A Review of Josefina’s Nightgown


Josefina 1Ever since I first learned about her, Josefina has been my favorite AG historical doll. I remember saving up my money to buy her online, snatching up her outfits, and picking up her mystery book multiple times at my local library. Due to her special place in my heart, I always keep an eye out during new releases to see if she gets any new outfits, so I was thrilled a few months ago with the Beforever pajama revamp. At our last visit to the American Girl Store, I picked up Josefina’s orange and white nightgown, falling in love with its orange accents and matching slippers. This weekend I finally got a chance to write up my thoughts on this lovely set, which you can check out below!

NightgownHemlineThe dress is a shift style, with layering and orange stitching at the bottom adding some pretty embellishment. In some positions, it can look a little rectangle-like, although I’m sure a good ironing out of the folds left from being in the box will help with that. The white and orange look lovely on Josefina, and make it a welcome addition to her collection!

NecklineOne of my favorite parts on the nightgown is the neckline, which is a square shape, covered with a layer of lace fabric and topped off with a woven orange ribbon. The shape is flattering on Josefina, and the crochet lace is a nice touch. I adore the woven detail of the ribbon, which adds some color to the dress. The bow on mine was a bit crooked at first, but I was able to straighten it out pretty well by the time of the photos.

ShoesAlong with the nightgown is a pair of cream-colored slippers, with an embroidered flower and an orange scalloped pattern around the edge. They’re pretty easy to get on, and stayed on Josefina’s feet throughout the photo shoot and an afternoon of being moved around. I love the pops of pink and blue that the flower brings to the outfit, and the embroidery around the edge is quite nice. The soles and overall shape are simple, but I’m a fan of the fact that they allow Josefina to stand on her own!

Josefina 2We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Lulu and Josefina


We Review: Kit Kittredge


We Review Kit KittredgeWhile the Girl of the Year films are be a blast to watch {and playfully tease :)}, our favorite movies in the American Girl collection are those starring the historical characters. Whether it’s AnnaSophia Robb playing Samantha, Shailene Woodley beginning her acting career in Felicity, or Abigail Breslin taking on the role of Kit Kittredge, AG has certainly seen success in the movie industry. Since the two of us haven’t written a We Review – a sporadic feature where we discuss doll-related films – in quite a bit, we pulled out the Kit movie for a re-watch. Our thoughts are below!

B: Lulu, I remember seeing Kit for the first time in theaters to celebrate my birthday, and I’m happy to say I find it just as charming and well-done now as I did then! We’ll start with the lead: I think Abigail Breslin portrays the spunk, intelligence, and bravery of Kit perfectly. You?

L: Definitely! Her performance was always my favorite out of all the AG movies – she is able to bring Kit alive without ever going “over-the-top.” Of course, all of the actors did a lovely job; one of my other favorite performances was Willow Smith as Countee.

B: She’s such a cutie! I forgot how young she was in this movie. Speaking of which, there’s such a wide range in the ages of these characters, but they play off of each other so well. There’s a number of  memorable scenes between Kit and her dad, as well as a heart-warming moment involving Sterling and his-over protective mother.

L: The family moments are all so sweet! Another fun part of this film is the mystery – I remember when I first saw it, I was so surprised by all of the twists and turns. Even after seeing it quite a few times, I still get caught up in all of the suspense! Your thoughts?

B: I too was surprised at the mystery element when I first watched the movie! I love how the writers weave the detective excitement with accurate historical detail. I found learning about hobo life and the struggles of the Great Depression just as interesting as guessing the thief {which, as you said, was such a shock in the end!}.

L: I totally agree! Watching the Kit movie is a terrific way to learn more about the Depression and to get a glimpse into what people’s lives might have been like. The music and credits style just add to the 30’s feel.

B: Absolutely! The music frames the time period for the viewer, as do the costumes and the setting. The attention to detail was superb; it brought a smile to my face to see outfits on Madison Davenport that were actual products in Ruthie’s collection. Final point: are you just as baffled as I am as to how the levitation scene works?!

L: Yes. It’s the greatest mystery of all!

B: Thanks for sharing your thoughts and watching the movie with me, Lulu!

Join in our conversation! What did you think of Kit Kittredge?

Have a wonderful start to your week!

Bella and Lulu

Psst. To our musical theater fans {we know you’re out there!}, what are your thoughts on the Tony Awards? We are watching them as we write!

We Review: Ever After High Spring Unsprung Special


We Review: Spring UnsprungWe haven’t done a “We Review,” where we review doll-related films in a conversational format, for a few months, so the premiere of the Ever After High Spring Unsprung Special couldn’t have been better timed. The two of us watched it a few days ago on Netflix, and as expected, we enjoyed it quite a bit {Lulu, the mega-fan, of course LOVED it :)}. Our thoughts are below, but we would love to hear your opinion on the latest EAH episode too!

L: Thanks so much for watching Spring Unsprung with me! This is my favorite of all the EAH specials that have been released with its colorful animation and fun plot line. Did you enjoy it?

B: Oh, absolutely! I agree with you; the Ever After High specials seems to improve with each new special. I don’t know if I would call the plot “fun” though. I thought the story was pretty intense as the EAH world was threatened by the lack of wonder {not sure how else to describe it :)}. I’m curious: does this storyline follow the plot of the novels by Shannon Hale?

L: I guess it is pretty serious when you think about it :) And nope, the plot doesn’t really follow the novels. There are a few similar elements though, since both are focused on Wonderland. Speaking of Wonderland, I love how it was portrayed in the animation!

B: Me too! The animators had to be creative in separating the various fairy tale worlds. My favorite setting was the Cheshire Cat’s lair – how cool were those slides?! I liked that we were introduced to new Wonderland characters in this special too, like Bunny Blanc and Alistair Wonderland. For me, it’s the different characters that truly flesh out the Ever After High story.

L: Bunny Blanc was such a cute addition! While I’m not a huge fan of Alistair Wonderland, he added new elements to the story as well, which helped keep the plot interesting. The voice actors all did a really great job bringing their characters to life! I know a few people were confused why some of the actors were different from the ones that voice the webisodes, but it didn’t bother me too much.

B: I am not a regular watcher of the webisodes, so I didn’t even notice! The original characters were further developed as well. It was shocking to see the regular royals and rebels with their opposite personalities {Apple/Piper as a villain was so odd!}. I do wish Kitty wasn’t so mischievous, but perhaps that is when my personal bias comes in; I know our Kitty is much kinder than the character in the special.

L: You haven’t seen our Kitty in action ;) The Kitty character in the special was pretty mischievous, but I was happy to see that she had a bigger role, since she’s only been a side character in the past. Seeing all of the Wonderlandians interact was actually one of my favorite parts of the special (Lizzie/Rubye has a sewing machine!), and I was excited to see more parents introduced into the line.

B: Oh me too! I liked learning more about the narrators’ relationship, and I hope to see them and their daughter pop up in the next special. I think my only complaint, for the lack of a better term, is that a few of the secondary story lines were pushed aside to focus on Wonderland. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I think the plot could have been balanced better.

L: I agree! Even Ginger’s adventure in Wonderland seemed to be cut a bit short (I totally called the identity of the White Knight though. It’s not like I accidentally spoiled it for myself by reading a bunch of EAH blogs while watching the special or anything. Teehee). Anything else to add?

B: Nope!

L: Alrighty then – thanks for watching with me!

Have an awesome Thursday!
Lulu and Bella