Paper Doll Cat Costume / Guest Post


Do you know N over at Paper Doll World? If you haven’t, definitely check her site out. She is very talented! Lulu and I both adored the Halloween costumes she created for the current September/October issue, so we are simply delighted to share this extra cat costume tutorial. Enjoy!

Cat-Costume-Paper-Doll-World1. Measure your doll to create simple shapes for a shirt and pants.

2. Draw stripes on the shirt and pants.

3. Measure your doll’s feet to make shoes. Add claw details.

4. Measure your doll’s head to make a pair of cat ears.

5. To make the costume a little spookier, add a necklace with a fish skeleton pendant.

6. Use a scrap of tissue or trace paper in a coordinating color to make a mask. Cut the edges into points to resemble cat-eye glasses. Attach it to your doll’s face with a glue stick.

7. Color in the rest of the outfit, cut it out, and tape it to the doll. To make the outfit look more cat-like, cut a scrap of paper in a coordinating color to look like a tail. You can also use more tissue or trace paper to make whiskers.

Thanks so much again to N! :) Have you started thinking about your Halloween costume?

Lots of love, B


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