Staff Picks / September 2015

Hello, hello!

Happy weekend, friends! We love to take the time on Saturday and Sunday to get ahead on schoolwork, have spontaneous movie nights {our latest was Newsies, after we saw the musical of the same name over the summer}, and best of all, catch up on our favorite blogs, doll-related and otherwise. We had skipped Staff Picks in August due to our short vacation, but the feature has returned with a batch of excellent posts, articles, and other mentions. Read to your heart’s content before sharing your favorite posts of the month – blog love is the best.

Staff Picks September 2015{1} Some of Lulu’s favorite movies when she was younger were the ones starring the Disney Fairies; this adorable post by Journey Girl’s Adventures, therefore, was only bound to make her smile! The gorgeous shots, the captivating photo effects, and the well-placed cliffhanger all guarantee that she’ll be back for next week’s installment. Thumbs up from us!

{2} There are some bloggers that make being cool look effortless. Case in point? Inky, New York resident and Instagram superstar, who recently gave us a peek into her perfectly-styled bedroom. From her extensive Uglydoll collection to her colorful rows of books, it’s clear Inky has an eye for interior design, so only one question remains: when can we visit?

{3} While the latest Ever After High special did come out in August, Lulu couldn’t help but include it in this month’s round of picks! The animation was breathtaking {especially in the outfit transformation sequence!} and she adored the “wonderlandiful” story. She would love to discuss with other EAH fans, so if you’ve seen it, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments :)

{4} It’s hard to keep up with trends in real life, let alone translate them to the doll world too! For this reason, Bella adores any fashion craft that is both easy and quick to make, like Liz’s recent leather bracelet inspired tutorial. It’s trendy, it’s creative, and it’s an oh-so cute accessory to go with our dolls’ fall wardrobes. Perhaps we’ll make a few of our own as we watch the Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiere tonight!

{5} Doll Mag advice of the day: There’s nothing a good piece of cake can’t solve! Lulu loved reading about Kaya and Xyra’s adventures in the kitchen in a recent photo story; that lemon cake looks oh-so yummy {and makes us both hungry and ready to bake!}. What recipes have you been whipping up as of late?

{6} Finally, the girls at Dolly Dorm Diaries have impressed us yet again with their gorgeous photography and fun adventures. Cindy, Christina, and Saige took advantage of the late summer weather to fit in another beach trip, but this time with other friends: their horses! We think there’s nothing better than doing something with the people you love most, and it seems they agree.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Staff Picks / July 2015


With July coming to a close, it’s time for another round of Staff Picks! The two of us have been writing this monthly feature since the beginning of the Doll Mag blog {i.e quite a long time}, and we still believe it’s important to highlight the work of other talented doll fans. Fortunately, summer seems to be treating us doll bloggers well – we had such a difficult choosing from July’s slew of creative posts! Since June escaped without its own staff picks, we packed today’s round-up with eight terrific finds to brighten up your Thursday. Read and spread some love.

July Staff Picks1 / Syddie, blogger of Snister’s Flock, is an outstanding photographer; we are often left in awe when we read her new posts! Thankfully for us and other admirers of her photos, she’s willing to share some of her secrets, as she does in her recent photo shoot. Her photos – with stunning bokeh – capture Caroline, Jimmy the Fox, and their doll sized world perfectly.

2 / We don’t follow A Girl for All Time as closely as, say, American Girl or Ever After High, but we were excited nonetheless to see the promotional photo of their newest doll: Sam, the line’s 1960’s girl! From her adorable rosy cheeks to her stylish mod dress, we’re sure she’ll be a sell-out come September. Thanks to Confessions of a Doll Collector’s Daughter for sharing the news!

3 / Charlie always seems to have a fun day planned and photographed. Case in point? Her recent post on her trip to the zoo! With the cutest tote bag and camera in hand, Charlie snapped pictures of lions, elephants, and other animals to share with her readers. All we want to know now is if we can join her on her next field trip!

4 / The two of us agree: if we were given a chance to travel anywhere in the world, Europe would be at the top of our lists! Sabine’s recent travel recap already had our attention with its title; we Audrey Hepburn fans know our Roman Holiday :) She follows up a great name with photos of famous sites and insight into her trip to Rome. Yes and yes.

5 / July was quite a busy month in the Ever After High World! Pictures of upcoming releases were posted online, the dolls themselves were shown at the San Diego Comic Con, and hints about the next hour-long special were released. Lulu was particularly excited about the new signature release dolls, and she eagerly stalked checked her favorite EAH blogs for photos from the Con. Her favorites? Justine Dancer {pictured here} and Heartstruck C.A. Cupid.

6 / Summer calls for light sundresses and evenings spent outside, two things that Charlotte and Becca from Simply Dollightful recently took advantage of. The gorgeous sun-drenched pictures of their photo story had us pulling out our own mini dolls and attempting to make as pretty of a French braid. Bonus points for the Anne of Green Gables reference!

7 / Clarisse rocks her sense of style with each new post she publishes, so of course it was no different of a case with her birthday recap. In typical Clarisse fashion, her party was complete with live music, chocolate cupcakes, and thoughtful gifts {we want that Kate Spade bag ourselves!}. Bella, as a July birthday buddy, definitely approves.

8 / We have mentioned our love of frozen treats before, so it came as no surprise that this tasty looking sorbet from A Peek Into the Pantry caught our eye. Gwen’s recipe for an Addy inspired Ice Orangeade is not only easy to follow, but also explained with a number of interesting historical facts. Time to get out the ice cream maker!

Happy Thursday!

Staff Picks / May 2015


May was a very busy month in the doll world: Caroline’s retirement was confirmed, the Truly Me revamp was seen for the first time, and we got a peek at the newest Beforever addition, Maryellen Larkin! Along with a hectic school schedule, we hadn’t gotten a chance to take a look at all of your lovely blogs and posts until earlier today. Luckily, we were able to squeeze in our Staff Picks before May was over, and we’re sure that these six fun reads will end your month on a happy note.

Staff Picks May 20151. The photographs at Glowy Zoe are never anything less than superb; the Learning to Skate photo story is just one recent example! The sun is a highlight to cutie Brooke’s attempts at roller-skating, lending itself to a number of stunning pictures.

2. Finding new blogs to read is always fun, so Lulu was very excited when she stumbled upon the site, The Realm of AG! All of Shannon’s posts are terrific, but Lulu’s favorite would have to be the Peculiars series (pictured above). She isn’t done reading them yet though, so no spoilers!

3. The Thing 1 and Thing 2 interview over at AG in the Shire had both of us giggling! Be sure to go check out Willow and Charlie’s attempts at interviewing their doormates – but just remember, whiskers are a must.

4. The two of us can’t wait to participate in this year’s Camp Doll Diaries. Char, Karen, Anna, and the rest of the Doll Diaries team work so hard to make each summer a success, and this year’s fun should be no different if the pre-camp activities are any indication. This simple, yet cute, pillow craft has us wishing for our own cabin mates.

5. We likely won’t make a trip to American Girl until we are on summer break, so, in the meantime, we can make do with the advice and photos from other doll bloggers. Kiki’s recent trip to see the Truly Me debut ended in the best way possible: relaxing on the new AG hammock. Shopping done right :)

6. Lulu loves these cute AG-themed coloring pages from Small Dolls in a Big World! The Beforever ones are her favorite, and she’s sure that she’ll be busy coloring away this summer. Isn’t Josefina’s goat adorable?!

Have a happy Saturday!

Lulu and Bella

Staff Picks / April 2015


Staff Picks April 2015Much to our disbelief, we are already nearing the end of April, which can only mean two things in the Doll Mag household: the deadline for our next issue is nearing {check back on Friday to read it} and it’s time for another round of Staff Picks! As always, we are blown away by fellow bloggers’ creativity and photography, making our four choices difficult ones. Because we can never highlight every single site we would like to, we’re going to take a cue from another blogger we admire, Char at Doll Diaries. Send someone an online high-five by sharing their post in the comments below – a little bit of online love is the BEST! :)

1 / Berry season has arrived! The girls at The Salty Breeze took advantage of the nice weather and visited their local berry patch. The cute photos have us wishing to go strawberry picking, but in the meantime, we’ll just urge you to read the entire post here.

2 / Is there a more fun way to spend Easter than at Disneyland?! Bella thinks not. Stylishly attired in a mint green dress, Molly must have had a blast when she visited earlier this month; photos of her day were posted at Miss Molly and Friends.

3 / Although this daring cutie hasn’t been released yet, Lulu fell in love with her and her stylish armor the minute she saw the new photos. Darling Charming, daughter of King Charming, will be joining the EAH line later this year. Will she be joining your collection?

4 / Lulu has happy memories of watching the Strawberry Shortcake cartoon when she was younger, so she loved reading Emily’s witty reviews of the Strawberry Shortcake line! While the dolls have changed quite a bit over the years, we think it’s safe to say that they’re still berry adorable.

5 / Our Generation has definitely improved upon their sense of fashion, as evident in this recent post at Audra’s Elements of Style. Audra’s friend Tamsyn looks stunning in her floral dress, blossom crown, and army green jacket – we would take a cue from her wardrobe!

6 / It’s no secret that we enjoy doll fashion blogs, so coming across Alexandra D. Perreault was a welcome surprise! Alexandra {the namesake of the chic site} and her friends have a superb taste in style, and their mix and match combinations are sure to catch your eye.

7 / Springtime to us means loads of flowers and pretty dresses – and Chloe’s photos at the Dolls of Sweet Nokia Street have both! The beautiful bluebonnets are a perfect background for the third edition of this lovely photo shoot.

8 / Finally, proms are a classic springtime event, and we loved Claire’s creativity in her Prom Week posts. Her dolls looked gorgeous in their dresses, which, surprisingly enough, are actually skirts for humans! Be sure to take a peek over at her blog, Carrot and Claire.

Have a lovely start to your week!

Staff Picks / March 2015


Staff Picks March 2015Lulu and I are shocked at how quickly March flew by; spring is upon us, and summer break will be here before we know it! To “slow down time,” the two of us have compiled our favorites from the online doll community in the past month. There was a number of exciting announcements, adorable outfits, and stunning photography, so believe us when we say narrowing down our Staff Picks is very difficult. What were some of your favorite posts from March?

1 ∗ We always take notes of Clarisse’s style advice, because when are her outfit combinations not super chic?! Her most recent mix and match post offers suggestions for Molly’s Meet Outfit and the Ruffled Hoodie Outfit, and the variety of pieces used makes it a great resource for a spring wardrobe slump.

2 ∗ Easter snuck up on me this year – I can hardly believe it’s a week away! In preparation of egg hunts and Easter baskets, I’m sure I’ll make a few of Liz’s doll-sized chocolate bunnies. With basic sewing skills and her free pattern, you could create several of these sweet treats in one afternoon.

3 ∗ It’s still snowing as I write this, so you can imagine my envy when I see Zoë’s stunning – and snow-free – photos! A white tutu may not be practical wear, but it looks gorgeous on her doll, Ellie; it makes me wish I snagged some of Isabelle’s dance products when she was still available for sale.

4 ∗ The latest Ever After High episode, “An Hexclusive Invitation,” recently premiered, giving fans {like Lulu!} their first glimpse of Faybelle Thorn, the newest EAH villain. I’m nowhere near an EAH expert, but I think Faybelle is too cute, even if she is a trouble-maker.

5 ∗ We’ve been longtime supporters of the Etsy shop, Janie Jumps. Caroline’s products are high-quality and clearly made with love. Fans we are, both of us are so excited that she’s decided to embark on a new endeavor; her newest Etsy shop, Sparrow and Wren Mercantile, opens up this Thursday – we can’t wait!

6 ∗ Finally, we recently saw the Disney film, Cinderella, and left the theater in awe of the beautiful costume design. Grace, over at Dollicious, honors the stunning gowns with her Cinderella-themed photo shoot. Her new doll, Summer, is such a cutie in blue!

Doll Mag Blogger AwardsIn other news, we have set up the final round of voting for the Doll Mag Blogger Awards! We appreciate you stopping by and choosing your favorites in each category. This round of voting will end on April 12th, and the winners will be revealed in the May/June issue released on May 1st! :) Please vote HERE.

Have a great night!

Staff Picks / February 2015


Staff Picks / Feb. 2015 It’s been quite a busy week in the Doll Mag household! We finally got a chance to take a peek at our favorite doll blogs though, and were oh-so impressed by the flurry of amazing posts (and snow!) in the doll world this month. While it was hard to narrow down all the choices to just six, these ones stood out to us the most…

1 >> Being a hardcore purple-lover, Lulu immediately fell in love with the violet colored outfit Autumn modeled on Audra’s Elements of Style! The fabrics are cozy, Autumn’s hair is gorgeous, and the photos are lovely, so there’s really only one question: where can Lulu find it in her size?

2 >> Kelsey’s adventures in Chicago look like so much fun! Lulu absolutely loves the winter-y photos on the My Journey Girls Adventures blog – the combination of bokeh and snow are just oh so pretty.

3 >> Bella adored this funny skit – it left us giggling all afternoon! Be sure to check it out; hilarious results will definitely follow! (We would personally love to meet the AG historical girls at a restaurant, how about you?)

4 >> Bella loved this elegant, (and easy) hairdo the minute she saw it on the Dollicious blog. She can’t wait to try it out on her dolls – they’ll look amazing!

5 >> Lulu couldn’t help but enjoy this adorable photo story on Miss Molly and Friends! The dolls looked like they had loads of fun at their sleepover – what could be better than Twister, food, and friends?

6 >> Who else wants to go grab a bite to eat at Emily’s Diner? The super cute photo story over at Kiki’s Korner left us both craving dessert (preferably before lunch!)

Have a great rest of your weekend,

Lulu and Bella

Staff Picks / January 2015


Staff Picks Jan 2015It seems like just yesterday when we were welcoming Grace to the AG collection, but the new year is moving right along. Before we close out January, however, the two of us wanted to highlight our favorite posts and doll news from the past month. If these past few weeks are any indication, 2015 is a year for the doll bloggers! :)

1 / We think everything Clarisse posts is adorable, but her sister, Pippa’s introduction is too cute for words. From the matching hats to the snuggly winter wear, this is one stylish {doll} family.

2 / Our backyard is currently covered in snow, so the Confessions of a Doll Collector’s Daughter review of the Kurhn Spring doll is definitely a welcome reminder of the upcoming warmer months. The lovely photography makes this pretty doll look even more gorgeous!

3 / Time for Lulu’s monthly EAH pick! Many Ever After High dolls were revealed this month, but the adorable Ginger Breadhouse is definitely a favorite. Lulu just loves her cute sweets-themed accessories and pink hair (Bri approves!).

4 / We’ve come across several “copycat” tutorials of Grace items, but this patisserie apron pattern from Many Small Friends is the most impressive. While we have our freebies from the American Girl Store GOTY debut, the post almost has us convinced to make our own.

5 / Christina’s photos are stunning, so much so that it was hard to pick just one photo story from Simply Dollightful to feature! However, the post of the dolls’ time at the cabin won us over with their excellent taste in reading – Little Women is the best.

6 / We’re big Pride and Prejudice fans here at the Doll Mag household, so the review of the Mr. Darcy tea flavor over at Teatime with Melody Q. was a very fun read! Lulu always enjoys their helpful tips and conversations.

What were your favorite doll things this month?

Lulu and Bella

Staff Picks / November 2014


Staff Picks November 2014How is your weekend going? Here at Doll Mag, we’re busy getting in the holiday spirit {we’re watching Miracle on 34th Street right now to kick things off}, but we have still managed to catch up on our favorite sites. Plenty of doll bloggers were busy this month, but the two of us especially loved these eight posts, photo shoots, and tutorials…

1 / Although this blog no longer has regular updates, Lulu has been busy reading all of Belle’s Bulletins’ old posts. It’s quite enjoyable and just like a doll-themed novel – what could be better?!

2 / Bella likes to think that Mia dolls look good in anything, but she definitely rocks the corduroy jeans in this stylish photo shoot. The lighting is spot-on in the photos as well – go take a peek at Vinyl Girls!

3 / Time for Lulu’s monthly EAH pick! Like many other Ever After High lovers, she has been eagerly waiting for the Kitty Cheshire doll to come out ever since she saw these lovely photos earlier in the month. Although the doll isn’t out yet, she is set to be released for the holiday season {i.e. soon!}.

4 / Another blog we’ve loved exploring? Candidly Charlie. With the great photos and well-written posts, it’s no wonder we enjoy it so much! Charlie has a variety of interests, but Bella thought her recent Harry Potter post was too cute.

5 / Anne of Green Gables fans will appreciate American Girl Fan’s cute post! We both love L. M. Montgomery’s classic, and Felicity makes the perfect AG counterpart.

6 / American Girl Magazine’s annual holiday issue is always fun to flip through, and the 2014 edition was no exception! From the tasty recipes to the adorable illustrated stickers, we certainly recommend buying your own copy. We grabbed ours at Barnes and Noble, but it is also available for sale online here.

7 / The first flurries of snow have finally arrived where we live, and it has helped to put us in the holiday mood. This photo shoot over at Carrot and Claire made us extra cheery; who doesn’t love that wintery coat?

8 / Over the past couple of days, the two of us have been dressing our dolls up in their winter wear for the holidays. Of course, a fancy dress isn’t complete with a hairstyle to match, so this fishtail bun tutorial from American Girl Place will come in handy! It looks fairly easy, so we will have to try it soon.

What were your favorite doll-related things this month?

Lulu and Bella

Staff Picks / October 2014


October 2014 Staff PicksThe last few months of the year are an exciting time for us! Right now, for example, we’re working on our holiday issue to release on Saturday, brainstorming crafts and other posts for the holiday season, and performing a few tweaks on our site. We are having a blast with everything, but it’s even more fun to see what you are all doing. Excitement is contagious – when you’re enthusiastic about your blog, your readers are bound to be as well! :) We’re sharing a few of our favorite doll links that follow in this pattern; inventive, creative, or cute, these posts all deserve a peek.

1 / All of the recipes Gwen shares at A Peek Into the Pantry look scrumptious, but the Nut and Raisin Bread, inspired by Molly, looks both easy to make and yummy to eat. Baking a can is a technique new to Bella, but she supposes it’s an opportunity to try something new! :)

2 / Lulu loves this elegant hairstyle from American Girl Fan! Described as “Half-Up Twists,” the style looks fairly simple to do. Both of us can’t wait to try it out on some of our dolls for Thanksgiving.

3 / Whooo doesn’t like this shirt?! Lulu fell in love with all of Janie Jump’s new releases on Etsy, especially the cute long-sleeve tees. They would be perfect for the winter season, and the colors are gorgeous! Her dolls Payton and Ellie have been eyeing the owl tee shown above.

4 / Bella used this helpful video tutorial when making a birthday gift for Lulu! Although some of the materials she used differ from the original, Cedar’s new bed is a welcome item for our ever-growing EAH family.  We will have to share a picture of our bed soon; meanwhile, we might have to try another tutorial.

5 / Doesn’t Cupid look lovely in her new set? Lulu was super-duper excited to see the promo photos of the upcoming Ever After High Through the Woods line on Amazon; she absolutely loves the Ashlynn and Cupid dolls. There may be some wish list revising once the sets are released!

6 / Finally, we have seen many adorable doll costumes this week. All of the dolls look so cute and ready for a night of trick-or-treating! One post we especially enjoyed was Hannah’s two-part series of homemade costumes over at AGDTime. She proves that a good costume is only minutes away with a bit of creativity.

Have an awesome rest of your day!
Bella and Lulu

Staff Picks / September 2014


Staff Picks September 2014We are a day late with September’s staff picks, but no worries, the posts we chose were worth the wait! From entertaining photo stories to stylish clothing choices, the posts of the doll blog world were top-notch last month. Be sure to stop by each link below and say hello; we know a sweet comment would make anyone’s day! Did you have a noteworthy post on your site to share?

1 » How fun is the blog name Glowy Zoë? Lulu was quite excited to discover this blog a few days ago during a pinning session, and she’ll definitely be checking back for more adorable photo shoots, like this fall themed one.

2 » Fellow book lovers have to stick together, right?! Inky recently shared her love of the library and reading {with some adorable photos we might add}, and we’re sure her enthusiasm about books will motivate you to pick up a novel too.

3 » Who doesn’t love the Red Riding Hood fairy tale? The only things that would make it better are a very cute doll and a very cute horse. The Vinyl Girls blog did just that in this terrific photo shoot – the hair style is just the cherry on top!

4 » The two of us stumbled upon this adorable Disney themed doll blog back in the spring, and we’ve enjoyed following it ever since. A recent hair tutorial captured Bella’s attention; Rapunzel looks gorgeous with her braided ‘do! Hopefully, the step by step photos will make it a breeze to recreate on our own dolls.

5 » We here at Doll Mag love our parties, so we adored this photo story celebrating Emily’s birthday. The dolls at Miss Molly and Friends celebrated her special day with an extra fun party, complete with treats and presents – the perfect way to spend your b-day!

6 » Clarisse may be slowing down her blogging schedule, but her sense of style hasn’t decreased a bit. Bella adores Clarisse’s latest ensemble – an on-trend sweater, tutu skirt, and big necklace combination – so much, she would like it in her closet.

7 » Lulu was disappointed when she found out that the Ever After High doll, Cerise Wolf, would only be a Comic Con Exclusive; she thought she was doomed to just looking at photos on her favorite EAH blogs! Thankfully, she discovered this Paper Doll World post on how to make a paper version of the Wolf-themed cutie! She’ll have to get working on one this weekend :)

8 » Finally, the us two rarely come across American Girl’s warehouse exclusives, so we love coming across product photos and reviews. Xyra from Tea Time with Melody Q found one herself: a cute AG pup to add to her doll family! Even better? She wrote up a thorough review, so you can decide whether or not to get a new doll pet for yourself.

Have an awesome start to your October!
B and L :)