Craft / Floral Headband


Make a Floral HeadbandOne of my favorite accessories? A headband! Here in the Doll Mag household, we keep overflowing stashes of Vera Bradley and stretch headbands in our bathroom drawer, ready to be thrown on whenever we’re in need of a easy – and cute – hairstyle. It comes as no surprise then that one of my favorite sewing projects for dolls is (you guessed it!) a headband – I can whip one up in under an hour and add designs depending on the season or outfit. Yesterday afternoon I took some photos of my latest project; a headband for my Hearts for Hearts doll Lauryce, decorated with spring-y florals. I was quite pleased with the results, and hope you are too! If you choose to craft your own, the instructions below have headband measurements for both AG and H4H dolls.

Supplies for HeadbandYOU WILL NEED…

  • Fabric
  • 1/8 inch thick elastic cord (you can easily use something a bit thicker if that’s what you have on hand!)
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Fabric scissors/scissors
  • Needle & thread or a sewing machine
  • Pencil (not pictured)

Step by Step HeadbandTO MAKE

  1. Cut a piece of fabric into a rectangle using the fabric scissors. If you’re making this for a Hearts for Hearts doll, you’ll want it to be 2×8 inches large, while American Girls need a 3×9 inch piece of fabric.
  2. Hem the edges of the fabric using the sewing machine/needle and thread. I used a 1/4 inch seam allowance.
  3. Paint your floral design onto the fabric! Feel free to get creative – we dipped the eraser of a pencil in paint to make the petals of our flowers and added details with the brush. (Be sure to keep your work area clean by pouring the paints onto a paper plate and having a piece of cardboard or plain paper underneath your fabric as you work.)
  4. While you’re waiting for your painted floral masterpiece to completely dry, cut a piece of elastic cord 3 inches long.
  5. Fold the short edges of the fabric around the elastic cord and sew them together. We recommend sticking to the  hand sewn (needle and thread) method for this step, as the thickness of the elastic and fabric together can cause trouble for your sewing machine’s needle.
  6. All done!

Make a HeadbandMake A Floral HeadbandLauryce loves her new spring-y accessory! :)

Have an amazing rest of your week,



Meet Beatrice!


Meet Beatrice 1I hope you’re all having a lovely start to your week! Although I’m feeling a bit under the weather, (colds are no fun!) I couldn’t wait to share the newest addition to our doll family. Over the weekend, I received the EAH Forest Pixie Harelow doll as a gift, and fell in love with her adorable bunny ears and spring-y dress. I ended up renaming her Beatrice (after Peter Rabbit author Beatrix Potter) and decided that she’s a fan of animals, illustration, riding her bike, and gardening. Yesterday afternoon, the two of us headed outside for a sunlight-filled photo shoot…

Meet Beatrice 4

Beatrice and a new friend.

Meet Beatrice 3

Meet Beatrice 5And of course, I couldn’t leave out another bunny bud who joined our household this weekend…

Bunny!What have you and your dolls been up to lately?

Lulu & Beatrice

Seeing Green / Style


Happy St. Patricks day! The spring weather made a stop up in New England today, and Bella and I took advantage of the warmer temperatures by spending the afternoon outside. In honor of today’s festivities, we’ve put together a collection of our favorite green Etsy listings for your 18-inch doll. Enjoy!

Skirt{buy the skirt}

Shoes{buy the shoes}

Top{buy the top}

dress{buy the dress}

Have a great rest of your week!


All image backgrounds are from Pumpkins & Posies

Monthly Recap / May 2015


Monthly RecapHappy June! The two of us are counting down the days until summer break {only nineteen to go, in case you were curious :)}, but in the meantime, we thought we would kick off a fun-packed weekend with a brief monthly recap! As usual, we’ve shared the highlights of our month, the most popular posts of May, and the events we’re looking forward to most in June. How is YOUR spring/summer coming along?

What We Loved ♥ Bella started her May in the midst of an intense week for her school’s production of Shrek! As stage manager, she spent much of her time coordinating set changes, managing props and platforms, and running around backstage. The four performances went off without a hitch – she’s blocking one incident with the curtain rigging from her memory – and she’s delighted that so many of her family and friends enjoyed the show! After recovering from the musical, Bella spent the rest of May catching up on schoolwork, practicing her yoga and conditioning skills, and taking out far too many books from the library.

Lulu’s month was just as busy! While Bella was at her tech rehearsals, Lulu was participating in an one-act play festival with her school as one of the costume crew members. The entire cast and crew had been rehearsing since the winter, so it was exciting to see their hard work pay off. Lulu’s school brought home a silver medal, but more importantly, plenty of memories; she can’t wait to do it again next year. Afterwards, she welcomed the warm weather with open arms: riding her bike, playing badminton in the backyard, and shooting goals on the soccer field!

Monthly Recap May 2015Reader’s Favorites ♥ Magazine Early Summer 2015 / Springtime: A Photo Shoot

Lulu’s Favorites ♥ Comments from Bri (18)AG Release May 2015: Bella’s Thoughts

Bella’s Favorites ♥ Work It Like a Boss: Fabric 101 / Seven Days of Style (May 2015)

Doll Mag Around the Web ♥ Doll Diaries / Candidly Charlie / The Toy Box Philosopher / A Peek Into The Pantry / AG in the Shire / Little House of American Girl / The Disney Dolls / American Girl Fan

Looking Ahead ♥ As if we haven’t mentioned it enough, what the two of us are most looking forward to is the end of school! Before the year ends, however, Bella can’t wait to see Mumford and Sons in concert, attend a few award ceremonies for academics and theater, and begin her art class on Adobe Illustrator. Lulu, too, has several things she is looking forward to in June; most notably are The School for Good and Evil website update and her audition for next year’s school musical {Once on This Island, a very song-heavy show}.

Have a lovely start to your weekend!

Comments From Bri / 18


Bri Logo……………

Hello? Bri?


*Sigh* The one time I let you do the intro, and you’re not here….

Did you call?

Oh good, you’re here! Now who was the special gu-

Not yet! I’ll tell you after we get all of our lovely readers caught up. 

Oh fine.

Okay, then! ONWARD!

Comments from BriA few weeks ago Piper and I started planning an end of spring picnic using my party-planning skills and her food expertise. It was going to be amazing – with games and volleyball and yummy treats – but this morning, when we were about to go out on our picnic extravaganza, it started to rain! “Oh no!” Grace said, disappointed. “Not to worry!” I said, crawling down from the rainy window. “I have an idea.” 

Comments From Bri“An inside picnic!” I announced as we all shuffled into the living room, dragging the massive picnic blanket behind us. Piper nodded excitedly, “This is perfect! Just spread the blanket out here, and then we’ll bring out the food in a little bit.” Everyone  took a seat and began chatting the day away. 

Comments from Bri“Anyone up for a game of volleyball?” Dani asked a little while later. “Inside?” Sienna asked, a bit dubiously. “Sure! Why not?” She replied with a laugh. We all raised our hands eagerly, and we began setting up for an awesome indoor living room volleyball tournament. 

Comments from Bri“Let’s do this!” Dani jumped up and down, tossing the ball into the air. We finished setting up the hot pink net and the first two teams (my team would face the winner) headed out onto the carpeted “court.” Dani served the ball and we all watched in awe as it sailed through the air. 

Comments from BriHere’s my volleyball team: Team Pink Hair + Glasses! As you can probably tell, we are all expert volleyball players, but unfortunately, none of our friends were able to see Piper, Gigi, and I hit the court because the food was ready, you know, conveniently.

Comments from BriGigi, Cupid, and Piper headed into the kitchen to grab the food and put it in the indoor picnic basket, and the rest of us took a seat and decided to begin an entertaining game of charades. “Ooh! I’ll go!” I said, hopping up. Grace joined me, and we both started mimicking animals. Grace put her hands of her head and started making loud stomps with her feet. “Monster!” “Gorilla!” “Oh! Bear!” Everyone started calling out. “A bear, you’re right!” Grace nodded, sitting back down. “Hey Bri – what were you?” “A kangeroo!” I answered cheerfully. (Lulu’s note: Bri isn’t so good at charades I AM TOO!)

Food“Food time!” Cupid said, fluttering in with a large sandwich tray. “We have fruit, cake, and grilled cheese. And of course, popcorn for Cupid” Piper smiled, setting down the plate in front of Dani and I and grabbing a sandwich for herself. “Looks delicious! But why is it so big?” Kitty pondered, nibbling on the food. “That would be my newest scientific experiment: Gigi’s Food Growth Machine!”

Comments from BriSuddenly there was a knock on the door. “Who could that be?” Rubye and Kitty said in unison. “That would be our special guest…” I answered, waving in the direction of the doorway.

Keep on Bri-ing awesome!

Bri (and Lulu!)

P.S. WAIT! You never told me who the special guest was!

P.P.S. Next time my friend, next time.

AG May Release 2015 / Lulu’s Thoughts


Last week Bella posted her thoughts on the new AG “Truly Me” release, and this evening I finally got a chance to write up mine! I’m a big fan of the new items – loads of purple and summery prints are just the things to pull me in. I hope you enjoy reading about my thoughts, and I look forward to reading your own in the comments below. Read away!

Truly Me1 >> Flamingo Beach Dress >> This is my absolute favorite part of the release! It’s the perfect style to wear to the beach or to a fun outdoor party. The color combination of turquoise and coral look great on many dolls, and I can see my entire doll family sharing this cute outfit in the near future. And flamingos are just really cool, don’t you agree?

2 >> Lilac Dress and Accessories >> I didn’t like, but I didn’t dislike the last Just Like You (as they will always be thought of by me) meet outfit, so I was excited to see what American Girl had come up with in this revamp. Yet again, however, I was disappointed with the new outfit. The dress looks like a mash-up of sequins and ribbons, and the layered accessories packet isn’t any more exciting.

3 >> Shimmer Doodle Outfit >> I may be a bit biased as a hardcore purple lover, but I adore this outfit! It isn’t “summery” (I will probably hold off until the fall before buying this), but I really like the sweatshirt-like tee, as well as the slouchy boots. I would prefer the skirt to be as long as the thin layer over it though.

4 >> Seaside Fun Outfit >> Although Bella isn’t the biggest fan of this summer ensemble, I happen to like its printed shorts and striped hoodie! I probably wouldn’t keep the whole outfit together (maybe replacing the striped hoodie with a solid one?), but there are several stylish and useful pieces that could be used throughout the summer season. Bonus?! The color palette of this and the flamingo dress are similar, so you can mix and match all sorts of different styles on your doll!

5 >> Beach Hammock Set >> Like Bella said before, I don’t know where we would store this adorable set, but it sure is cute! Beachy accessories always find a way to catch my interest, and the blue starfish pillow is no exception. The colors of the hammock are also very appealing, and I adore the color of the solid blue base.

6 >> Beach Blanket Set >> It seems that every time I write up my thoughts on a release, I end up talking about how much and Bella and I love American Girl’s food sets, and this time is no different! Watermelon and pink lemonade are some of my own summer essentials, so I will definitely be checking this set out next time I’m at the store.

If you want to browse the new items yourself, click HERE.

What was your favorite part of the release?


AG May Release 2015 / Bella’s Thoughts


While Lulu and I keep our eyes out for product leaks, sneak peeks, and AG gossip, the Doll Mag household still experiences a flurry of excitement whenever American Girl releases new items. Despite its small size, last Thursday’s roll-out made us happy; AG’s newly renamed line, Truly Me, seems to be off to a good start! I am not a fan of everything, but there are several cute pieces I’ll be adding to my birthday wish list come July :) Like usual, I’m sharing my thoughts today, and Lulu will pop in soon with her own opinions. What was your favorite item of this release?
AG Release May 2015[a] Beach Blanket Set Some doll fans can’t pass up on historical items, others cannot leave the store without doll-sized accessories, but me? I can’t say no to mini food sets. American Girl’s beach-themed meal is not only cute, but cheap too; selling at $24, it’s a perfect piece for imaginative play and photo shoots alike. I’m hoping to snag my own set merely for the adorable tiny details, like the flamingo straw and potato chips bag!

[b] Flamingo Beach Dress This stylish number looks right out of a Boden or Lilly Pulitzer catalogue; it was practically love at first sight! This summery dress is balanced nicely with chic accessories {I can’t lie: I would like my own pair of those strappy sandals} and trendy cuts, all for a reasonable price tag. I’m sure my own doll, Isabella, would be happy to have it in her closet for the summer season.

[c] Beach Hammock Set Lulu and I many not have the room to store this colorful hammock, but it doesn’t hurt to dream of adding it to our collection! I love the adorable accessories this set includes {I’m a sucker for mini magazines, and the pillow and visor are versatile pieces to own}, but more importantly, I’m so pleased with the price. These three coordinating pieces have won me over with this release.

AG Release May 2015[a] Lilac Dress and Accessories Unfortunately, I can’t love everything, such as the new Truly Me meet outfit. A pink-purple dress, blue flats, and a magenta tutu-style skirt seems to me like a color combination gone wrong, and the bizarre choice in accessories does nothing to help its case. I’m glad I finished my doll collection before this meet outfit came onto the scene!

[b] Seaside Fun Outfit We have certainly seen worse when it comes to JLY/MAG/Truly Me outfits, but I was saddened that AG didn’t leave the shorts in this other-wise stylish ensemble white. It was a missed opportunity in terms of mixing and matching, and it limits the potential of the sweatshirt and sandals as well.

[c] Shimmer Doodle Outfit Finally, these pieces may be in fashion with the target audience, but I don’t think they are as flattering on the doll as they are the owner. Between the slouchy boots and graphic tee, I’m left underwhelmed by this outfit, even if younger dolls fans snatch it up.

If you want to browse the new items yourself, click HERE.

Have a lovely Saturday!


Springtime / A Photo Shoot


I’m happy to say that the springtime weather has finally arrived where we live, and that we’re enjoying every minute of it! I absolutely love all of the gorgeous flowers and blossoms that are blooming outside my window – they’re just so pretty. :)  Every time I see them, I end up thinking back to Sienna’s welcome post (back when her name was spelled Siena), which is one of my favorite photo shoots that I have done for this blog. A few days ago I noticed that the bushes in our garden were covered in soft pink flowers and I decided to recreate that post with the help of Sienna and my other nature-loving EAH doll, Dani. Check it out below!

Sienna in BushFirst up we have a picture of Sienna among the greens! I just love the light in this one.

Dani and FenceHere’s Dani just looking cute!

Sienna's ShoesFor some reason Sienna’s shoes fascinate me. Hmm…

Dani and FlowersAnd here’s a shot of Dani with all of the flowers. I love how they look with her hair!

Happy spring!


P.S. Right now is Bella’s tech week (she’s the stage manager for her school’s production of Shrek – yay!), so we’ll just be popping in and out this week. We have loads of fun things planned for this month (including a birthday party poll!) though, so be sure to keep a look out!

Monthly Recap / March 2015


Monthly RecapTime can drag in the present, but when we reflected back on our March, the two of us realized how quickly time can fly. While we are eager to welcome spring weather, April vacation, and longer days with open arms, we didn’t want March to slip by without a Monthly Recap post. In typical fashion, it’s a bit later than we would have liked, but the two of us are happy to hear how your month went too!

What We Loved ♥ March was long, but that didn’t stop us from being busy and having fun! Bella made it through a week of finals and a week of state testing last month, so she was happy to recover from school stress with good books {some favorites include Mosquitoland by David Arnold, The Carnival at Bray by Jessie Ann Foley, and The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski}, yoga classes, and outings with friends.

Lulu too had a jam-packed schedule. She started rehearsals for her school’s one-act play festival entry; was admitted into her school’s literary magazine {YAY!}; and had state testing to get through as well. Nevertheless, we both managed to make it to the movie theaters to see Cinderella, which we loved, and we discovered our new Netflix obsession: The Paradise. What can we say? We like our British actors.

Monthly Recap MarchReader’s Favorites ♥ The Doll Mag Blogger Awards / Work It Like a Boss: Online Etiquette

Lulu’s Favorites ♥ Oh Sew Happy! (01) / Meet Gigi

Bella’s Favorites ♥ Craft: Floral Glasses Case / Magazine Spring 2015

Doll Mag Around the Web ♥ Doll Diaries

Doll Mag Blogger AwardsLooking Ahead ♥ If this past week has been any indication, April will bring a number of happy memories! Bella is super-duper excited to visit New York next week with her drama department; she’ll see a performance of Finding Neverland and sightsee around the city with her friends. Lulu can’t wait for April break, because there is nothing better than a good vacation. Finally, both of us can’t wait to wrap up our blogging issue to share with our readers in May {on the note, be sure to vote in the Doll Mag Blogger Awards HERE if you haven’t done so already :)}.

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Staff Picks / March 2015


Staff Picks March 2015Lulu and I are shocked at how quickly March flew by; spring is upon us, and summer break will be here before we know it! To “slow down time,” the two of us have compiled our favorites from the online doll community in the past month. There was a number of exciting announcements, adorable outfits, and stunning photography, so believe us when we say narrowing down our Staff Picks is very difficult. What were some of your favorite posts from March?

1 ∗ We always take notes of Clarisse’s style advice, because when are her outfit combinations not super chic?! Her most recent mix and match post offers suggestions for Molly’s Meet Outfit and the Ruffled Hoodie Outfit, and the variety of pieces used makes it a great resource for a spring wardrobe slump.

2 ∗ Easter snuck up on me this year – I can hardly believe it’s a week away! In preparation of egg hunts and Easter baskets, I’m sure I’ll make a few of Liz’s doll-sized chocolate bunnies. With basic sewing skills and her free pattern, you could create several of these sweet treats in one afternoon.

3 ∗ It’s still snowing as I write this, so you can imagine my envy when I see Zoë’s stunning – and snow-free – photos! A white tutu may not be practical wear, but it looks gorgeous on her doll, Ellie; it makes me wish I snagged some of Isabelle’s dance products when she was still available for sale.

4 ∗ The latest Ever After High episode, “An Hexclusive Invitation,” recently premiered, giving fans {like Lulu!} their first glimpse of Faybelle Thorn, the newest EAH villain. I’m nowhere near an EAH expert, but I think Faybelle is too cute, even if she is a trouble-maker.

5 ∗ We’ve been longtime supporters of the Etsy shop, Janie Jumps. Caroline’s products are high-quality and clearly made with love. Fans we are, both of us are so excited that she’s decided to embark on a new endeavor; her newest Etsy shop, Sparrow and Wren Mercantile, opens up this Thursday – we can’t wait!

6 ∗ Finally, we recently saw the Disney film, Cinderella, and left the theater in awe of the beautiful costume design. Grace, over at Dollicious, honors the stunning gowns with her Cinderella-themed photo shoot. Her new doll, Summer, is such a cutie in blue!

Doll Mag Blogger AwardsIn other news, we have set up the final round of voting for the Doll Mag Blogger Awards! We appreciate you stopping by and choosing your favorites in each category. This round of voting will end on April 12th, and the winners will be revealed in the May/June issue released on May 1st! :) Please vote HERE.

Have a great night!