are near.

We hope you had a lovely Monday!
Bella and Lulu

Seminars From Bri / Graduation!


Student Council!Before we get to Bri’s seminar, we wanted to share the results of last week’s student council elections. We had over 100 votes entered, and we are so thankful for your input. Without further ado, here are the new positions…

Class President-Payton

Vice President-Gabby



Thanks again!

Seminars From Bri LogoThanks for tuning in my lovelies! I know you’re all super psyched for my special second post this month, right-

Wait! Aren’t I supposed to start the introductions?

Well you technically did with the student council thing…


Anyways! My time as an exchange student at Doll Mag Academy has ended, so I threw a party for all the students going back to EAH along with the newly-selected student council. There. Is that good?

Um, hm, yeah.


Payton “Welcome to the goodbye party for our Ever After High exchange students,” Payton announced at the beginning of my awesome party. “As class president, I would like to say that it has been terrific having the EAH students here, but I think this speech would be better said by one of those students-“

Bri by Podium“Bri!” I called out from the wings. Payton nodded and began clapping as I walked on stage, obviously. “Hello my fellow super cool students. Today I will be discussing the importance…” I looked up at the towering podium. “Of having appropriately sized seating.” 

Bri SittingAfter a minute or two of climbing using my ninja high heel skills, I was sitting near the podium, ready to continue my speech. “We all had a great time here at Doll Mag Academy, from my documenting to our latest projects about-” 

Piper and Bri“Bri!” My best friend Piper called out and came running to the podium. “Rubye wants to know where she should put the chocolate fountain.” I scrunched my nose and gestured to the crowd. “I’m doing a speech actually…” Piper’s pale cheeks went apple red and gave my arm a quick squeeze. “Oops-I’ll talk to you later.” I nodded and redirected my attention back to the crowd, only to find…

Cupid and Brimyself looking straight at a pair of flying red shoes. “Cupid?” I asked, confused. I looked up and saw my pink-haired friend flying through the air and landing right next to me on the podium. Cupid smiled and sighed happily. “I told Siena I would get here before the food was out. And I even missed the boring speeches! Right, Bri-ooooh.” I nodded as she rushed to find a seat in the crowd while I continued to talk about our animation movie project.

Grace and Piper“Hey Bri? I know you’re doing a speech and everything, but could you just help me for a second?” Grace asked as I tried to get through at least two complete sentences. “Where should this table cloth go?” I shrugged, “Just find a table and cloth it, I guess.” Grace nodded and grabbed her purple table cloth before joining the swarm of people setting up the food. 

Sienna and Bri“Hey! Brister! Did you ever get those lanterns I told Piper to bring over?” Sienna butted in, gripping an orange paper decoration. “Wait, never mind!” She said quickly when she saw my frustration.  “I’ll just go tell her everything is fine.” 

Sienna and RubyeOf course, then Rubye came. “Sienna!” She cried, panting as she sprinted over. “Did Piper tell you what to do about the chocolate fountain; Cupid keeps trying to stick her cupcakes in it.” She then looked to me, “Great speech by the way Bri! It’s really good.” I looked up at the crowd with a doubtful look on my face, only to find that everyone was clapping. I guess learning how to manage parties makes a pretty good speech…although I can rock anything. 

Ending“Sorry we ruined your speech Bri.” Piper said, giving me a hug a little while later when we were all crouched around a perfectly decorated, (and clothed!) table, munching on sweets. “Are you kidding?” I laughed, “You didn’t ruin it. You guys made it %200 percent even better.”

I’ll be back for Halloween!

Bri (And Lulu!)

Magazine / Fall 2014


Doll Mag September October 2014Despite the hot and humid weather we’re experiencing today, the two of us have shifted our minds to everything fall! The first day of the month means only one thing here at Doll Mag: the release of a new issue, and this month’s edition has all of the autumn goodies that we’re such fans of :) While some of you are already back in school {we don’t head back until Wednesday}, we hope you take the time to check it out! Articles inside include…

  • an interview with the AG’s 19th century cutie, Caroline Abbott.
  • Doll Mag readers’ thoughts on the new Beforever line.
  • a large back-to-school style guide, with everything your doll needs to look fabulous on her first day!
  • a fun quiz to help you choose your Halloween costume.
  • and much, much more!

You can read the current issue {and download a craft freebie} HERE.

You can enter our bimonthly survey to be in the next issue HERE.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support! We truly appreciate it, and we love hearing from all of our readers. Have a terrific Labor Day!

xo, Bella and Lulu