Meet Kitty!


Kitty Cheshire was immediately became one of my favorite characters when I first heard about EAH a couple of years ago. I loved everything about her – the purple hair, the purple dress, the purple tights. She was purr-fect! So you can imagine my excitement when I first saw pictures of her doll back in October. Unfortunately, her release was delayed for awhile because of some production mishaps, and I was left waiting and waiting. A couple weeks ago, several announcements appeared on Ever After High blogs that Kitty Cheshire was in stock on But then, when I finally got on the stock page – she was no longer available! (Cue evil music!) Luckily, my obsessive internet skills made sure that I was ready the next time she was in stock. And here she is…

Kitty-Full ShotKitty Cheshire! Isn’t she adorable? Unlike most of my other EAH dolls, (besides Cupid, of course) Kitty’s name is staying the same as her original one, although I did add the middle name Katrina. (Kitty Kat Cheshire–isn’t that cute?) I’ve decided that she enjoys plays, mystery novels, knitting, cats, hanging upside down, writing, spy shows, and Kit-Kats! Oh, and purple of course. :)

Kitty and I couldn’t wait to have a photo shoot (with the help of a few very special friends)…

Kitty's KittyKitty immediately became best buds with this cute little black cat. She named him Wonderland!

Kitty and the CatsWonderland couldn’t wait to introduce Kitty to all his friends! (Kitty and the Cats–sounds like a band name, doesn’t it?)

Kitty and RubyeRubye was eagerly awaiting the arrival of her bestie too! She and Kitty couldn’t wait to take some pictures together.

Kitty on FenceAnd of course, Kitty had to go take her photo on the fence outside, as is EAH tradition. Despite the cold, she still managed to hang upside down. :)

Have a great rest of your week,

Lulu and Kitty

Meet Rubye!


Rubye on Fence Close-UpRemember in our June 2014 Staff Picks when I said that the Ever After High Lizzie Hearts (Daughter of the Queen of Hearts) doll would be coming home with us when she finally came out? Well, looks like I was right! After eagerly stalking checking the EAH blogs and Lizzie’s Amazon page, I discovered that she was ready to order a few days ago. She arrived yesterday, and once I ripped open her box, I was already in love with this doll’s heart-themed clothes and lovely accessories. So now without further ado, I introduce to you Rubye Caroline Hearts!

Rubye on FenceRubye came with some terrible box hair (it was sooooo stiff!), but after about an hour of washing, curling, and brushing, I was very pleased with how it came out. We headed outside for some photos in my favorite places! Above is Rubye hanging out on our fence, which has always managed to end up in my EAH posts – it just looks so pretty!

Rubye on ArchHere’s a close-up of Rubye’s gorgeous face. I absolutely adore her heart make-up and dress, and I think that she just looks very regal and queen-like up there on the top of the garden arch. :)

Rubye Standing Up Before Rubye and I headed inside to take some photos with Bella, she just had to take one more photo on the fence! In this picture you can see her tights and shoes, which are some of my favorites of all the ones I have. She’s a bit shorter than my other EAH dolls (she is the same height as the Madeline Hatter doll), but she is just as adorable and photogenic!

Rubye and BagInside, Bella helped set up a card-themed background, which made this future Wonderland queen feel right at home! In this photo you can see Rubye’s bag, which I think is just the cutest.

HairHere’s Rubye showing off her thick black curls! I especially love her gold crown; it finishes off her outfit perfectly.

Close-up “Hmm… how long do I have to hold this pose?”

CardsShe just had to pose with the Queen cards before the photo shoot ended.

BookAnd here’s our last photo of all, featuring Rubye and Bella’s new copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The cover matches her dress oh-so well. :)

Have a great weekend,

Lulu (and Rubye and Bella!)

Meet Siena!


I already have a fast growing collection of Ever After High dolls (read about my obsession here, herehere, and here!), but my favorite character in the whole line would have to be Cedar Wood, and I was waiting and waiting for her doll to be released. A couple of months ago, photos of the Cedar Wood doll from the Toy Fair were posted, and I thought she was absolutely adorable! Last weekend I received her as an Easter Gift from my oh-so wonderful parents, and I’ve been so eager to post her introduction.

I changed my Cedar Wood doll’s name to Siena Florence Wood (because her character is the daughter of Pinocchio, an Italian fairytale, and Siena and Florence are both places in Italy). She comes in a purple, coral, and gold dress with a peter pan collar and matching sparkly knee socks (which are my favorite part of the whole outfit :)). Siena has puffy dark brown hair with a purple streaked braid and a neon green hair clip that is designed like the cricket from her fairytale! She also has a little blue ring that looks like the Blue Fairy and whale and donkey charms on the bracelet. The best part about the whole doll is definitely her fabulous wood grain detailing! It goes throughout her whole body, and it is softer around the face so you can still see her features.

Over the weekend Siena and I headed outside for a quick spring-y photo shoot…

Siena on FenceHere she is sitting at my favorite place to take photos of the EAH cuties!

Siena Close-upA close-up of her lovely face :)

BlossomsThe pinkish blossoms go perfectly with Siena’s dress!

Yellow FlowersDon’t the outdoor tones look so good with her color scheme?

Have a wonderful week!

Lulu and Siena :)

Meet Lauryce!


Bella and I have been wanting a Hearts For Hearts doll for a while now, so when Emily from the Toy Box Philosopher (one of my favorite doll blogs!) sent me the Lauryce doll as a little thank you for writing up a guest review, I was so happy! Lauryce is extremely adorable, with her incredibly detailed hazel eyes and fun crimped hair :) I love her sweet face, and her outfit reminds us of our favorite clothes brand, Boden.

The Hearts For Hearts dolls are about girls from different countries around the world, who find ways to help stop problems in their areas. Even a little bit of the money from each Hearts For Hearts doll is donated to charity! Lauryce’s story states that she is from New Orleans. Even though Hurricane Katrina occurred when Lauryce was very little, she wants to find a way to help the victims. She and her best friend start Lil’ Hearts – a club that raises money for animals who lost their homes in the storm. I imagine Lauryce loves to play outside, and I’m sure she’ll have lots of fun with our AG pets!

After playing with Lauryce for a while, she and I got ready for a photo shoot with a fun purple background…

IMG_2884 IMG_2889 IMG_2892

Then Lauryce and I headed outside to take a few photos in the sunshine!

IMG_2950 IMG_2956

Do you have any Hearts For Hearts dolls?

Lulu and Lauryce :)

Our New Friend Cupid!


Some of our readers may have seen the Valentine’s Day post a couple of weeks ago featuring my new Ever After High C.A. Cupid doll, but I still wanted to write up an introduction post for her today!

Surprisingly, (my other three EAH dolls are all called by nicknames or entirely different names)  I’m keeping Cupid’s name mostly the same, but instead of having her full name be Chariclo Arganthone Cupid, it’s Catherine Annabella Cupid. Since her initials are the same though, it still counts:) Anyways, Cupid has gorgeous cotton candy pink hair (seriously, it rocks!) that matches her pink and gold dress and accessories, which are super detailed. She comes with a quiver of arrows, a bow, and white and gold wings that can come on and off easily; along with matching gold winged heels, (like the winged sandals from Greek Mythology) and a textured headband. The doll has all sorts of heart details, (heart-shaped lip stick, hearts in her eyes) and is super photogenic and fun to pose!

Speaking of which, a couple of days ago, Bella and I had an awesome photo shoot with Cupid! These were my favorite pictures…

IMG_1739 IMG_1735 IMG_1749 IMG_1781 IMG_1777 Lulu and Cupid<3