Seeing Green / Style


Happy St. Patricks day! The spring weather made a stop up in New England today, and Bella and I took advantage of the warmer temperatures by spending the afternoon outside. In honor of today’s festivities, we’ve put together a collection of our favorite green Etsy listings for your 18-inch doll. Enjoy!

Skirt{buy the skirt}

Shoes{buy the shoes}

Top{buy the top}

dress{buy the dress}

Have a great rest of your week!


All image backgrounds are from Pumpkins & Posies


Snug as a Bug / Style


Warm, cozy, and comfortable are staple qualities in an autumnal wardrobe, but that shouldn’t discount the importance of style too! With sweater weather upon us, Lulu and I wanted to focus a new style post {yes, also, hi, we’ve been awful at updating lately} on our favorite sweaters of the season. From cute pullover sweatshirts to trendy knitted cardigans, there’s surely a sweater below for every member of your doll family. What Etsy items have caught your eye this month?

Snug as a Bug 01{buy the sweater}

Snug as a Bug 02{buy the sweater}

Snug as a Bug 03{buy the sweater}

Snug as a Bug 04{buy the sweater}

Snug as a Bug 05{buy the sweater}

Have a lovely day!

Shorts for Summer / Style


Lulu is our go-to style expert, but we here at Doll Mag are nothing if not a flexible bunch, so I’m giving my first go at a style post. Our last fashion round-up was back in March {I know, time flies!}, so we wanted to share the shorts we have been eyeing on Etsy before summer vacation hit. With the temperatures rising by the day, we have been stocking up on shorts for our dolls’ – and our own – wardrobes. What’s on your Etsy wishlist as of late?

Sparrow and Wren{buy the shorts}

Sew Fun Doll Clothes{buy the shorts}

The Willow's Nest{buy the shorts}

Closet For Chloe{buy the shorts}

Meg AG Dolls{buy the shorts}

Have a terrific weekend!

Vintage Holiday Dresses / Holiday Headquarters 2014


There’s something extra fun about dressing up in a twirly dress, especially for the holiday season! I love seeing all the different styles that are for sale in different stores, and it’s no different when I’m shopping for doll clothes. While I was browsing Etsy a couple weeks ago, I noticed lots of holiday dresses and outfits popping up in some of my favorite shops. They were all so pretty, but I was drawn towards the vintage and historical ones the most; today, I wanted to share my four favorites!

Holiday Holly Dress1 / Holiday Holly Vintage Dress from Cupcake Cutie Pie / Background from Peppermint Crunch Pumpkins and Posies Digital Scrapbook

Letterpress Dress2 / Letterpress Blocks Dress from Kindred Thread / Background from Peppermint Crunch Pumpkins and Posies Digital Scrapbook

En Toile Dress3. Holidays “En Toile” 1700s Dress from The Dolly Dama / Background from Vintage Christmas Pumpkins and Posies Digital Scrapbook

Christmas Special Ensemble4. Christmas Special 1940s Three Piece Ensemble from Babies Art Us / Background from Vintage Christmas Pumpkins and Posies Digital Scrapbook

Are your dolls dressed up for the holidays yet?


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Seven Days of Style / Holiday Headquarters Edition!


Back by popular demand, it’s the Seven Days of Style: Holiday Headquarters edition! With the number of events that come with the holidays, December presents many opportunities for your doll to play around with her wardrobe. With that in mind, we’ve created seven outfits out of just ten pieces for any event that many come your doll’s way in the next few weeks. Are your dolls dressed for the holidays yet? {We spent Thanksgiving weekend dressing ours :)}

Seven Days of Style Holiday ItemsHere are the items you’ll need for this winter round {links will bring you to the AG store or AG wiki for reference}. As always, your doll doesn’t need the items shown to get the same effect. Dig through your own collection to find similar items, and have fun playing with different combinations!

Seven Days of Style: Holiday PartyHoliday Party: Knit Sweater, Flouncy Skirt, Festive Flats

Your doll’s holiday ensemble need not be a source of worry with party-ready pieces on hand. With a stunning hairstyle {think big curls, as Nicki has here, or an intricate bun}, a cozy winter sweater and multicolored skirt are perfect for an event with family and friends. Comfortable shoes, such as ballet flats, are a must if she plans to mingle all night long!

ays of Style: Window ShoppingWindow Shopping: Winter Sweater, Tutu Skirt, Cozy Boots

If your doll wants to go shopping downtown with friends, she’ll need to look cute and stay warm. Tutu skirts are a trendy piece that update any outfit, and tights can be added for the coldest of days. Pair it with her favorite winter sweater and beloved boots, and she will be ready to shop the day away.

ays of Style: Nutcracker BalletNutcracker Ballet: Long Sleeve Tee, Tutu Skirt, Festive Flats

The local production of The Nutcracker calls for something fancy. Think of unexpected pairings without losing the classy touch; Nicki pairs a casual tee with a fluffy skirt, but keeps it simple with her choice in shoes and hair. Have a color consistent throughout the outfit – it ensures your doll looks sophisticated, instead of sloppy!

ays of Style: Caroling NightCaroling Night: Puffy Coat, Leggings, Cozy Boots

She’ll make any homeowner smile when your doll is bundled up in style. Winter essentials, such as thick leggings and a long coat, remain stylish with chic cuts and unique touches {we love the fur cuffs and collar on Nicki’s jacket}. Pull her hair back in an easy ponytail before sending her out to sing.

ays of Style: Day on the SlopesSnow Day: Knit Sweater, Leggings, Cozy Boots

If your doll wakes up to no school, plan for a fun day in the snow. With the addition of cozy boots, a knit sweater and long leggings bring “ski style” back home. All she needs now?! A cup of hot cocoa to stay warm!

ays of Style: Wrapping PresentsGift-Wrapping Afternoon: Long Sleeve Tee, Rockin’ Dress, Festive Flats

With the help of furry friends and a cute outfit, that pile of presents will be wrapped in no time! Just as she can be creative with her gift-wrapping methods, be inventive with the pieces in your doll’s closet. Here, a dress is disguised as a skirt underneath a long-sleeve tee with the same color palette.

ays of Style: New Year's Eve PartyNew Year’s Eve Celebration: Rockin’ Dress, Puffy Coat, Festive Flats

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we’re sure your doll is ready to count down to 2015 on New Year’s Eve. From arriving in her fashionable coat to dancing in her sequined dress, she’ll be the most stylish one of the night. Don’t forget her noisemaker!

Have a terrific rest of your day!

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Seven Days of Style / Halloween Edition!


We were delighted to find that you enjoyed our last round of Seven Days of Style, so much so that you convinced us to do another edition! Mixing and matching with a limited number of pieces pushes your creativity; a cardigan becomes a sweater, a headband becomes a scarf, a dress becomes a skirt – your possibilities are endless. With Halloween coming up this Friday, our seven outfits are centered around the fall season. Have you been inspired to play around with your doll’s wardrobe?

Seven Days of Style Halloween EditionFor this spooky edition, you will need the items labeled above. Here’s what we used, in case you have similar tastes {the links will take you to the store or AG Wiki for reference} :) As always, don’t feel the need to have exactly what we have. Play around with the outfits you own!

SundaySunday: Halloween Tee, Leggings

For a comfy day at home, there’s no better outfit than an adorable tee-shirt and patterned leggings. Although both pieces are primarily black, the ghosts image and white polka dots are enough to break up the ensemble. A colorful ribbon is an added touch to her ponytail!

MondayMonday: Solid Tee, Skirt, Flats

Start your doll’s week off right with a flouncy skirt and dainty ballet flats! Staying solid on top lets the trendy bottom pieces shine, but a common color – in this case, blue – unifies the outfit. Finally, mini braids are easy to master and even quicker to do.

TuesdayTuesday: Cardigan, Leggings, Boots

Wake up with a chill? A cozy sweater is the cure. By turning around your doll’s chic cardigan, she can add a turtleneck to her clothing rotation {just be sure to fold down the collar}. It’s the perfect look when paired with leggings and stylish boots!

WednesdayWednesday: Dress, Solid Tee, Flats

Wednesday never fails to be busy, but your doll will be on top of things with her put-together look. The solid tee works double-duty as a lightweight cardigan, and the dress makes a tee-and-skirt combo that much easier. Throw on some flats, and she’ll be good to go!

ThursdayThursday: Headband, Solid Tee, Boyfriend Jeans, Flats

Let your doll show her Halloween spirit with a festive scarf {it’s a headband in disguise}! Wear it with her beloved boyfriend jeans, a solid-color shirt, and patterned flats – it’s an easy-peasy combination.

FridayFriday: Headband, Halloween Tee, Dress, Boots

She’ll need an adorable outfit for the class Halloween party before she heads out trick-or-treating! Keeping in the same color palette makes mixing and matching simple; here, we paired the black and white dress with the black and white tee. Meanwhile, the headband and boots add texture and color.

SaturdaySaturday: Cardigan, Solid Tee, Boyfriend Jeans, Flats

She may not have to go to school, but that is no excuse not to look stylish! Your doll need not worry, as this outfit is made up of the basics: a great cardigan, a long-sleeved shirt, worn-in jeans, and ballet flats. Simple always looks cute.

What’s your favorite outfit?

Have a terrific night!

Fashion Week / Fashion Show Photo Story!


Today we’re taking a break in our string of craft posts for Doll Mag Fashion Week; instead, we have an adorable photo story starring our very own AG dolls, Gabby and Ruthie. These two besties had quite the fun afternoon today, so let’s check it out…

IMG_0105“Ooh!” Gabby said as she looked at the hairstyles in one of her old Doll Mag issues. “That would be perfect for Julie’s Halloween Party!” She made a quick note next to the photo before there was a big knock on her bedroom door.

IMG_0108“Ruthie?” Gabby asked, hopping up to open the door for her friend. Ruthie Smithens rushed into the room, gripping loads of overflowing bags. “I…saved…up…for…a…new…outfit!” She gasped, catching her breath as she dropped the bags at her friend’s feet. Gabby got up, and began browsing through the new clothes, an idea popping into her head.

IMG_0117Gabby smiled as Ruthie sat down, “I think this calls for a fashion show.” “I’ll get the camera?” Ruthie answered. “And I’ll grab the sunglasses.” She replied excitedly.

IMG_0126Gabby tried on her look first-a sparkly gold combination of textured boots and a shimmering dress. She threw on a pair of silver gloves, and Ruthie tossed her a fluffy pink boa so she would be runway ready. “Ta-da!” Gabby giggled as Ruthie took pictures and she posed.

IMG_0130Ruthie did a combination of white and silver pieces, complete with a pair of fancy shoes to finish off the look. She pinned her curls back, and began walking around the room as Gabby hummed the runway music.

IMG_0148“You look fabulous,” Gabby said to her friend. “So do you,” Ruthie complimented her back. She set up a timer on the camera before running over to pose with Gabby. “Say cheese!”

Have an awesome weekend!


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Fashion Week / Make A Doll Hair Bow


Make A Doll Hair BowHow are you enjoying Doll Mag Fashion Week so far?! We’ve been having a blast, and the two of us hope you are too! It was another rainy day for us, so we spent the afternoon creating a cute accessory for our Hearts for Hearts doll, Lauryce. She loves the hair bow we made her, and we think you will too. It’s quick and easy, and you can make them in a variety of colors and patterns.


  • Tape measure
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hair band or clip (not pictured)

Step by Step

  1. Cut a strip of felt that is one and a half inches wide and nine inches long.
  2. Glue the ends together in a triangular shape.
  3. Fold the ends of the felt strip, and glue them to the middle.
  4. Cut another small strip of felt.
  5. Cover the glued ends of the bow with the smaller strip by glueing it around the middle.
  6. Glue a clip or hair band to the back of the bow, and you’re all set!

Lauryce with BowLauryce loves her new oversized bow! It looks lovely in her hair, don’t you agree?

Have a great rest of your week!

L and B

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Fashion Week / Make An EAH Skater Skirt


Skater SkirtHappy Wednesday! Today was quite a rainy day where we live, so I decided a project would be the perfect thing to fill the afternoon with! Several sewing projects came to mind for my first post in our October theme week (I’m also working on some pretty fun Halloween costumes for the smaller dolls), but I finally settled on creating skater skirts for the EAH cuties; I was inspired by one of my previous Bri posts. This craft is lots of fun, and it is easy for even the most unexperienced designers. Let’s get started…


  • Felt (We used light blue, but any color could work. You could also use different types of fabric for different types of draping!)
  • Scissors
  • A large snack bowl
  • Velcro (not pictured)
  • Thread and needle
  • Tape measure (optional)


  1. Start by tracing your snack bowl on the felt with a pencil. Cut out the shape with your scissors, and trim any uneven edges. (The circle should be about 18-20 inches all the way around.)
  2. Cut a small circle in the center of your felt, with a cut in the fabric connecting to it. (EAH dolls have a waist that is about 3 inches around if that helps with your cutting endeavors.)
  3. Depending on what material you’re using, you can now hem your skirt. If you’re using felt, you won’t need to hem the outer edge, but a few stitches along the hole might be a good idea.
  4. Hold the skirt up to your doll, and fold the fabric over where it pops out too much. Poke your needle and thread through the fold, and stitch across the skirt.
  5. Repeat step 4 until you have all the necessary folds.
  6. Add velcro to the back of your skirt, and you’re good to go!

Grace in SkirtGrace loves her new skater skirt! The pale blue goes great with her eyes.

We would love to see how your skirts come out! Feel free to email us pictures at dollmagblog[at]gmail[dot]com.

Have an awesome night!

Lulu (with some help from Grace!)

P.S. For all you EAH fans – voting for Ever After High Thronecoming Queen has opened. Be sure to cast your vote on the Ever After High Website!

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Fashion Week / Make Heart-Patch Jeans

Make Heart Patch JeansI rarely throw away magazines the month I get them, preferring instead to keep issues for future reference or random reads. While I obviously use the magazines for myself {they have terrific fashion and hair inspiration}, ever so often, articles can spark a Doll Mag idea! Such was the case when I was flipping through an old issue of Seventeen. The moment I saw these heart-patch jeans…

Heart Jeans InspirationI couldn’t wait to recreate them in doll size. It seemed fitting to share the tutorial during Doll Mag Fashion Week, as nothing seems more stylish {and creative!} than rethinking a wardrobe staple. Making a pair is easier than you may think – just be sure to have some doll jeans on hand!

Heart Patch Jeans MaterialsYOU WILL NEED…

  • A ruler
  • Velcro
  • Felt {we used black}
  • Scissors
  • Permanent marker {not pictured}
  • Thread and needle
  • Doll jeans

Heart Jeans Step by Step

  1. Cut two identical hearts from your piece of felt; at their widest, they should be just under one and a half inches.
  2. Using your needle and thread, stitch a border around the felt hearts.
  3. Put the jeans on your doll, and use a permanent marker to mark where on the jeans you want the hearts to lie.
  4. Place velcro at the spot you marked and attach the hearts.

This method would be just as cute up on top; an elbow-patch sweater or long sleeve tee would be adorable, especially for the winter months up ahead! What quick tips do you have to refresh your doll’s wardrobe?

Have a great Tuesday!


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