Happy Valentine’s Day!


We hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday! With the start of our February break tomorrow, Bella and I are looking forward to afternoons spent watching Scandal, hanging out with friends, and writing up a few blog posts (keep your eye out for a review of Josefina’s nightgown later this week!) And what better way to kick off our break than with Valentine’s Day? The cold New England weather left behind some snow, making it the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot featuring our own EAH cutie, Cupid.

Valentine's Day Photo Shoot Valentine's Day Photo Shoot 2 Valentine's Day Photo Shoot 3 Valentine's Day Photo Shoot 4Have a great week!

Lulu and Cupid

Reviews for the Wintertime


How are you all? Lulu and I are keeping our eyes on the forecast for the weekend, as we’re anxious for a snowfall! In the meantime, however, we thought we’d pop in with a set of product reviews: one on the Warm Winter Outfit and Accessories, which Lulu was kindly gifted at Christmas {it was timely too – winter in New England certainly calls for a cute sweater and hat!} and another on the new Diabetes Set, which I snagged on the day of Lea’s release at the AG store. Both have their pros and cons, as you’ll see in our thoughts below. If you have either set, what do you think of them?

Lulu will take it away first! :)

IMG_0589My least favorite part about the Warm Winter outfit would have to be the leggings. While a great color, they fit awkwardly in the top half of the leg and don’t work very well as bottoms with the short sweater. They should come in handy however, when mixing and matching in the future!

IMG_0600The orange and dark purple color palette can be hard to pull off, but when done right, it can be one of my favorite combinations. In this case, I’m a fan! The material is soft and cozy, and I love the cut of the neckline. The heart elbow patches are cute, but I wish the color of them was subtler. I could do without the asymmetrical hemline as well.

Louisa in the SnowI am a huge fan of fluffy winter hats, so you can imagine my excitement when I first saw this adorable accessory! The fair aisle pattern is detailed, but not too busy, and adds a bit of fun to the outfit. And the pom-pom on top and fleece lining? Yes, please!

Louisa in the SnowAG usually does a pretty good job with their winter boots, and this time was no different! Using the same fabric as the hat, the orange cording and purple accents pull out the main color elements of the outfit. They’re quite easy to get on, and make it simple for your doll to stand – looking stylish while doing so, of course.

Doll mittens and gloves can be a bit tricky – full fingered gloves are too hard to slip onto AG hands, and if mittens are too loose, they are prone to fall off. The solution in this case? Fingerless gloves! Admittedly, these took me way longer to put to put on than they probably should have, and they’re not the most practical things in the world, but they sure are cute and help tie the outfit together.

Louisa in the SnowFinally we have the vest, which is made of a dark quilted fabric lined with fleece. It fits easily over the sweater, and while movement is a bit restricted when the Velcro is fully attached, it looks nice open or closed. It’s a great extra layer for winter days!

Overall? Some elements in the Warm Winter Outfit could use tweaking, but the majority of it is made up of cute and comfortable pieces in one of my favorite colors. I would recommend it for its accessories {especially the hat and the boots} and altogether winter-y look.

Buy it for yourself: Warm Winter Outfit and Warm Winter Accessories

American Girl Diabetes KitMy turn! As I had mentioned in my initial thoughts, I couldn’t be happier that American Girl had finally released a kit for their diabetic fans. Though the colors and materials veer to unrealistic, the accuracy of said pieces are top-notch. In other words? I could do without the blatant plastic look of the accessories, but I give my wholehearted approval to the intention behind each part, whether it’s the adorable miniature meter or the canister of glucose tablets.

American Girl Diabetes Kit and BagEverything fits neatly into the included bag – any diabetic will tell you that there’s a lot to carry around! I like the opportunity AG provides to personalize the kit; it’s a nice touch, and I personally think it only adds to the set’s appeal.

American Girl Diabetes Log and MeterOne drawback to the set? The lack of test strips! It’s a shame they didn’t include them because all other pieces clearly had so much thought put into them. Case in point: the journal, which has ample space for any doll diabetic to log and track her blood sugars throughout the day.

Overall, though, I’m pleased with the set. The play and educational purpose it serves greatly outweighs its cost {and at $24, it leans towards the cheaper end of the AG line}. American Girl has taken great measures to diversify their medical line, and in doing so, I believe they truly live up to the message of their brand. Thumbs up from me!

Buy it for yourself: Diabetes Care Kit

Have a terrific afternoon!
Bella {and Lulu!}

Monthly Recap / February 2015


Monthly RecapFebruary always seem to zip right by; even so, Lulu and I managed to pack in plenty of fun activities in those four short weeks! We’re a bit late in getting this monthly recap up {posting the spring issue and coordinating articles for the next one has dominated our time in the past week}, but we didn’t want to miss it. Here’s how our February went, and, of course, we love hearing how your month went too! :)

What We Loved ♥ Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?! Lulu and I look forward to the semi-annual Boden warehouse sales all year long, and the first one of 2015 was in February. We spent the day in Boston shopping, snagging deals on spring and summer goodies from our favorite brand.

Between snow days and school vacation, it felt like we had more days off than actual school days! Lulu and I put our time off to good use; we spent time with friends, reading books, and continuing our marathon of Audrey Hepburn movies and other old films. Finally, we were both heavily involved in performing arts last month. Bella survived a double tech week for her school’s Cabaret performance and one-act play competition {which was such an amazing day}, while Lulu auditioned for her school’s festival production {she’s going to do amazing in the costume manager position}.

Monthly Recap February 2015Reader’s Favorites ♥ Make a Valentine’s Day Mailbox / Seven Days of Style (February 2015)

Lulu’s Favorites ♥ We Review: Ever After High Spring Unsprung Special / Valentine’s Day Style

Bella’s Favorites ♥ 101 Dollmations (05) / AG February Release 2015 (Bella’s Thoughts)

Doll Mag Around the Web ♥ Doll Diaries / Karen Mom of Three

Looking Ahead ♥ Spring weather is our favorite, so we’re hoping March brings plenty of it! Other things we’re looking forward to? New releases in movie theaters, such as Cinderella and Home; seeing our older brother when he comes home from college, and wrapping up the second trimester of school.

Have a terrific Saturday!

Monthly Recap / January 2015


Monthly RecapEven with our short week, we here at Doll Mag are tuckered out; thankfully, it’s nothing that a weekend of reading, blogging, and baking can’t fix! In the meantime, we wanted to start up our monthly recaps again. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and winter break, our last one was {crazily} in October. Here’s how our January went – we would love to hear highlights of your month as well!

What We Loved ♥ January always starts with a trip to American Girl; seeing Grace in person confirmed what a cutie she is {and Lulu snagged her City Outfit}! The next few weeks zipped by with school projects, outings with friends, and after-school activities, but we still managed to fit in time for our new obsession: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Jane Austen fans, do yourself a favor and watch, or risk the wrath of Lulu :) Finally, we were sure we were going to have a winter with no snow days {INSANE, we know}, but the snow hit last week and won’t be leaving anytime soon.

January 2015 RecapReader’s Favorites ♥ Magazine (Winter 2015) / Meet Kitty! / AG January Release 2015 (Lulu’s Thoughts)

Lulu’s Favorites ♥ Make a Doll Sleeping Bag / Work It Like a Boss: Mastering PowerPoint / Working on Wednesdays (28)

Bella’s Favorites ♥ Working on Wednesdays (29) / AG January Release 2015 (Bella’s Thoughts) / Comments From Bri (15)

Doll Mag Around the Web ♥ Doll Diaries / Doll Diaries

From Readers ♥ We didn’t receive any photos from readers this month.

Random Updates ♥ We added new buttons to the side of our site so that the links to ask Gabby questions, sign up for a shop owner interview, or send us a letter are all easy-peasy to find.

Looking Ahead ♥ We have little doubt that February will be terrific. Lulu has auditions for her school’s one-act play festival next week to prepare for; she’s hoping to impress by going for a cast part AND the costumes position. She also can’t wait for Valentine’s Day, which is such a fun day of the year. Bella, on the other hand, won’t be leaving the auditorium with all of the tech-ing coming up! She’s super excited to help out with her school’s Cabaret production, and later, she’ll be backstage stage managing her school’s one-act play competition entry. Best of luck to us both {can we wish ourselves luck?! :)}. Finally, the two of us are eagerly anticipating the Boden Warehouse Sale on Saturday. It’s an outing we look forward to all year long.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Bella and Lulu

Magazine / Winter 2015


Doll Mag January February 2015How 2014 flew by so quickly, we’ll never know, but we are excited to welcome in 2015! The beginning of the year always means a new issue, and the two of us are happy to release our January/February edition. From shooting the cover to creating printables, we had a blast writing the articles in this issue; the both of us hope you have just as much fun reading them! Inside the newly formatted magazine, you’ll find…

  • an interview with the 2015 Girl of the Year, Grace Thomas! {we’ll be sharing our thoughts on her release soon}
  • Bri’s first-ever beauty column on how to handle a bad hair day.
  • regency era fashion inspired by our love of Jane Austen.
  • printables in different styles for a doll sized planner.
  • and much, much more!

You can download and read the current edition on ISSUU HERE, and you can download the issue freebies HERE.

There’s a few links we like to give with each issue. As always, you can enter our bimonthly survey HERE for a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue.

If you’re an Etsy shop owner, consider signing up for Shop Owner Spotlight {you’ll notice the feature’s absence this issue} HERE.

Ask Doll Mag’s fun-loving advice columnist, Gabby, a question HERE.

Send us feedback on the latest issue – your letter may be chosen for the March/April edition! You can find the form HERE.

Finally, you can read ALL of our back issues HERE on ISSUU.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful new year, friends!
Bella and Lulu

A Holiday Gift from Us to You!


Doll Winter Fun KitIt’s almost time for us to wrap up Holiday Headquarters 2014; we are now on school vacation and our relatives will soon be here for Christmas! We have a few extra goodies before we finish our series, however, the first being our 2014 holiday gift.

The two of us were delighted that you enjoyed our printable kits so much in years’ past {Click HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE to give them a look}. While school and other commitments prevented us from making a full set of printables, we hope this mini kit will make your winter break a little more fun! You can download it here: Doll Winter Fun Kit

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a very special surprise!

Happy holidays, friends! :)
Bella and Lulu

Vintage Holiday Dresses / Holiday Headquarters 2014


There’s something extra fun about dressing up in a twirly dress, especially for the holiday season! I love seeing all the different styles that are for sale in different stores, and it’s no different when I’m shopping for doll clothes. While I was browsing Etsy a couple weeks ago, I noticed lots of holiday dresses and outfits popping up in some of my favorite shops. They were all so pretty, but I was drawn towards the vintage and historical ones the most; today, I wanted to share my four favorites!

Holiday Holly Dress1 / Holiday Holly Vintage Dress from Cupcake Cutie Pie / Background from Peppermint Crunch Pumpkins and Posies Digital Scrapbook

Letterpress Dress2 / Letterpress Blocks Dress from Kindred Thread / Background from Peppermint Crunch Pumpkins and Posies Digital Scrapbook

En Toile Dress3. Holidays “En Toile” 1700s Dress from The Dolly Dama / Background from Vintage Christmas Pumpkins and Posies Digital Scrapbook

Christmas Special Ensemble4. Christmas Special 1940s Three Piece Ensemble from Babies Art Us / Background from Vintage Christmas Pumpkins and Posies Digital Scrapbook

Are your dolls dressed up for the holidays yet?


Holiday Headquarters LogoDoll Mag is hosting Holiday Headquarters all month long! Be sure to check back for more holiday-themed fun. Have you made anything from Holiday Headquarters 2014? Be sure to send us a photo at dollmagblog[at]gmail[dot]com!

Working On Holidays / WOW 27


Full ShotHow are you enjoying Holiday Headquarters 2014 so far? For my first post of our winter extravaganza, I wanted to share the behind-the-scenes photos from our November/December cover photo shoot with you. We built the scene using cardboard boxes, winter house decorations, fake snow, a white blanket, and black poster board. It was one of my favorite shoots, and Bella and I had loads of fun, as did Sienna and Rubye…

Snow AngelsSnow Angels!

Buried in the snow...Waiting, waiting…

Surprise Attack!Surprise Attack!

Snow FallGetting the snow to fall was a bit tricky…

Siena's Snow CloudAnd most of the time Sienna got her own personal flurry!

Snow HatsBut it all worked out :)

Have you done any winter photo shoots lately?

Lulu :)

Holiday Headquarters LogoDoll Mag is hosting Holiday Headquarters all month long! Be sure to check back for more holiday-themed fun.

Magazine / Holiday 2014


Doll Mag November December 2014Happy November, friends! It’s starting to get cold outside {at least where we live}, so it seems fitting that today is the release of our 2014 holiday issue. The November/December issue has always been one of our favorites to put together, and this edition was no different. Full of many crafts and articles, we hope that it makes your holidays even more doll-ightful! Inside, you’ll find…

  • an interview with American Girl’s archived darlings, Cecile and Marie-Grace.
  • our annual gift guide, with presents for everyone on your list!
  • a step-by-step guide to doing the intricate bow braid.
  • printables for a Thanksgiving Day feast.
  • and much, much more!

You can download the current issue HERE.

We have had many readers contact us about downloading issues! In an effort to fix that, we have joined Issuu, a free online publication site and app. You can view our account and read the new issue HERE. As always, let us know of any problems! :)

You can enter the bimonthly survey HERE. You may find yourself in the next issue!

Finally, as we are shamelessly plugging away here, feel free to visit us on Pinterest HERE! We’ll be sharing holiday links from now until New Year’s Eve.

Lots of love, Bella and Lulu

Winter Photo Shoot / January 2014


As you probably know by now, I really like Ever After High dolls, and I own three myself. Unfortunately, they have such specific body molds, no clothes I have fit them except their own, so during the holidays I was very excited to see that I would be receiving three Ever After High outfits for my dolls! I got them a couple of weeks ago from the excellent Etsy shop, MoonSight68, and I fell in love with the cute fabrics and designs. The clothes were so cute, I decided to do a photo shoot starring our very own EAH dolls, Bri, Piper, and Grace…

IMG_0932Doesn’t Piper look great in the sweater and skirt set?

IMG_0943 Grace’s dress almost blends in with the snow!

IMG_0951Bri looks stunning in her cool multi-colored dress!

IMG_0959Group Shot!

Have you done any fun winter-themed things with your dolls?