Staff Picks / September 2014


Staff Picks September 2014We are a day late with September’s staff picks, but no worries, the posts we chose were worth the wait! From entertaining photo stories to stylish clothing choices, the posts of the doll blog world were top-notch last month. Be sure to stop by each link below and say hello; we know a sweet comment would make anyone’s day! Did you have a noteworthy post on your site to share?

1 » How fun is the blog name Glowy Zoë? Lulu was quite excited to discover this blog a few days ago during a pinning session, and she’ll definitely be checking back for more adorable photo shoots, like this fall themed one.

2 » Fellow book lovers have to stick together, right?! Inky recently shared her love of the library and reading {with some adorable photos we might add}, and we’re sure her enthusiasm about books will motivate you to pick up a novel too.

3 » Who doesn’t love the Red Riding Hood fairy tale? The only things that would make it better are a very cute doll and a very cute horse. The Vinyl Girls blog did just that in this terrific photo shoot – the hair style is just the cherry on top!

4 » The two of us stumbled upon this adorable Disney themed doll blog back in the spring, and we’ve enjoyed following it ever since. A recent hair tutorial captured Bella’s attention; Rapunzel looks gorgeous with her braided ‘do! Hopefully, the step by step photos will make it a breeze to recreate on our own dolls.

5 » We here at Doll Mag love our parties, so we adored this photo story celebrating Emily’s birthday. The dolls at Miss Molly and Friends celebrated her special day with an extra fun party, complete with treats and presents – the perfect way to spend your b-day!

6 » Clarisse may be slowing down her blogging schedule, but her sense of style hasn’t decreased a bit. Bella adores Clarisse’s latest ensemble – an on-trend sweater, tutu skirt, and big necklace combination – so much, she would like it in her closet.

7 » Lulu was disappointed when she found out that the Ever After High doll, Cerise Wolf, would only be a Comic Con Exclusive; she thought she was doomed to just looking at photos on her favorite EAH blogs! Thankfully, she discovered this Paper Doll World post on how to make a paper version of the Wolf-themed cutie! She’ll have to get working on one this weekend :)

8 » Finally, the us two rarely come across American Girl’s warehouse exclusives, so we love coming across product photos and reviews. Xyra from Tea Time with Melody Q found one herself: a cute AG pup to add to her doll family! Even better? She wrote up a thorough review, so you can decide whether or not to get a new doll pet for yourself.

Have an awesome start to your October!
B and L :)


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