Happy Valentine’s Day!


We hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday! With the start of our February break tomorrow, Bella and I are looking forward to afternoons spent watching Scandal, hanging out with friends, and writing up a few blog posts (keep your eye out for a review of Josefina’s nightgown later this week!) And what better way to kick off our break than with Valentine’s Day? The cold New England weather left behind some snow, making it the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot featuring our own EAH cutie, Cupid.

Valentine's Day Photo Shoot Valentine's Day Photo Shoot 2 Valentine's Day Photo Shoot 3 Valentine's Day Photo Shoot 4Have a great week!

Lulu and Cupid


Monthly Recap / February 2015


Monthly RecapFebruary always seem to zip right by; even so, Lulu and I managed to pack in plenty of fun activities in those four short weeks! We’re a bit late in getting this monthly recap up {posting the spring issue and coordinating articles for the next one has dominated our time in the past week}, but we didn’t want to miss it. Here’s how our February went, and, of course, we love hearing how your month went too! :)

What We Loved ♥ Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?! Lulu and I look forward to the semi-annual Boden warehouse sales all year long, and the first one of 2015 was in February. We spent the day in Boston shopping, snagging deals on spring and summer goodies from our favorite brand.

Between snow days and school vacation, it felt like we had more days off than actual school days! Lulu and I put our time off to good use; we spent time with friends, reading books, and continuing our marathon of Audrey Hepburn movies and other old films. Finally, we were both heavily involved in performing arts last month. Bella survived a double tech week for her school’s Cabaret performance and one-act play competition {which was such an amazing day}, while Lulu auditioned for her school’s festival production {she’s going to do amazing in the costume manager position}.

Monthly Recap February 2015Reader’s Favorites ♥ Make a Valentine’s Day Mailbox / Seven Days of Style (February 2015)

Lulu’s Favorites ♥ We Review: Ever After High Spring Unsprung Special / Valentine’s Day Style

Bella’s Favorites ♥ 101 Dollmations (05) / AG February Release 2015 (Bella’s Thoughts)

Doll Mag Around the Web ♥ Doll Diaries / Karen Mom of Three

Looking Ahead ♥ Spring weather is our favorite, so we’re hoping March brings plenty of it! Other things we’re looking forward to? New releases in movie theaters, such as Cinderella and Home; seeing our older brother when he comes home from college, and wrapping up the second trimester of school.

Have a terrific Saturday!

Staff Picks / February 2015


Staff Picks / Feb. 2015 It’s been quite a busy week in the Doll Mag household! We finally got a chance to take a peek at our favorite doll blogs though, and were oh-so impressed by the flurry of amazing posts (and snow!) in the doll world this month. While it was hard to narrow down all the choices to just six, these ones stood out to us the most…

1 >> Being a hardcore purple-lover, Lulu immediately fell in love with the violet colored outfit Autumn modeled on Audra’s Elements of Style! The fabrics are cozy, Autumn’s hair is gorgeous, and the photos are lovely, so there’s really only one question: where can Lulu find it in her size?

2 >> Kelsey’s adventures in Chicago look like so much fun! Lulu absolutely loves the winter-y photos on the My Journey Girls Adventures blog – the combination of bokeh and snow are just oh so pretty.

3 >> Bella adored this funny skit – it left us giggling all afternoon! Be sure to check it out; hilarious results will definitely follow! (We would personally love to meet the AG historical girls at a restaurant, how about you?)

4 >> Bella loved this elegant, (and easy) hairdo the minute she saw it on the Dollicious blog. She can’t wait to try it out on her dolls – they’ll look amazing!

5 >> Lulu couldn’t help but enjoy this adorable photo story on Miss Molly and Friends! The dolls looked like they had loads of fun at their sleepover – what could be better than Twister, food, and friends?

6 >> Who else wants to go grab a bite to eat at Emily’s Diner? The super cute photo story over at Kiki’s Korner left us both craving dessert (preferably before lunch!)

Have a great rest of your weekend,

Lulu and Bella

101 Dollmations / 05


101 DollmationsHappy Monday! While I don’t always enjoy Mondays (our school vacation has come to an end and I must wait another week for a new episode of Downton Abbey!) there’s nothing like a bit of stop motion to bring some extra cheer into the start of your week. :) For this month’s 101 Dollmations, I have chosen three fabulous channels that I think you’ll really enjoy, so let’s get to it…

Slide211 >> Even the name of this channel makes you want to smile! All of the Laughternoons videos are loads of fun with their bright graphics, smooth movements, and cute story lines, but my favorites so far are definitely the “Gardening” and “Annie’s Adventure” movies. Both are oh-so fun! (My yearning for warmer weather might have influenced these picks…)

Darling Dollies12 >> The opening of the Darling Dollies movies definitely caught my eye when I was browsing some of my favorite AG Youtube channels the other day. The pretty colors and fonts instantly drew me in, and before I knew it I was busy watching the hilarious, “Yoga Fail,” stop motion. The voices, sets, and animation are amazing, and I’ll definitely be sure to keep up with this fabulous channel in the future.

Wacky Wafflez 13 >> And for our last channel of today’s post, we have Wacky Wafflez, (isn’t that just such a fun name?) The stop motions are well done and are sure to make you laugh – the perfect thing to brighten anyone’s day! While I haven’t gotten a chance to watch a ton of the videos, I really did enjoy “Welcome Home Blake!” Be sure to check it out when you get a chance. :)

And now for this month’s Lulu Original animation! This one stars Piper and Sienna as they go on a food themed adventure. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

And as always, you can find out more information on my stop motions or watch some more mini movies on my Youtube channel.

Have a great night!


Magazine / Winter 2015


Doll Mag January February 2015How 2014 flew by so quickly, we’ll never know, but we are excited to welcome in 2015! The beginning of the year always means a new issue, and the two of us are happy to release our January/February edition. From shooting the cover to creating printables, we had a blast writing the articles in this issue; the both of us hope you have just as much fun reading them! Inside the newly formatted magazine, you’ll find…

  • an interview with the 2015 Girl of the Year, Grace Thomas! {we’ll be sharing our thoughts on her release soon}
  • Bri’s first-ever beauty column on how to handle a bad hair day.
  • regency era fashion inspired by our love of Jane Austen.
  • printables in different styles for a doll sized planner.
  • and much, much more!

You can download and read the current edition on ISSUU HERE, and you can download the issue freebies HERE.

There’s a few links we like to give with each issue. As always, you can enter our bimonthly survey HERE for a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue.

If you’re an Etsy shop owner, consider signing up for Shop Owner Spotlight {you’ll notice the feature’s absence this issue} HERE.

Ask Doll Mag’s fun-loving advice columnist, Gabby, a question HERE.

Send us feedback on the latest issue – your letter may be chosen for the March/April edition! You can find the form HERE.

Finally, you can read ALL of our back issues HERE on ISSUU.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful new year, friends!
Bella and Lulu

Monthly Recap / February 2014


February 2014 Recap{clipart via here!}

It’s monthly recap time again! Although February ended just last Friday, we are still excited over all of the fun things we did here at Doll Mag that month, and we hope that March is the same. Before we get into the superlative-style recap, here’s a little shout-out for our new issue {which was just released on Saturday!}, which you can read HERE! The survey also wasn’t up this weekend, but you can now take it HERE. Alright, let’s get started! :)

IMG_1739Friendliest: This would have to go to our newest Ever After High doll addition, Miss Cupid! We love her bright and bubble personality, and we think she’s the perfect girl to complement the rest of the Ever After High family of Piper, Bri, and Grace.

IMG_1713Reader’s Favorite: The most popular post by far would be our fairy tale book printables. We happen to think that they are adorable, so if you haven’t printed them out yet, what are you waiting for?! :)

Free Printable Valentines for DollsMost Festive: February, of course, brought Valentine’s Day, so the “Most Festive” award would have to go to our cheery printable Valentine’s Day cards. It is a bit late now, but no one ever said that you can’t pretend!

AG Frozen StyleBiggest Fan: We shared with you all our Frozen obsession in Lulu’s terrific round-up of Frozen themed items. Both of us are just counting down the days until we own it on DVD.

Grace With BearBest Photo Shoot: Lulu and I really liked snapping the shots of our Ever After High friends for this Fairy Tale Week post. My personal favorite is Grace and her large teddy bear; it’s too cute! :)

Slide5Most Discussed: We shared our thoughts on American Girl’s newest release here and here, and we’ve enjoyed reading others’ opinions in the comments and different blog posts as well! We actually bought Kit’s Candy Making Set and the new rain coat when we went to the store over our school vacation. Both are adorable!

IMG_1503Funniest Post: Finally, one of the more humorous posts this month was the second segment of Comments from Bri. She has a lot to say!

February was a blast! We know that March will be just as good; Lulu and I have so much in store for the site, and we will be working hard on the third issue of the year. It’s crazy to think that it is already March.

Have a happy one, friends!