Bri’s (Second!) New Year’s Eve Live Blog


Bri Live Blog 2015That’s right, my lovely readers! I, your faithful blogger Bri, have returned. I apologize for not posting these past couple months, (I’ve deemed it “The Bri-less Age”) but I have been busy planning this year’s live blog extravaganza. For those of you who may have missed it-

Hi everyone! I’m really excited for…oh. You’re already doing the intro.

Oh, hello Lulu! I miss our funny intro banter, don’t you? 

Yes! Good times.


Well, have you told our readers about tonight’s event?

I was just getting to that. You can read the details below!

  • Right now, I’m having a New Year’s Eve extravaganza with my friends, and will be blogging an extra special post in honor of the event here on the Doll Mag blog. The post will be updated throughout the evening at every half hour. So, every 30 minutes, be sure to refresh your page to see what I’m up to.
  • The event starts right now at 8:30 PM E.T. and will run until 12:00 AM.
  • Starting 8:30 PM E.T. till 12:00 AM E.T., I will be online and responding to your comments! 

Let’s get to the celebrating!

Bri 1 (8:30) Now, as you might remember, I don’t always have, let us say, the best luck when it comes to New Year’s – after all, last year I forgot it was even happening! Anyway, as you might expect, I’m determined to make sure things go perfectly tonight. 

Bri 2Oh, and Rosalind and Piper are here too! (They helped me set up.) “Hey guys,” I beckon them over, waving at the camera, “say hello!” Piper bites her lip, slightly confused. “Um, who are we saying hello to?” I laugh, “The readers of course! Lulu is going to help me do another live blog.”

Bri 3 Speaking of the live blog, I have all sorts of things planned for the rest of the evening. Video games (I’m a master at Just Dance,) movies (Enchanted!), the menu (hot cocoa, cookies, and lots of popcorn), and-oh! People are starting to arrive. Be back in a bit!

Bri 4(9:00) “Hi everyone! I’m so glad you could all make it. Okay, let’s see…there’s snacks in the kitchen courtesy of Piper, Cupid, and Molly, and I have the movie set up in the other room, and if  anyone wants to play Just Dance, we can move the chairs out of the way in here.” I survey the room, wanting to make sure there’s enough space. At my announcement, a few of the girls shuffle off into different directions, making my cozy living room a bit less crowded. 

Bri 5“Thanks for inviting us!” Molly exclaims after we’re done shifting our seating arrangements. I smile, “I’m so happy you all could come! Now, onto business. Who dares to challenge me in an exciting game of copying onscreen movement?!” (Silence.) “Um, I mean, who wants to play Just Dance?” With a laugh, a couple of my friends raise their hands. 

Bri 6 With some teamwork, we manage to clear away the furniture and set up the TV, with Sienna picking the first song. As you can clearly tell, I am quite the accomplished dancer. (Lulu’s Note: Those are definitely not the moves on the screen.) I shall return soon with the results of our game! (Dramatic Music)

Bri 7(9:30) “So how’d Just Dance go?” Piper asks as we walk down the hall. “Uh, fine,” I answer, biting my lip. She laughs, “You lost, didn’t you?” “Yes,” I mumble with a pout. Piper smiles. “I’m going to go grab a snack. Why don’t you go see what Kitty and Rubye are up to?”

I wave goodbye and head over to the couch, where the Wonderlandian best friends have been hanging out with our new addition, Sarah, all evening. “Hey guys! What are you doing?”

Bri 8“Reading.” Ruby answers with a nod, not taking her eyes off the page of her book. Kitty shrugs and I turn to Sarah, tilting my head curiously. “I introduced them to the Harry Potter series,” she explains, pointing to their books. “They’re determined to finish the series before midnight. I’m rereading.”

Bri 9I nod and head over to the other side of the couch, where Kitty is looking over Rubye’s shoulder. “What part are you at-oh! That’s a good part, although-” Before I can finish my sentence, Rubye cuts me off. “No! No spoilers.” I laugh, “Of course!” 

Bri 10 (10:00) “Hey!” I say cheerfully, entering the room where the movie is playing. Seeing that the film is at a dramatic moment, I drop my voice to a whisper. “Sorry. Hi.” Rosalind smiles from over by the chair, inviting me to sit down. “You’re just in time for the end of the movie.” 

Bri 11I smile back and take a seat next to Cupid, who offers me a pillow. I settle myself in and turn my attention to the screen, which is blaring out dramatic music, until-

Bri 12ALL THE LIGHTS GO OUT. (Dun-Dun-Dun!) 

“Uh, Bri?” Rosalind asks. “Yeah?” I reply. 

“I think we may be having a power outage.” 

Bri 13(10:30) Hello there! Sorry if I left you in a bit of suspense earlier. Luckily, the power outage was nothing to worry about – Piper and Gigi had our back up generator ready in no time. Still, in the spirit of things, we have decided to break out our flashlights and some of our favorite board games for a BOARD GAME EXTRAVAGANZ

Bri 14“Bri,” Eliza interrupts, stumbling in. “Where do you want the board games?” I look around, searching for a proper spot. “Here’s fine.” She nods and sets them down. “Wait, is that Scrabble?” I ask excitedly, peering at the pile of games. Eliza nods, “Yeah.” I hop up and poke my head into the hallway. “Anyone want to play Scrabble with me?” “I will!” Rosalind calls out. 

Bri 15 “How fun!” I exclaim, sitting back down and turning to the camera. “Sister vs. Sister! A battle of wits! The Scrabble Games! That’s right folks – come back in a half hour for the first event in our BOARD GAME EXTRAVAGANZA!”

Bri 16(11:00) “Sorry Bri, “Bri” doesn’t count as a Scrabble word. You can do “rib” though,” Grace shrugs. Rosalind and I are deep into our game, and I’m running out of words! It’s quite fun though, with Sienna and Dani giving sports-style commentary and Grace acting as our scorekeeper. 

Bri 17“Yes, this is a great match everyone,” Sienna announces as she and Dani watch the game. “Bri is only a few points behind Rosalind, who gained all sorts of points with “waterfall” earlier this evening. With only a couple of tiles left, the game is tight and OH! It’s time to tally up our winner!”

Bri 18Grace quickly does a few calculations on her piece of paper and runs over to Dani, whispering the results in her ear. Dani gasps, her eyes widening. “Well, it appears that it is a tie!” Rosalind and I share a glance before letting out a series of laughs, congratulating each other on our shared victory. 

Bri 19(11:30) Meanwhile, over by the couch, the speed read marathon of Harry Potter continues. “What book are you on?” I ask, peering at the cover in Sarah’s hands. “Deathly Hallows,” Rubye answers, her eyes flicking across the page. “We only have a few chapters left!”

Bri 20Piper comes in as well, and we soon begin discussing their progress in the series. “Who do you think will finish first?” I ask. She shrugs, “I don’t know. There’s only another thirty minutes until midnight.” A thought pops into my head. “That means there’s only another thirty minutes to have popcorn in 2015! Care for a snack?” She agrees and together we run off to grab some refreshments. 

Bri 22(12:00) “Bri! Come on, it’s time to go watch the ball drop on TV!” Grace calls from the living room. I rush in and take a seat on the couch, where we all take a moment to snap a quick picture before turning our attention to the television, beginning our annual countdown to 2016 (which I hope is a fabulous year for all of you lovely readers.) “Five…four…three…two…”

Bri 21 “WE FINISHED!” Rubye exclaims as we all laugh. I lean over to give my friends a high five. “I’m impressed! You even got to the epilogue?” Rubye’s eyes widen. “There’s. An. Epilogue?”

Happy New Year everyone!

Lots of love,

The Doll Mag Team

Bri’s New Year’s Live Blog + Meet Eliza and Sarah

Happy Almost January, everyone! Bella and I wanted to spend the last couple days of 2015 getting a head start on our New Year’s Resolutions – being a bit better about updating the blog. We’ve been really busy these past couple of months with school and the holidays, but not to worry! We have lots of great things coming up, including our next issue, featuring the new GOTY. (Bella and I are going to our nearest AG store on Friday for the new release, and we’ll be sure to share our thoughts on the new items.) Today I’m popping in to share some fun Bri-related news, as well as introduce you to two new additions who joined our doll family last week.

Bri Live Blog 2015First up, Bri will be back this year with another New Year’s Eve Live Blog! For those of you who missed last year’s event, you can check it out here (along with the summer version), but we can also quickly sum it up: Bri and her buds celebrated the New Year with a party (and took over the comments section), which was documented and updated every half hour here on the blog until midnight. The response was great and we had loads of fun, so Bella and I are quite excited for this year’s installment. Check out the details below!

  • On December 31 (Tomorrow!) Bri will be having a New Year’s Eve extravaganza with her friends, and will be blogging an extra special post in honor of the event here on the Doll Mag blog. The post will be updated throughout the evening at every half hour. So, every 30 minutes, be sure to refresh your page to see what Bri is up to.
  • The event starts tomorrow evening at 8:30 PM E.T. and will run until 12:00 AM.
  • Starting 8:30 PM E.T. till 12:00 AM E.T., Bri will be online and responding to your comments! Sounds fun, right?

We hope you can join in on the festivities! And of course, you can always catch up on Jan 1st.

Now, onto the new additions to our doll family! I was lucky enough to receive two new Ever After High dolls this holiday season, Dragon Games Darling Charming and Fairest on Ice Duchess Swan. Both are gorgeous and very photogenic, so I couldn’t wait to do their introductory photo shoots. Below are their pictures and a bit more in-depth info about them.

Eliza 1I’ll start with Duchess, who is a vision in purple. When I first saw the photos of the Fairest on Ice line, Duchess was definitely my favorite, but seeing her in person is what really made me fall in love with her. She has the loveliest eyes and makeup (those eyebrows!) and her outfit is gorgeous. I ended up renaming her Eliza, because not only does it suit her, but also because Bella and I are huge Hamilton fans, and Eliza Hamilton (played by the amazing Phillipa Soo) is the best. Anyway, I figure that Eliza probably enjoys ice skating, Broadway musicals, a good brunch, and dance.

Eliza 2 Eliza 3 Eliza 4

Sarah 1Next up we have Dragon Games Darling Charming, who I’ve been eyeing for a little while. I really liked Darling’s character in the EAH webseries, so I was eager to check out her dolls. Her Dragon Games version immediately piqued my interest with her detailed armor and light blue color palette, so I was quite excited to receive her as a gift. And like Eliza, she is amazing in person! She has a really nice facial screening, and her outfit is super duper cool. I ended up naming her Sarah, (after Sarah Walker, from my favorite TV show, Chuck) and decided that she probably likes fantasy movies and books (Wizards! Pirates! Magic!), mythology and mythos, animals, and chocolate chip cookies.

Sarah 2 Sarah 3 Sarah 4 (With my Land of Nod plush, Athena the Unicorn)

And one last photo of these cuties together…

Sarah 5 Happy Wednesday!


Bri’s Super Summer Live Blog


Bri Live BlogHi everyone! Today is Bri’s-


Yes, thank you Bri. So, since we had so much fun making the New Year’s Eve Live Blog a few months ago, Bri and I thought it would be fun to do a-


Um, yeah. And Bri will be updating you throughout the afternoon with photos from her summer adventure. Here’s a quick overview so you know how everything works…


This afternoon, my friends are taking me on a surprise summer trip. Lulu will be taking photos of our adventure, and I will be updating this post every thirty minutes so you can see what happens. So, every half hour (2:30, 3:00, etc.), be sure to refresh your page to see what I’m up to.

  • The event starts right now (2:00 PM ET) and will run until 5:30 PM.
  • Starting right now, until 4:30 PM ET, I will be online and responding to your comments! Sounds fun, right?

Now, onto the story…

Live Blog 1(Before Arrival) So, my friends have planned a special surprise summer trip for us, and I can’t wait to see where we’re going! Maybe somewhere tropical? Or maybe somewhere fancy! I’ve packed items for every possible place though, so not to worry. (I knew this massive out-of-scale suitcase would come in handy someday.) Oh! Piper’s here – I’ll be back in a second. 

Live Blog 2(2:00) Well. We have arrived at our destination, and I have to say that it is neither tropical, nor fancy. “Here, I’ll help you with that,” Piper says, and the two of us drag my suitcase onto the grass. I flop onto the ground to catch my breath. “That thing is heavy,” She comments. I nod in agreement and begin to look around: there’s a lake and a large lawn and some cabins. “Hey Piper? What exactly is our summer surprise destination?” I ask, tilting my head. “Summer camp!” She answers cheerfully. 

Live Blog 3(2:30) I’m still not quite sure about this whole “camp” thing. I’m willing to give it a try though, so I’m here in one of the cabins working on crafts with Kitty, Rubye, and Piper. “What are you guys working on?” I ask, looking at their marvelous creations. “Water color pencil playing cards,” Rubye answers without looking up from her project. “Weaving!” Kitty replies, cutting the thread with a pair of tiny scissors. “Friendship bracelets,” Piper answers, holding up a piece of knotted thread. “Want me to show you how to make one? 

Live Blog 4“Okay, so you’re going to cross this thread over that one so that they look like a four. And then pull the red one through to make a knot. Make sure you double knot though, so that it doesn’t come undone.” Piper instructs me. “Hmm…mmm…yep,” I mumble as I knot one thread after another. After a while, we’re both finished. “Ta-da!” I exclaim, holding my bracelet up. “I call it: A Large Tangle of Thread.” 

Live Blog 5(3:00) “How much longer do I have to hold this pose?” I ask Sienna. After crafts, I went outside to relax on the lawn. Sienna and Cupid were hanging out there as well, and Sienna was in need of someone to sketch. I offered of course, but that was before I knew how long it takes to actually be sketched. “You chose the pose,” Sienna laughs in response, adding some more shading with her pencil. 

Live Blog 6“This year I’m finally going to improve my aim!” Cupid announces from nearby, where she is practicing her archery. She gets into position in front of the bullseye and lets the arrow go soaring into the air…and into a faraway tree. “Wow!” Sienna comments, looking up. “At least it went far.” “Yeah,” Cupid smiles. “Wait! I can’t see it!” I complain. And then, using my expert balance skills, I turn my head, still keeping my impossible pose, and manage to see where the others are looking. (Lulu’s note: This did not happen. Bri actually tried to look and then fell down.) 

Live Blog 7(3:30) “Look!” I say to Sienna and Cupid, “Rosalind sent pictures of her, Dani, and Grace on their hike!” Since I actually don’t know what they were saying, I have decided to create my own dialogue and thoughts…

Rosalind: This is a lovely tree, don’t you think? 

Grace: What interesting moss….

Dani: Just practicing my surf moves!

Live Blog 8Bri’s Hiking Dialogue, Part 2 

Rosalind: I am just sitting here contemplating my sister’s amazing life choices. 

Grace: It’s a butterfly!

Dani: Up…up…up…

The Doll Mag Book ClubHi everyone! Nicki and Louisa here, interrupting the Bri broadcast with our book club schedule. We’re happy to say that Anne of Green Gables won the poll, and that we will be discussing it for the next couple months. Below is our reading and discussion schedule. (On the dates provided, we will have a post to discuss the chapters listed.) 

July 12: Rachel Lynde is Surprised – Anne’s History (Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) 

July 26: Marilla Makes Up Her Mind – The Delights of Anticipation (Chapters 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)  

August 9th: Anne’s Confession – Anne To The Rescue (Chapters 14, 15, 16, 17, 18) 

August 23rd: A Concert, A Catastrophe, and A Confession – Miss Stacy and Her Pupils Get Up a Concert (Chapters 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24)

September 6th: Matthew Insists on Puffed Sleeves – The Queen’s Class is Organized (Chapters 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30) 

September 20th: Where the Brook and the River Meet – The End (Chapters 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38) 


Live Blog 9(4:30) Soon Rosalind, Dani, and Grace returned from their hike and the others trickled out of the cabins. We all gathered on the lawn (where we are now) and began to think of things to do (which is what we’re doing right now). “How about a game of Capture the Flag?” Gigi suggests. “Piper, Rosalind, Kitty, Dani, and I will be the red team, and Bri, Grace, Rubye, Sienna, and Cupid will be the blue team.”

Live Blog 10We all agree that Capture the Flag would be lots of fun, and we gather into our collective team huddles to discuss strategies. Grace and I go to hide the flag (quite cleverly, I might add) in the clusters of blue flowers by the cabins. But that’s just a secret between us, okay? 

Bri 11(5:00) Now I’m sure that you’re all wondering who won Capture the Flag, but I think the most important thing is that everyone had fun and that we came together as a team. Don’t you?

(Lulu’s note: Bri just doesn’t want to admit that she lost Capture the Flag.)

Okay fine. My amazing little sister Rosalind and her team won, but it was a very close game.

(Lulu’s Note: It really wasn’t)

IMG_7707(5:30) I have to admit, today was really fun. And what better way to end a really fun day than to relax on the dock with your best friend? Waaaait! Woooooohoooooo!

(Lulu’s Note: It appears that Piper has pushed Bri into the water. :) )

Happy Summer!

A Small Comment From Bri and A New Friend


Bri LogoHello everyone! Bri here. So, remember my Indoor Picnic from last month, and how it ended with the arrival of a surprise guest?

Oh! I know who it is!

Don’t spoil the surprise!

Okay, okay, I won’t.

Anyways, today everyone will get to meet our new friend in a mini Comments from Me post. 

You’re only doing a mini post?

That reminds me! We’ll get to the special guest in a moment, but first we have some exciting news to share with all of you lovely people. 

You just want to make me wait for as long as possible, don’t you?

Yes. It’s all part of my evil scheme for blog domination. *Eye Roll*

I knew it.

Bri Live BlogAlright-y then! Remember my New Year’s Eve Live Blog from a few months ago? Well, we’ve decided that since it was so much fun, we’re going to do a summer edition: BRI’S SUPER SUMMER LIVE BLOG! You can read more about it below. 

  • On July 5th (Tomorrow!) my friends are taking me (Bri) on some sort of surprise summer getaway. I will be posting all about this mysterious adventure throughout the afternoon at every half hour. So, every 30 minutes, be sure to refresh your page to see what my friends and I are up to. 
  • The event starts Sunday afternoon at 2:00 PM EST and will run until 5:30 PM EST.
  • From 2:00 PM EST until 4:30 PM, I will be online and responding to your comments!
  • Feel free to ask Lulu any questions you have about this event in the comments of this post. 

Okay, back to the story…

(A quick recap) Suddenly there was a knock on the door. “Who could that be?” Rubye and Kitty said in unison. “That would be our special guest…” I answered, waving in the direction of the doorway.

Bri 2The door opens and in walks a girl with dark brown hair, red highlights, and very tall boots. “Rosie!” I exclaim and jump up to give her hug. “Bri!” She drops her suitcase and runs over to me.

Bri 2“Everyone, this is my little sister Rosalind. She was doing this travel abroad program at school, but now she’s home and we’re going to have all sorts of awesome fun!” I squeal, hugging my little sis even tighter. “Rosalind, this is everyone: Sienna, Grace, Cupid, Rubye, Gigi, Kitty, you know Piper, and Dani.” “Group hug!” Cupid shouts. 


That’s right! Rosalind Beauty (or Rosabella as she is known in the EAH line) has joined our doll family! I absolutely love her glasses and boots, and couldn’t wait to snap some photos of this stylish cutie…

Rosalind 1 I’ve decided that Rosalind loves books, traveling, gardening, coffee, and Gilmore Girls. (Rory Gilmore is a kindred spirit! :) )

Rosalind 2

Rosalind 3

Rosalind 4

Rosalind 5Happy 4th for all of our readers in the USA!


Bri’s New Year’s Eve Live Blog


Bri's Live BlogHello all my fabulous readers! Welcome to my live blog-

Bri? How did you even get on here?

I have my ways. 

Okay…well, did you tell them about the live blog yet?

All in good time. 

Is that time now?

Yes it is. Tonight in honor of New Year’s Eve, I’ll be having a live blog where I’ll update you with my awesomeness throughout the evening! Here’s a quick overview so you know how everything works…

  • Lulu will be taking photos of all the awesome things I do tonight, and I will be updating this post every thirty minutes so you can see what happens. So, every half hour (8:30, 9:00, etc.), be sure to refresh your page to see what I’m up to.
  • The event starts right now (8:30 PM ET) and will run until 12:00 AM.
  • Starting right now, until 10:00 PM ET, I will be online and responding to your comments! Sounds fun, right?

Let the festivities begin! 

Bri Waves Goodbye(8:30) The evening started out perfectly fine! I threw a huge welcome party for our new friend Dani, and Rubye and her were going to sleepover once it finished. “Bye everyone!” I called out as Cupid closed the front door behind her. “See you in book club tomorrow!” Rubye added. The three of us plopped down on my super comfy couch when something dawned on me. “Dani, what day is it?” “The 31st,” She answered, “Why?” I jumped up, “Today is New Year’s Eve! We have to stay up till midnight and play games and have a party! You two go see if you can catch Cupid and Grace, I’ll call Sienna and Piper.” “But I’m in my pajamas!” Rubye exclaimed as Dani pulled her out the door. 

Bri Calls Sienna“Sienna?” I asked when the phone’s series of rings stopped abruptly. “Bri? I was just at your house!” I nodded, “I know, but I really need you to come back over and celebrate New Year’s Eve! Oh, and can you grab Piper on your way over?” “Okay,” She laughed, “but, you really have to stop calling me like this.”

Sienna Visits Piper(9:00) A few minutes after my phone call with Sienna, she called me back, this time from Piper’s house. “Um…Bri? I don’t know what to do. She’s asleep!” I considered this for a moment, “You could just drag the bed back to my house.” “I’m not going to do that! I’ll just wake her up.” 

The Guests ArriveRubye and Dani (along with Grace and Cupid) soon bursted through the door followed by Sienna and a still-sleepy Piper. “Hi Bri,” Grace said, yawning. “So what are we going to do? I was in the middle of saying goodnight to my teddy bear collection.” I thought quietly for a moment, “Anyone have any ideas?” 

Watching the Movie(9:30) After thinking for a bit, I decided we should kick the night off with a movie, so we all snuggled onto the couch and I started the laptop. “I can’t see anything!” Grace announced once the opening credits began to roll. “Me either!” Cupid answered. She shifted for a better view, but then… 

Seating Arrangementsour entire seating arrangement began to fall! “I think your couch is too small for all of us to sit on it, Bri,” Piper called out just as the laptop and I made our escape so I could update the post. “Does anyone have any other ideas?” 

Cupid's Resolution(10:00) “Why don’t we all come up with resolutions for the new year and write them down?” Cupid suggested a little while later. “Sounds perfect!” I announced and began ripping small bits off a sheet of lined paper. We passed the pile around and everyone began scribbling down their goals for 2015. 

Piper's Resolution“Um, Bri?” Piper asked. “Yes?” “I think you have an unexpected visitor.” We all glanced over to the high perch where Piper was sitting. Meatloaf, one of the AG pets, was eating her bit of paper! Dani slipped off the the couch and gently guided him outside where one of the 18 inch dolls was waiting. “What did you write down?” Grace asked once we were all back inside. Piper laughed, “Eat more apples!”

Dani's Lost Shoe(10:30) A little while later, Dani cried, “My slipper! I lost my slipper!” Everyone gasped and began searching for the missing shoe. “Why are Cinderella’s alway loosing their shoes?” I wondered as I peered under the couch. 

Rubye's Story“It was a dark and stormy night, and suddenly a shoe went missing. The possible suspects were all locked in one room, and they only had till midnight to find out who did it-” Rubye said in a dramatic voice until she was interrupted by Dani, “Never mind! I found it! And, anyways, we’re not locked in.”

P.S. Someone (coughLulucough) set a time for me to reply to you in the comments, but I’m cool with replying all evening, so no worries!

Cards(11:00) After all the commotion, Sienna suggested we play a game of cards to pass the time until midnight. “Why not?” Grace said. Rubye quickly distributed the cards and in no time we were in the midst of an intense game. “Why do you always win?” I cried as Rubye shuffled the deck again awhile later. “It must be rigged!” (Lulu’s note: it isn’t rigged)

Dani's suggestionGrace and Dani eventually brought out Apples-to-Apples after all the “commotion” was done. “Where’s Piper?” I asked, “She loves this game!” I was about to go on an epic search for her, but luckily, she and Cupid soon returned from the kitchen with some late night snacks. 

IMG_2833(11:30) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

(Lulu’s Note: It seems Bri has fallen asleep, so I guess I’ll write the commentary: “Oh! Let’s go get ready to watch the ball drop on TV,” Piper said after a very exciting game of Apples-to-Apples. And with that, the EAH girls filed into the living room and managed to find seats on the couch when suddenly, loud snores began. “What’s that noise?” Cupid asked, looking around curiously. Sienna giggled, “It’s Bri! She’s fallen asleep!)

The Guests Arrive(12:00) I don’t know what you’re talking about! I was never asle-Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

(Happy New Year!)