Meet Beatrice!


Meet Beatrice 1I hope you’re all having a lovely start to your week! Although I’m feeling a bit under the weather, (colds are no fun!) I couldn’t wait to share the newest addition to our doll family. Over the weekend, I received the EAH Forest Pixie Harelow doll as a gift, and fell in love with her adorable bunny ears and spring-y dress. I ended up renaming her Beatrice (after Peter Rabbit author Beatrix Potter) and decided that she’s a fan of animals, illustration, riding her bike, and gardening. Yesterday afternoon, the two of us headed outside for a sunlight-filled photo shoot…

Meet Beatrice 4

Beatrice and a new friend.

Meet Beatrice 3

Meet Beatrice 5And of course, I couldn’t leave out another bunny bud who joined our household this weekend…

Bunny!What have you and your dolls been up to lately?

Lulu & Beatrice


Happy Valentine’s Day!


We hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday! With the start of our February break tomorrow, Bella and I are looking forward to afternoons spent watching Scandal, hanging out with friends, and writing up a few blog posts (keep your eye out for a review of Josefina’s nightgown later this week!) And what better way to kick off our break than with Valentine’s Day? The cold New England weather left behind some snow, making it the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot featuring our own EAH cutie, Cupid.

Valentine's Day Photo Shoot Valentine's Day Photo Shoot 2 Valentine's Day Photo Shoot 3 Valentine's Day Photo Shoot 4Have a great week!

Lulu and Cupid

Bri’s New Year’s Live Blog + Meet Eliza and Sarah

Happy Almost January, everyone! Bella and I wanted to spend the last couple days of 2015 getting a head start on our New Year’s Resolutions – being a bit better about updating the blog. We’ve been really busy these past couple of months with school and the holidays, but not to worry! We have lots of great things coming up, including our next issue, featuring the new GOTY. (Bella and I are going to our nearest AG store on Friday for the new release, and we’ll be sure to share our thoughts on the new items.) Today I’m popping in to share some fun Bri-related news, as well as introduce you to two new additions who joined our doll family last week.

Bri Live Blog 2015First up, Bri will be back this year with another New Year’s Eve Live Blog! For those of you who missed last year’s event, you can check it out here (along with the summer version), but we can also quickly sum it up: Bri and her buds celebrated the New Year with a party (and took over the comments section), which was documented and updated every half hour here on the blog until midnight. The response was great and we had loads of fun, so Bella and I are quite excited for this year’s installment. Check out the details below!

  • On December 31 (Tomorrow!) Bri will be having a New Year’s Eve extravaganza with her friends, and will be blogging an extra special post in honor of the event here on the Doll Mag blog. The post will be updated throughout the evening at every half hour. So, every 30 minutes, be sure to refresh your page to see what Bri is up to.
  • The event starts tomorrow evening at 8:30 PM E.T. and will run until 12:00 AM.
  • Starting 8:30 PM E.T. till 12:00 AM E.T., Bri will be online and responding to your comments! Sounds fun, right?

We hope you can join in on the festivities! And of course, you can always catch up on Jan 1st.

Now, onto the new additions to our doll family! I was lucky enough to receive two new Ever After High dolls this holiday season, Dragon Games Darling Charming and Fairest on Ice Duchess Swan. Both are gorgeous and very photogenic, so I couldn’t wait to do their introductory photo shoots. Below are their pictures and a bit more in-depth info about them.

Eliza 1I’ll start with Duchess, who is a vision in purple. When I first saw the photos of the Fairest on Ice line, Duchess was definitely my favorite, but seeing her in person is what really made me fall in love with her. She has the loveliest eyes and makeup (those eyebrows!) and her outfit is gorgeous. I ended up renaming her Eliza, because not only does it suit her, but also because Bella and I are huge Hamilton fans, and Eliza Hamilton (played by the amazing Phillipa Soo) is the best. Anyway, I figure that Eliza probably enjoys ice skating, Broadway musicals, a good brunch, and dance.

Eliza 2 Eliza 3 Eliza 4

Sarah 1Next up we have Dragon Games Darling Charming, who I’ve been eyeing for a little while. I really liked Darling’s character in the EAH webseries, so I was eager to check out her dolls. Her Dragon Games version immediately piqued my interest with her detailed armor and light blue color palette, so I was quite excited to receive her as a gift. And like Eliza, she is amazing in person! She has a really nice facial screening, and her outfit is super duper cool. I ended up naming her Sarah, (after Sarah Walker, from my favorite TV show, Chuck) and decided that she probably likes fantasy movies and books (Wizards! Pirates! Magic!), mythology and mythos, animals, and chocolate chip cookies.

Sarah 2 Sarah 3 Sarah 4 (With my Land of Nod plush, Athena the Unicorn)

And one last photo of these cuties together…

Sarah 5 Happy Wednesday!


Meet Molly!


When I first became interested in the Ever After High line a few years ago, I immediately fell in love with the turquoise-haired, tea-loving Madeline Hatter. In fact, I was so in love that I planned on getting her as my first EAH doll, but my local store didn’t have her in stock; so you can then imagine how excited I was when I received her Sugar Coated doll as a birthday gift a couple of weeks ago! After excitedly ripping the paper off her box, I was happy to see that she is just as cute in person as she is in the pictures. And so, without further ado, here’s Molly! {also known as Maddie}

Molly 6I usually rename my Ever After High dolls, and this time was no different! After a little bit of brainstorming, my mom, Bella, and I finally decided on calling this Wonderland cutie Molly. I’ve also decided that she loves tea, roller skating, sci-fi and time travel books, and baking shows. She and Gigi can have endless Masterchef marathons!

Over the weekend, Molly and I grabbed some tea-themed fabric and snapped a few introductory photos…

Molly 1 Molly 2 Molly 3Molly 4Happy Monday!

Lulu and Molly

A Fall Photoshoot


October is one of my favorite months! Not only is it when my birthday falls, but it is also when I finally feel like it’s autumn. The weather becomes perfect for jackets, vests, and boots, apple cider immediately becomes my favorite beverage, and the leaves begin to change colors and fall to the ground. This weekend, I dug out my sweaters and Bella and I kicked off the fall season with a fun movie night, watching the spooky classic, Halloweentown. Of course, our dolls wanted to join in on the fun too! Dressed in a new ensemble, Dani headed outside with me today for some cold(er) weather photos.

Dani Head ShotDani 2 Dani 3 Dani 4 Dani 5 Dani 6Have an amazing week! :)

Lulu and Dani

Psst. Thanks so much for your patience with our Anne of Green Gables book club post! We’ll have it up Tuesday and would love to hear your thoughts on the last set of chapters.

Working on Wednesdays / 34


One of our favorite parts of making the magazine is brainstorming and photographing our cover. While it can be a long process, it’s always an enjoyable one, and this month’s photo shoot was no different! For the July/August issue, we were inspired by our love of all things nautical and the nearby Boston harbor to take some pictures of Lauryce, our oh-so cute Hearts for Hearts doll, by the water. We ended up using only one of these shots in the final magazine, but the two of us couldn’t wait to share the outtakes of this summer photo shoot with you. Have you gone any fun adventures this summer?

Lauryce in BostonLauryce by BoatsLauryce by water Lauryce on Dock 2 Lauryce on DockLulu also did a bit of experimenting with different filters after being inspired by Dollicious’s fun post.

IMG_4600And here is Lulu’s arm, as she helps make sure Lauryce is ready for her close-up. :)

We also took a couple of non-doll related photos while we were out and about around Boston…

Art in BostonHere is the cool art we came across while walking through the Rose Kennedy Greenway (To learn more about this particular piece and its artist, click here).

LobsterAnd also became friends with a lobster! 

Which photo of Lauryce is your favorite?

Bella and Lulu

Psst. We are super behind in replying to comments, but we hope to get to each and every one soon! Thank you, as always, for stopping by and reading.

Springtime / A Photo Shoot


I’m happy to say that the springtime weather has finally arrived where we live, and that we’re enjoying every minute of it! I absolutely love all of the gorgeous flowers and blossoms that are blooming outside my window – they’re just so pretty. :)  Every time I see them, I end up thinking back to Sienna’s welcome post (back when her name was spelled Siena), which is one of my favorite photo shoots that I have done for this blog. A few days ago I noticed that the bushes in our garden were covered in soft pink flowers and I decided to recreate that post with the help of Sienna and my other nature-loving EAH doll, Dani. Check it out below!

Sienna in BushFirst up we have a picture of Sienna among the greens! I just love the light in this one.

Dani and FenceHere’s Dani just looking cute!

Sienna's ShoesFor some reason Sienna’s shoes fascinate me. Hmm…

Dani and FlowersAnd here’s a shot of Dani with all of the flowers. I love how they look with her hair!

Happy spring!


P.S. Right now is Bella’s tech week (she’s the stage manager for her school’s production of Shrek – yay!), so we’ll just be popping in and out this week. We have loads of fun things planned for this month (including a birthday party poll!) though, so be sure to keep a look out!

Meet Gigi!


Meet GigiA few weeks ago, my wonderful mother surprised me with a very special gift…a Ginger Breadhouse Ever After High doll! I immediately fell in love with her cute glasses and fluffy pink hair, and began brainstorming nicknames. After a couple hours of scouring name sites and collaborating with Bella, I came up with the perfect name: Gigi! Or Gigi the Genius, as Bri has deemed her. She loves science, baking (she and Cupid are going to be whipping up all sorts of yummy treats!), old movies, chocolate, fashion, and wants to be a Food Scientist when she grows up!

Gigi the Genius and I couldn’t wait to take some sweet-themed photos…

Gigi 1 Gigi 2 Gigi 3

Happy Thursday!

Lulu and Gigi

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Meet Kitty!


Kitty Cheshire was immediately became one of my favorite characters when I first heard about EAH a couple of years ago. I loved everything about her – the purple hair, the purple dress, the purple tights. She was purr-fect! So you can imagine my excitement when I first saw pictures of her doll back in October. Unfortunately, her release was delayed for awhile because of some production mishaps, and I was left waiting and waiting. A couple weeks ago, several announcements appeared on Ever After High blogs that Kitty Cheshire was in stock on But then, when I finally got on the stock page – she was no longer available! (Cue evil music!) Luckily, my obsessive internet skills made sure that I was ready the next time she was in stock. And here she is…

Kitty-Full ShotKitty Cheshire! Isn’t she adorable? Unlike most of my other EAH dolls, (besides Cupid, of course) Kitty’s name is staying the same as her original one, although I did add the middle name Katrina. (Kitty Kat Cheshire–isn’t that cute?) I’ve decided that she enjoys plays, mystery novels, knitting, cats, hanging upside down, writing, spy shows, and Kit-Kats! Oh, and purple of course. :)

Kitty and I couldn’t wait to have a photo shoot (with the help of a few very special friends)…

Kitty's KittyKitty immediately became best buds with this cute little black cat. She named him Wonderland!

Kitty and the CatsWonderland couldn’t wait to introduce Kitty to all his friends! (Kitty and the Cats–sounds like a band name, doesn’t it?)

Kitty and RubyeRubye was eagerly awaiting the arrival of her bestie too! She and Kitty couldn’t wait to take some pictures together.

Kitty on FenceAnd of course, Kitty had to go take her photo on the fence outside, as is EAH tradition. Despite the cold, she still managed to hang upside down. :)

Have a great rest of your week,

Lulu and Kitty

Holiday Roundup + Meet Dani!


Can you believe it’s already the end of December 2014? The year seems to have gone by so fast! Bella and I are so proud of how much our blog has grown, and we are thankful for each and every one of our fabulous readers. Before we head into the new year, Bella and I couldn’t help but squeeze in one last holiday-themed post about the thoughtful doll-related gifts we received this year.

Pippaloo Cookies1 >> Bella and I were each given a set of doll cookies from one of our favorite Etsy shops, Pippaloo! I received Bizcochito cookies for my Josefina doll, and Bella got holiday sugar cookies for her entire doll family to share. It always amazes us how realistic the clay treats end up looking :)

Julie Clothes2 >> Bella and I were also each given one of Julie’s new Beforever outfits. My doll Gabby absolutely adores her faux fur purple coat and Julie looks oh-so cute in her new holiday dress. Though, I do have a weakness for anything purple…

EAH Dolls in Dresses3 >> I was lucky enough to receive these amazing dresses (as well as a couple others) for my EAH dolls from this Etsy shop and this one. I think they fit each of the EAH girls’ personalities perfectly!

We also received a few other things that I didn’t get to take pictures of for this post, but not to worry! You’ll be seeing them in the very near future :)

Bri's Live Blog  Before we get to this post’s biggest surprise, I have one more thing to add (Promise)! Tomorrow, in honor of New Year’s Eve, Bri will be doing a special live blog post! Here are the details:

  • On December 31 (Tomorrow!) Bri will be having a New Year’s Eve party with her friends, and will be blogging an extra special post in honor of the event here on the Doll Mag blog. The post will be updated throughout the evening at every half hour. So, every 30 minutes, be sure to refresh your page to see what Bri is up to.
  • The event starts tomorrow evening at 8:30 PM E.T. and will run until 12:00 AM.
  • From 8:30 PM E.T. till 10:00 PM E.T. Bri will be online and responding to your comments! Sounds fun, right?

Alright, now the big surprise of this post… meet my new EAH doll, Dani!

WavingI had been wanting one of the Ashlynn Ella Ever After High dolls for awhile, so it was such a pleasant surprise to discover her Mirror Beach doll under my family’s tree on Christmas morning. She came out of her box right away and I immediately fell in love with this cutie! In my traditional EAH style, I renamed her – this time deciding on Daniella, or Dani for short! Coming up with her personality and favorites took a bit of time (and lots of help from Bella!), but I finally decided that she enjoys iced tea, surfing, volleyball, photography, and playing the trumpet. She’s an adorable doll and became best friends with the rest of the EAH dolls in no time!

Dani and I picked out a pretty ocean-themed background for her introductory photo shoot…

Dani (Fullshot)Here’s a full-shot of her lovely ensemble! That bathing suit is adorable.

Close-UpDoesn’t Dani look gorgeous? She’s ready for her close-up!

SunglassesI love the color palette of her bathing suit!

SandAfter taking a dive with the fish, Dani relaxed on the warm sand :)

Dani and I then headed outside, but first she changed into a more seasonally appropriate dress…

FenceFirst we took a few pictures at my favorite spot: the fence!

Half-ProfileHer hair is so shiny! (It even managed to escape the curse of box-hair!)

In the GardenAnd one last shot of her against the pretty blue sky!

Did you receive any doll-related goodies this holiday season?