Happy National Ice Cream Day!


I absolutely adore ice cream – making it (which of course, involves taste testing), eating it, and covering it in yummy toppings. When Bella told me that today is National Ice Cream Day, we knew that we had to do something to celebrate this delectable treat! And so, in honor of this very fun holiday, we have rounded up our favorite ice cream related doll picks. Enjoy with a scoop of your favorite flavor! :)

Ice CreamPhotos from Respective Shop Owners

1 >> Disney Inspired Ice Cream from Stacey Morgan Studios on Etsy, $6.00

2 >> AG Ice Cream Scooper by Dolly Dorm Designs on Etsy, $5.25

3 >> Ice Cream Tank Top and Leggings from Bella’s Sweet Home on Etsy, $8.99

4 >> Miniature Mint Ice Cream and Oreos from Miniare Miniatures on Etsy, $12.00

5 >> Strawberry Banana Ice Cream Parfait from Dollicious Design on Etsy, $4.50

6 >> Ice Cream Cones from Dash Dot Dash Studio on Etsy, $12.00

And now for some ice cream related questions…

Favorite flavor? (Mine is cookies and cream, and Bella’s is tied between cookies and cream as well, chocolate, and cookie dough)

Cone or Dish? (Bella: Dish >> Me: Cone)

Favorite Topping? (Bella and I are both partial to chocolate sprinkles and strawberries!)


Happy National Ice Cream Day!


The Doll Mag Blogger Awards


Doll Mag Blogger AwardsWhile we have just posted the March/April edition, Lulu and I are so excited about our upcoming issue. The two of have given it the unofficial name, “The Doll Blogger Issue,” because we have a number of bloggers we admire and adore lined up to contribute. Our first-ever Doll Mag Blogger Awards is just one exciting article we have planned, but we’re starting preparations now so we are ready for our May 1st issue release day :)

We want to celebrate the wonderful doll fans that make the blogging world better with each post, but we can only do so with your help! Please consider voting for your favorite doll blogs and sites HERE; it will only take a few minutes, and your nominations will decide what blogs make it to the second round of voting in April. More is explained in the link, but don’t hesitate to leave questions in the comments – Lulu and I will answer them as soon as possible!

Have we mentioned how much our readers, like you, rock?! Because you truly, truly do. Thank you for all of the support and help in making this the best issue yet!

Award Round-Up!


Before the hectic holiday season begins, the two of us wanted to thank the lovely readers who awarded Doll Mag in the past couple of weeks. We have had trouble keeping track of them all, but we appreciate each and every one! Here are our responses to the questions; we share the history of Doll Mag, new blogger advice, and what we’re thankful for below.

Blogger Recognition AwardBlogger Recognition Award Thank you Christian Homeschooler, Eunice, and Rebekah!

The Blogger Recognition Award asks bloggers to list how their site started and provide our best advice for new bloggers! Lulu is going to share how Doll Mag came to be :)

The Story of Doll Mag {as told by Lulu} / Once upon a time, Bella was starting to lose interest dolls. And so, one summer night in 2011, she went on the computer and created a tiny magazine for dolls! Lulu came downstairs and immediately joined in on the fun. The magazines were first shared on Lulu’s blog, theawesomeadventuresoflulu, and eventually, Doll Mag evolved into a large, amazingly formatted publication. With Doll Mag’s growing success, Bella decided it would be a good idea to start a blog. Here we are today – although we would be no where without the help from you!

Advice for New Bloggers / We’ve given plenty of advice for new bloggers over the past few years, but if there’s one thing that we have consistently shared, it’s quality over quantity. The two of us both agree that a well-executed post is much more fun to read than seven hastily written ones for each day of the week. A well-designed and easily-accessible site helps too!

Grateful Blogger TagThe Grateful Blogger Tag Thanks Cornelia and Blaire!

For this tag, recipients are asked to list ten things they are thankful for, perfect timing for this week.

Lulu is thankful for… / Her family, her friends {especially her best friend in the whole world, Bella}, creativity and writing, her teachers, and pandas!

Bella is thankful for… / Her family and friends {special shout-out to Lulu!}, her health, her education, good books, and Johnnie Boden {catch even more things she is thankful for HERE!}.

While both awards ask that you “pass” them on to other bloggers, we never feel comfortable choosing only a select few. If you haven’t participated in either tag, please feel welcome to join in on answering the questions. Thank you so much, friends – we hope you are having an awesome week!

Bella and Lulu

Help Us Out! / 03


We Need Your Help!{heart background from Citrus and Mint}

We are quickly posting in the midst of an intense tech week {per usual, Lulu is performing and Bella is “crew-ing” :)} to share a few Doll Mag updates! In the meantime, we hope you are having a fabulous week; it seems to be zipping by.

[1] Shop Owner Spotlight In an effort to make the Shop Owner Spotlight process easier on both the interviewee and the interviewers, we have created a Google Docs for shop owners to fill out. We are currently looking for doll clothing shop owners for the 2015 issues! To find out more, please click HERE.

[2] Ask Gabs Gabby is getting her own advice column in the next issue! She’s looking for your doll, blogging, style, photography, or graphic design questions HERE.

[3] Letters to the Editor We have planned a few tweaks for the January/February ’15 issue, we have included a Letters to the Editor page. If you have any feedback on our holiday issue, let us know HERE.

[4] Craft Tester We are considering asking for a few Doll Mag craft testers! However, we wanted to make sure there was at least some interest before doing so. What do you think, friends?! {see what a craft tester is below!}

Have an awesome night + thank you for your help!
Bella and Lulu

Happy Birthday Lulu!

Hello!Happy Birthday Lulu!It has been a busy few days in the Doll Mag household, that’s for sure. While we loved looking at AG’s new releases {our thoughts will be posted soon}, the most important event of this past week was Lulu’s birthday! This celebratory post is a day late, as Lulu was born on October 9th – thankfully, the two of us tend to look at birthdays as week-long holidays, so no worries there :)

Ever After High DollsAnyhoo, these Doll Mag regulars and I just want to wish Lulu an absolutely amazing birthday! Lulu – I love you so much. I hope you had the best day ever and have an equally fabulous year ahead!

xo, Bella

*The curious bunch may like to know that Lulu received these doll related gifts: Rebecca’s Holiday Outfit, the Princess Pet Bed, and money to buy Kitty Cheshire when she finally comes out :)

Doll Mag Academy / Class President Elections


Doll Mag Academy LogoHello our wonderful readers! How are you enjoying Doll Mag Academy so far?! :) For this feature, we wanted to host class elections for Student Council. We have selected four candidates for you to choose from; you will be able to vote for who you think should become president in the poll below. We will be closing it next Friday and announce the new president in a post, but no worries for the other candidates! At Doll Mag Academy, everyone’s a winner, and the other three candidates will be assigned to the remaining council roles (VP, treasurer, and secretary). Let’s get voting, shall we?

PaytonWill you vote for Payton?

IzzyOr Izzy?

GabbyHow about Gabby?

JulieOr maybe Julie?

You can vote here:

This poll is now closed. Thanks so much for your votes!

Have a great weekend!


Working on Wednesdays / 24


Nicki and BucketsWe haven’t done a WOW in a while! However, when we came across these adorable doll-sized buckets in the dollar section at Target, we knew they would be perfect to share with you. I have two similar ones that were used as goodie bags at Halloween parties, but since those are in a very specific color palate, we were both excited to find a large array of pretty colors and patterns. The bright hues go so well with Nicki’s new outfit (a b-day present for Bella – we’ll be reviewing it soon!) that she obviously was meant to be the star of this photo shoot.

BucketsHere’s a close up of the two buckets! We use them as trash cans in our doll’s bedrooms and containers to keep our doll food in, but there’s plenty of other uses for them too.

Have you found any doll-sized items lately?


Happy Birthday Bella!


Guess what everyone? Not only are we celebrating Doll Mag’s birthday this month, today was Bella’s b-day too! We spent the day opening presents, tasting yummy pizza, and enjoying some delicious cupcake treats. Some of Bella’s dolls wanted to join in on the fun too, and they dressed up in their favorite dresses for a celebratory photo shoot…

Izzy and RuthieHere’s Ruthie and Izzy posing against a pretty floral background wearing their birthday outfits! Don’t those cakes on their shirts make you hungry? We went out today to City Girl Cupcake to get some sweets, and they were delicious.

RuthieHere’s a close-up of Ruthie, looking gorgeous in pink and purple! She can’t wait to try out the photo backgrounds from one of Bella’s gifts, Doll Photo Shoot. We’ll definitely have to do a review of it soon.

ZoeyIsn’t that doll-sized party headband oh-so fun? Zoey thinks it matches her purple and orange color palate perfectly (just like Bella’s other AG gift, the Coconut Cutie Outfit!).

LucyAnd finally, here is the adorable Lucy looking extra cute in her pink birthday dress. :) She can’t wait to try out her new polka dot dress too.

Before I sign off for the night, I just want to say Happy Birthday one more time to my sister, co-editor, fellow doll-lover, and overall best friend. Love you Bella!

Have a great night,


Psst. Our Beforever survey is ending soon! Don’t forget to enter by August 1st.

And The Awards Go To…


Our weekend became even better when we saw that two of our readers nominated us for awards on their blogs earlier this week {thank you so much Eve and Saige4Crafts!}. Each award comes along with a few questions for the recipient[s] to answer, and so, as in the past, the two of us share our responses below. How has your weekend been so far?

Beachy Blogger AwardBeachy Blogger Award Thanks Saige4Crafts!

1. What is your favorite new pet from AG?

B / While I am not the biggest fan of the pet line revamp as a whole, I think the Dalmatian is adorable!

L / I like the dalmatian as well!

2. Do you like Beforever?

B / With the information available right now, I do! AG appears to be staying true to their brand as much as they can, and I am excited that the historical girls are receiving the attention they deserve.

L / I’m glad the historical line is getting a revamp, although I will miss some of the old meet outfits. I can’t wait to see all the changes when it’s fully released, though!

3. What is your favorite food?

B / It changes all the time! Right now, I am loving fat-free vanilla yogurt with chocolate granola – it is so tasty.

L / Pineapples or bagels… maybe both!

4. Horses or cats?

B / Neither. Sorry, horse and cat fans!

L / Cats rule.

5. Pink or green?

B / Pink, all the way, although I love the two colors together.

L / Same with me. I love pink, but paired together, the colors are even prettier.

6. Lanie or Caroline?

B / They are both so cute, but I’ll go with Caroline for her long blonde hair.

L / I like Lanie’s outfits, but I always find the historical stories super interesting, so it might be a tie!

Your Blog Makes Me Happy AwardYour Blog Makes Me Happy Award Thanks Eve at My AG World!

1. What is your favorite AG Historical doll?

B / Don’t make me choose between Julie and Ruthie. That wouldn’t be fair :)

L / Josefina :)

2. How may AG dolls do you have?

B / If we are talking strictly the 18-inch type, I have six.

L / For just 18-inch dolls, I have seven, but with my Bitties and Hopscotch Hill doll, I have 10.

3. Mint green or pink?

B / That’s similar to the question above, yet my answer remains the same: pink!

L / Same!

4. Our Generation or Maplelea Dolls?

B / In the past, my feelings on these two doll lines has been rather passive, but The Toy Box Philosopher‘s review of Saila has turned me into a Maplelea Girl Doll fan!

L / That Toy Box Philosopher review was very convincing. :)

5. Fall or spring?

B / I LOVE everything about fall.

L / Fall! It’s my birthday month.

6. Isabelle or McKenna?

B / McKenna, although neither of the two dolls blew me away with their collections.

L / I like McKenna’s color scheme better, but Isabelle does have some cool hair.

7. If you could add another item to AG’s new summer release, what would it be?

B / Hmm, I am not really sure! I was actually fairly pleased with the recent release.

L / I thought the release was really well done, but I wish there were a few more patterned dresses.

8. Ice cream or popsicles?

B / Ice cream, especially cookie dough or chocolate!


9. What do you most love to do with your dolls?

B / Photograph them or create something for them.

L / Make animations with them and sew for them.

We have chosen not to pass on this award to any select bloggers, because we hate choosing from all of the amazing doll blogs out there! However, we want to thank Eve and Saige4Crafts one last time – you made our weekend!

Have a wonderful night!

Bella and Lulu

The Great Birthday Bash Vote-Off


Birthday Tie-breakerWe were so happy to see the amount of readers who participated in our birthday theme poll last month, but we were in for an even bigger surprise. Two of our possible themes, On the Red Carpet and Secret Garden, are tied as of right now! And so, we decided we would have a special tie-breaker poll to determine our official theme {a reminder that the theme will determine the activities we feature in our next issue and throughout the month of July!}.

Please cast a vote here:

Thank you for participating! The final results were Secret Garden with 26 votes and On the Red Carpet with 19 votes.

We’re so grateful for all our fabulous readers! The poll will close tomorrow at 3 pm EST, and we will share the final results sometime this week.

xo, Bella and Lulu :)