The Doll Mag Book Club / Winter 2016


Doll Mag Winter Book ClubHappy Sunday! Are you enjoying the long weekend? Going out with friends? Catching up on your favorite television show? Or, perhaps, reading a good book? We’re right there with you – Lulu and I love to read, and we frequently take the time before bed or on free afternoons to dive into our library books.

Avid readers that we are, we launched the DM Book Club last summer; throughout July and August {and a bit of September as well}, we read one of our favorite classics, Anne of Green Gables, and discussed it weekly with you all! The two of us had such a good time that we are planning yet another round for the winter months. This time, we’ve chosen Ally Carter’s YA classic, I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You, the first story in the Gallagher Girl series.

Lulu and I both read and adored this entire set of books, and we hope you will as well! {Fair warning: we tried to choose a novel that most Doll Mag readers would enjoy; Common Sense Media recommends it for ages 11-12 and up}. Our summer book club was an excellent learning experience, and we think this round will go even better than before.

If you’re interested in joining us, set your calendar for the dates below:

  • January 31: Chapters One through Seven
  • February 15: Chapters Eight through Fourteen
  • February 28: Chapters Fifteen through Twenty-One
  • March 13: Chapters Twenty-Two through Twenty-Eight

Have a lovely afternoon!


Doll Mag Academy / Reading List


We have made it no secret here at Doll Mag how much we enjoy reading. We’re always in the middle of an amazing story, catching up on our growing blogroll, or flipping through a new magazine. As the book lovers we are, we’re issuing a reading list for all attendees of Doll Mag Academy – that would be you! :) The two of us have rounded up just a few of our favorite sites, nonfiction books, and novels, all of which relate to Doll Mag in some way. Take a peek; then let us know what you would have on your reading list.

Doll Mag Academy Reading ListThe School for Good and Evil / Go: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design / Blog Inc. / A Beautiful Mess / American Girl Heaven / Burn for Burn

 Have a lovely night!