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Comments From Bri December Logo Happy Christmas Eve to those who celebrate, and happy Wednesday to those who don’t! Today Br-

Today my friends and I had a gift exchange to celebrate National Bri Day!

I thought “National Bri Day” was in August?

This is the second National Bri Day. There are two every year. 

Why are we even arguing about this? It isn’t even a real holiday.

According to who?

Never mind! Anyways, today Bri and the other EAH dolls had a gift exchange where they gave each heartfelt presents to celebrate, ahem, various days that may or may not really exist. There. I got to write the intro for once.

You forgot to add that we had hot cocoa. 

Fine, you win. This post.

Cupid Greets Bri The gift exchange was held at Cupid’s house because she makes the best hot cocoa and cookies, and I arrived ten minutes earlier than I needed to, like always. “Hey Bri!” Cupid greeted me cheerfully. “Fashionably early as always, I see!” (Being fashionably late is silly; you miss out on all the fun.) “Yep!” I replied with a laugh. “Just put your gift on the table, and grab a cookie. The others will be here in about nine minutes.” She instructed as I began unwrapping my scarf. 

Sienna ArrivesPiper arrived soon after me and we both sat down on Cupid’s sparkly couch just as the doorbell rang. Cupid jumped up and opened the door to reveal Sienna who was carrying a large bow-covered gift. “Hi Sienna!” We all chirped as she stepped into the living room. 

The Guests ArriveGrace and Rubye soon followed Sienna and eventually we all gathered in a circle in Cupid’s living room. “Alright!” I announced as official gift giving coordinator. “Last week you each pulled a name from my magical hat of awesomeness and were instructed to buy a present for that person. Did everyone do this?” My friends nodded in unison. “Perfect! Once everyone opens their presents, we have to guess who gave each other which gift. Now, let’s begin!” 

RubyeRub-a-Dub was up first, and we all began searching the pile of presents for one with her name on it. “Here it is!” Grace announced, pulling out a colorfully-wrapped box. Rubye carefully pulled the wrapping off and discovered a lovely book. “A new copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?” Rubye gasped happily. “I love it!” 

SiennaSienna was not as gentle in the opening of her gift. “Ooh! What is it?” She cried as she ripped off the bow. “A new sketchbook? It’s just what I asked for!” Piper tapped her on the shoulder, “And look! Your name’s engraved on the cover.” Sienna’s eyes widened and she hugged the sketch book as tight as she could.

PiperThe Pipester’s present was the next one in the pile, and she happily slipped it out of it’s red apple-shaped bag. “Look! Earmuffs!” She said, slipping them onto her head. “They’re apple red too–they’ll go with all my outfits!” 

GraceGrace was up next, and she was already doing a happy dance the minute she caught a glimpse of her gift. “What is it?” Cupid asked curiously. “A teddy-bear scarf!” She replied, already putting it on. (Grace has a collection of teddy-bear themed objects and it was clear that she LOVED her new addition.) 

CupidAs I mentioned before, Cupid is an excellent baker, so her gift was perfect for her. “An apron? Awesome! It goes with my hair too!” She laughed, tying it on. I mean, really, what could be better than baking supplies that matches your hair? 

BriAnd of course, we saved the best for last! Me! I closed my eyes as I opened my gift and let out a small squeak of excitement when I saw what it was. 

WatercolorA big watercolor panting of all of us! Isn’t it awesome? And I know exactly who made me such a wonderful gift. 

Bri's Guess“Thank you so much Sienna!” I announced. Everyone laughed at my exclamation, and began shouting out their guesses. 

PiperEveryone did pretty well with their guesses, except for maybe Piper since she’s terrible at these types of things, but eventually she was able to find out who gave her the earmuffs! Hooray!

In case you were wondering, here’s the list of who gave who what…

  • Rubye got a copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland from Piper
  • Piper got her earmuffs from Cupid
  • Sienna got her sketchbook from Grace
  • Grace got her scarf from Rubye 
  • Cupid got an apron from ME!
  • I got a watercolor painting from Sienna

Before I sign off, here’s an extra dash of Bri-ness: the snow-y photos from my December logo shoot…

Bri On Fence Over the weekend, there was a light snowfall; perfect for taking photos of dolls! I grabbed my scarf and totally seasonally appropriate sunglasses, and started striking poses…

Bri's Pose

Bri 3

Bri 4No worries my lovelies! The Doll Mag team is taking a small break, but we’ll be back on New Year’s Eve! Happy Holidays National Bri Day!

Bri (and Lulu) 


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