The Amazing Payton / Photo Stories


Some of you might remember that a few weeks ago I posted a photo of our doll Payton in a Working on Wednesday post wearing the Talent Show outfit from American Girl. So today, I took some more photos for a photo story about Payton’s talent show act with Coconut…


Today is Payton’s school talent show! Payton is doing an act with her dog, Coconut.


Backstage, Payton was giving Coconut one last pep talk, “Okay,” Payton announced. “So first we’ll do a couple of flips, and jumping through the hoop, and…” Payton rambled on the rest of the plan.


Suddenly, Payton heard her name being called, and she gathered her props and walked on stage with Coconut at her side. “We’ll do great!” Payton said as she left.


Payton got into her starting position on stage, making sure everything was in her place…when she noticed Coconut wasn’t there!


Luckily, Coconut came running out and hopped onto the stand as Payton breathed a sigh of relief.


“Hello!” Payton called out to the audience. “My dog, Coconut and I will be performing some tricks for you! Coconut…” She encouraged her puppy to jump through her giant hoop.


“Woof!” Coconut called out as she jumped through the hoop with extreme elegance, and landed on the plastic ball.


“TA-DA!” Payton exclaimed as Coconut pushed the ball off stage.


The End!

I hope you liked it!



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