A Review of Josefina’s Nightgown


Josefina 1Ever since I first learned about her, Josefina has been my favorite AG historical doll. I remember saving up my money to buy her online, snatching up her outfits, and picking up her mystery book multiple times at my local library. Due to her special place in my heart, I always keep an eye out during new releases to see if she gets any new outfits, so I was thrilled a few months ago with the Beforever pajama revamp. At our last visit to the American Girl Store, I picked up Josefina’s orange and white nightgown, falling in love with its orange accents and matching slippers. This weekend I finally got a chance to write up my thoughts on this lovely set, which you can check out below!

NightgownHemlineThe dress is a shift style, with layering and orange stitching at the bottom adding some pretty embellishment. In some positions, it can look a little rectangle-like, although I’m sure a good ironing out of the folds left from being in the box will help with that. The white and orange look lovely on Josefina, and make it a welcome addition to her collection!

NecklineOne of my favorite parts on the nightgown is the neckline, which is a square shape, covered with a layer of lace fabric and topped off with a woven orange ribbon. The shape is flattering on Josefina, and the crochet lace is a nice touch. I adore the woven detail of the ribbon, which adds some color to the dress. The bow on mine was a bit crooked at first, but I was able to straighten it out pretty well by the time of the photos.

ShoesAlong with the nightgown is a pair of cream-colored slippers, with an embroidered flower and an orange scalloped pattern around the edge. They’re pretty easy to get on, and stayed on Josefina’s feet throughout the photo shoot and an afternoon of being moved around. I love the pops of pink and blue that the flower brings to the outfit, and the embroidery around the edge is quite nice. The soles and overall shape are simple, but I’m a fan of the fact that they allow Josefina to stand on her own!

Josefina 2We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Lulu and Josefina


Pajamas / Style



My favorite thing to do during the winter is to snuggle up under a blanket in my pajamas with a good book! Your dolls can join in the fun too, with these cozy styles and tips…

1. These bright pajamas are comfy and cute. The pale yellow top is simple, but ties in with the playful animal-print pants to make sure your doll is ready for her next sleepover party!

When looking for pajamas try to find… a basic piece paired with a bold pattern.

These fun pajamas are from the Etsy Shop, Love Ellie Bean

2. For the spring, these pajamas are perfect! The shirt has a seasonal pattern and a stylish shape, and although the pants also have a pattern, they go together easily. Even better, your doll gets an adorable sleep mask for extra accessories :)

When looking for pajamas try to find… accessories like slippers, a sleep mask, or even a sweatshirt or robe to finish off the look.

This pretty set of sleepwear is from the Etsy shop, Doll Petite Couture

3. One of my favorite American Girl pajama sets was Emily’s that came with a robe and floral pants and a top, and these pajamas remind me of it! {So if you wanted Emily’s, but now that they’re retired, these could work too.} Anyways, I love the classic style of this set of sleep wear, and the flowers add a bit of detail.

When looking for pajamas try to find… details like buttons or collars.

These sweet PJs are from the Etsy shop, Cupcake Cutie Pie

4. I just love these cozy pajamas! The black makes the rosy pink stand out, and the snowflake details make it perfect for winter. Also, since the color palette isn’t very complicated, these will look good on almost every doll.

When looking for pajamas try to find… bright colors and embellishment.

These playful pajamas are form the Etsy shop, 123 Mulberry Street

5. Want a bit of tropical feeling, but it’s still winter? Then these pajamas are just the thing for your doll! The pattern and colors are summer-y, but since they also have long sleeves and pants, your doll can wear them in January or July.

When looking for pajamas try to find… comfy clothes that are still fun and cute.

This adorable set of sleepwear is from the Etsy shop, 18 Boutique

6. Finally, these pajamas are so adorable! Not only do they have bunny slippers, but they also have pretty color combinations and patterns.

When looking for pajamas try to find… silly and sweet extras – like those awesome bunny slippers!

These cute pajamas are from the shop, Dreamworld Collections

What are your doll’s favorite pajama sets?