AG January Release 2016 / Bella’s Thoughts


If there’s one thing Lulu and I have learned, it’s that time truly does fly when you’re having fun. While our Doll Mag posts have been less than frequent over the last few months {we’ve taken to the slow blogging approach}, we were able to spend much time with our family during the holidays. Now, two weeks into the new year, and we’re slowly adjusting back into our school schedule after our relaxing winter break.

That saying holds true in another sense as well: Lulu and I were laughing when we went up to the American Girl store on the day of Lea’s release because we felt as if Jess, the 2006 Girl of the Year, had just been in stores! Ten years might have passed, but the two of us still look forward to the GOTY’s release with excitement come December, and it was no different of a case with Lea’s collection. Discussing the new items with YOU all has evolved into a tradition of its own, so I’m here today with 2016’s take! What items caught your eye from the new release?
American Girl January 2016[1] Lea Clark Doll Lea is such a cutie! I’ll admit, I’m disappointed by the lack of diversity in the GOTY line {that’s a discussion for another day}, but for what she is, I think Lea is a unique addition to American Girl’s doll offerings. Though she doesn’t have a home in my collection, it’s easy for me to see the appeal of her long, caramel-colored hair and her colorful, tribal-print dress.

[2] Lea’s Three-Toed Sloth Something I do see myself buying one day? Lea’s animals, such as the adorable three-toed sloth! I’m not surprised it’s been so popular of an item – it’s hard not to smile when looking at this little guy – but I’m further impressed by the level of quality and AG’s charity efforts {for every sloth purchased, American Girl will donate $1 to the World Wildlife Fund}. Two thumbs up from me!

[3] Diabetes Care Kit I was overjoyed to see this set appear on the new items page – I feel it’s been long overdue! I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes several years ago, so I can testify to the pieces’ accuracy and detail, right down to the tiny glucose tablets. It is priced reasonably, comes with a number of things, and, most importantly, will mean the world to young diabetics.

[4] Lea’s Fruit Stand Lea’s “big-ticket” item is her Rainforest House, but if you’re not willing to spend four hundred dollars {I’m right there with you!}, Lea’s Fruit Stand seems to be just as well-made and have just as much play value. I particularly love how bright the set is, from the pink inside walls to the fresh produce, but then again, anything with mini doll food is on my wishlist :)

[5] Lea’s Bahia Outfit Lulu and I just saw our first snowfall of the season, but my first glance at Lea’s Bahia Outfit had me thinking of summer! I like that each piece can stand on its own {the top would pair well with jeans or capris, the shorts are a basic that can go with anything and everything, and those sandals seem like a summer essential}, but, together, they create an adorable ensemble.

[6] Lea’s Rainforest Dreams Pajamas I was first deterred by the bright color palette of Lea’s pajamas, but they won me over once I saw them in person. I adore the tropical print, and I’d imagine my doll, Zoey, would rock them well. Even better? So long as it’s styled correctly, I think this romper can function as an everyday piece too!

[7] No Ordinary Sound: Melody’s First Book Finally, my interest in Lea was eclipsed by my love of the new Beforever character, Melody! She won’t make her debut until July, but if she looks anything like her illustration, I think she’ll be all sorts of cute. I haven’t had the chance to look at her book yet, but I hope to do so soon – I’m intrigued to see how the author weaves her story into the time period.

If you want to browse the new items yourself, click HERE :)

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Psst. One last DM announcement, while we have your attention: there will be no January/February issue. Instead, we hope you’ll check back for the next edition of Doll Mag on March 1st!


AG January Release 2015 / Bella’s Thoughts


The Girl of the Year was nothing new for many doll fans on Thursday, as several images of Grace’s collection had been floating around various doll blogs well throughout December. Nevertheless, Lulu and I were excited to look through the multitude of new items when they debuted on New Year’s Day, and we were lucky enough to head to the AG store to look at the products in person. We’re happy to say that we LOVE much of the Grace items, and we’ve already bought one thing from her collection: the City Outfit. As with every American Girl release, I’m sharing my thoughts on the new items today, and Lulu will be back to share her opinions soon. What did you think of the release?

AG Release January 2015[a] Grace’s Baking Outfit I’m head over heels with everything in Grace’s collection, but my favorite outfit is her adorable baking ensemble. The outfit is much cuter than the stock photos suggest, and thankfully, the cupcakes are right side up in person. I’m sure this will be one of the first outfits I buy this year; I think Hannah would appreciate the dotted apron.

[b] Grace Doll I am perfectly happy with the number of dolls I own and I have no plans to add to my collection, but I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t want Grace in my doll family. While she has been deemed unoriginal, I think her combination of features – her side-swept bangs, freckles, and sweet smile – fits her personality perfectly. Her meet outfit isn’t amazing, but those stylish booties are enough to overlook the tourist-like tee.

[c] Grace’s Pastry Cart Buying all of Grace’s products would cost you a pretty penny; she’s the most expensive Girl of the Year yet! Her five hundred-dollar bakery, while fabulous, is unrealistic to buy, but I think her equally cute cart is reasonably priced. The detailed accessories offer this set plenty of play value, so it’s no wonder this is already backordered.

[d] Grace’s Baking Set When Grace’s collection was leaked right before Christmas, the first product that caught my eye was her baking set. It’s no secret I love doll food, but it was the mini stand mixer and the tablet with recipes that sealed the deal for me! Along with the baking outfit, this is another item I would love to get this year.

[e] Valentine Gift Set I’m one that always has a festive sweater or tee for every holiday, and it’s the same with my dolls. I love the idea behind this cute gift set – it’s such an easy, adorable, and best of all, affordable present for Valentine’s Day!

AG Release January 2015[a] Grace’s Opening Night Outfit One item of the Grace release I’m not rushing to buy? Her opening night dress. With the sequined bodice, asymmetrical layers, and sheer sleeves, this outfit has too much going on. A simple pink sundress with a black belt would have been a more chic addition to her wardrobe – there was no need to go overboard with trends.

[b] Sporty Sandals and Socks Set My dislike with this new shoe set has little to do with American Girl than it does with the trend itself. I’m a strict follower of the fashion rule “no sandals with socks” anywhere and everywhere, so my dolls won’t be needing these black slides and knee socks.

[c] Grace’s Paris Accessories Finally, I’m not a fan of Grace’s accessories. I fear they look cheap compared to the other items in her collection {the coin purse, especially, hurts my eyes}, and they don’t have much play value beyond dressing up Grace once or twice.

If you want to browse the new items yourself, click HERE.

Have a wonderful rest of your day!